Reebok Case Study Essay

BCG Matrix to analyse the merchandise portfolio of REEBOK

Overview of the Indian Footwear Sector

The footwear sector is a diverse industry which covers a broad assortment of stuffs ( fabric, plastics, gum elastic and leather ) and merchandises from different types of work forces ‘s, adult females ‘s and kids ‘s footwear to more specialised merchandises like snowboard boots and protective footwear. This diverseness of terminal merchandises corresponds to a battalion of industrial procedures, endeavors and market constructions. The footwear market consists of the entire gross generated through the sale of all types of work forces ‘s, adult females ‘s and kids ‘s places. The market is valued at retail merchandising monetary value with any currency transitions calculated utilizing changeless 2007 one-year mean exchange rates.

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The Indian Footwear Industry

The Indian footwear market has seen really healthy additions in its growing over the past five old ages, although it was outperformed by the larger Chinese market during this period. Its value and volume are set to increase at a with double-digit one-year growing rates over the forecast period.

The Indian footwear industry is a important section of the leather industry in India. It ranks 2nd among the footwear bring forthing states next to China. It produces more of gents ‘ footwear while the universe ‘s major production is in ladies footwear. The industry is labour intensive and is concentrated in the little and cottage industry sectors. While leather places and uppers are concentrated in big scale units, the sandals and chappals are produced in the family and bungalow sector. In the instance of chappals and sandals, usage of non-leather stuff is prevailing in the domestic market.

The major production centres of India are Chennai, Ranipet, and Ambur in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai in Maharastra, Kanpur in U.P., Jalandhar in Punjab, Agra and Delhi. The following tabular array indicates concentration of units in assorted parts of the state

The Indian footwear industry is provided with institutional substructure support through premier establishments like Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai, Footwear Design & A ; Development Institute, Noida, National Institute of Fashion Technology,

New Delhi, etc in the countries of technological development, design and merchandise development and human resource development. The handiness of abundant natural stuff base, big domestic market and the chance to provide to universe markets makes India an attractive finish for engineering and investings.

The Indian footwear retail market is expected to turn at CAGR of over 20 % for the periods crossing from 2008 to 2011. Footwear is expected to consist approximately 60 % of the entire leather exports by 2011 from over 38 % in 2006-2007. Soon, the Indian footwear market is dominated by Men ‘s footwear market that accounts for about 58 % of the entire Indian footwear retail market. By merchandises, the Indian footwear market is dominated by insouciant footwear market that makes up for about two-third of the entire footwear retail market. The Indian footwear market tonss over other footwear markets as it gives benefits like low cost of production, abundant natural stuff, and has immense ingestion market.

The one-year domestic ingestion of places in India is 1.1 billion braces and it is estimated that the footwear market is about Rs 10, 000 crore and will turn at 10 % dad, this offers great chances for a company like Bata to spread out. MNC Brands Sold in India are sold Adidas, Aldo, Bally, Clarks, Ecco, Florshiem, Ferragammo, Hush Puppies, Lee Cooper, Lloyd, Marks & A ; Spencer, Nike, Nine West, New Balance, Reebok, Rockport, Stacy Adams, Levi Strauss, Lee Cooper, Puma, Bata. Indian Brands sold in India are Red Tape, Liberty, Khadims, Lakhani, Metro, Action, Provogue, ID, M & A ; B Footwear, Firangi Reebok: Reebok India commands a 51 % market portion in the premium athletic wear industry in the Rs 2000-crore premium athletic wear market.. It plans to increase the shop count from the bing 500 to over 600 before 2008. Reebok reaches out to its mark clients through its 500 sole Reebok Stores, 200 Shop in the store outlets & A ; 2500 trader mercantile establishments. The company has program to tap tier II and Tier III metropoliss. Reebok is be aftering to add 55 new life style shops by the terminal of this twelvemonth. It offers different sections for both work forces and adult females like athleticss and fittingness footwear, dress, accoutrements, fittingness equipment and the lifestyle subdivision.

The Global Footwear Industry

The planetary footwear market grew by 4.1 % in 2008 to make a value of $ 208.4 billion. In 2013, the market is forecast to hold a value of $ 272.5 billion, an addition of 30.7 % since 2008. The market grew by 4.8 % in 2008 to make a volume of 11.6 billion braces. In 2013, the market is forecast to hold a volume of 15.1 billion braces, an addition of 30.2 % since 2008. Europe is the largest footwear market, accounting for 42.3 % of the planetary value. The planetary footwear market consists of the entire grosss generated through the sale of all types of work forces, adult females and childrens places. The market is valued at retail merchandising monetary value with any currency transitions calculated utilizing changeless 2007 one-year mean exchange rates.

Reebok International, a subordinate of Adidas, is engaged in the design, selling and distribution of athleticss, fittingness and insouciant footwear, dress and equipment. The company chiefly operates in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company recorded grosss of E2,333 million in the financial twelvemonth ended December 2007, a lessening of 5.7 % over 2006. The operating net income of the company was E109 million in the financial twelvemonth 2007, an addition of 26.7 % over 2006.. Harmonizing to 2004 figures by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association International, Nike had about 36 %, Adidas 8.9 % and Reebok 12.2 % market portion in the athletic-footwear market in the U.S.

Introduction- REEBOK

Reebok is an American-inspired, planetary trade name that creates and markets athleticss and lifestyle merchandises built upon a strong heritage and genuineness in athleticss, fittingness and adult females ‘s classs. The trade name is committed to planing merchandises and selling plans that reflect creativeness and the desire to invariably dispute the position quo.

Reebok India

Reebok started its operations in India in 1995. Headed by Pull offing Director Mr. Subhinder Singh Prem, Reebok India has a pan-India presence with subdivision offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore and ranks at the top amongst international footwear companies in India. The Company ‘s trade name vision is carry throughing possible, its mission – Always challenge and lead through creativeness. Reeboks trade name values are reliable, individualistic, brave, authorising, advanced and existent. Reebok has introduced its internationally acclaimed fittingness plans in India, conducted under the streamer of Reebok Instructor Alliance, which is dedicated to fittingness teachers, personal trainers and wellness nine proprietors. Reebok has trained and certified more so 800 trainers till now.

Reebok India commands a 54 % market portion in the premium athletic wear industry harmonizing to the calendar twelvemonth December 2008. Its gross has touched 1400 Crores ( at retail monetary value ) in 2008. It plans to increase the shop count from the bing 500 to over 600 before 2007. Reebok reaches out to its mark clients through its 500 sole Reebok Stores, 200 Shop in the store outlets & A ; 2500 trader mercantile establishments. Reebok has the individual largest shop in Hyderabad.


Carry throughing Potential

Reebok is dedicated to supplying each and every athlete – from professional jocks to recreational smugglers to childs on the resort area – with the chance, the merchandises, and the inspiration to accomplish what they are capable of. We all have the potency to make great things. As a trade name, Reebok has the alone chance to assist consumers, jocks and creative persons, spouses and employees fulfill their true potency and make highs they may hold thought un-reachable.


Always Challenge and Lead through Creativity

At Reebok, we see the universe a small otherwise and throughout our history have made our grade when we ‘ve had the bravery to dispute convention. Reebok creates merchandises and selling plans that reflect the trade name ‘s limitless originative potency.

REEBOK ‘S Placement

Celebrate Individuality in Sport and Life

Reebok understands that people are, above all, alone. Reebok ‘s placement reflects this ; observing the distinguishable qualities that make people who they are – their alone points of position, their single manner and their singular endowments and achievements. Reebok celebrates their individualism, their genuineness and the bravery it takes to hammer their ain way to greatness. While some may name them brainsick or bizarre, Reebok calls them airy and original.


To Empower Global Youth to Carry through their Potential

Committedness to Corporate Responsibility is an of import bequest and trademark of the Reebok brand.For two decennaries, Human Rights, through the Reebok Human Rights plan, was the primary focal point of this attempt. Reebok has expanded on what had been built and created a Global Corporate Citizenship platform with a intent for the trade name that will assist underprivileged, underserved young person around the universe carry through their possible and unrecorded healthy, active lives.

Having Fun Staying in Shape

Having Fun Staying in Shape comes to life through a merriment, bold, provocative mode expressed through fresh, oculus catching imagination signed off with a alone ‘Reeword. ‘ The tone and mode allows the consumer to look at athletics and life style through our lens of ‘Ree. ‘



In 2000, Reebok and the National Football League announced an sole partnership that serves as a foundation of the NFL ‘s consumer merchandises concern. The NFL granted a long-run sole licence to Reebok get downing in the 2002 NFL season to fabricate, market and sell NFL licensed ware for all 32 NFL squads. The licence includes on-field uniforms, out of bounds dress, pattern dress and an NFL-branded footwear and dress aggregation.


In 2001, Reebok formed a long-run strategic partnership with the National Basketball Association under which Reebok designs, industries, sells and markets licensed ware for the NBA, the Women ‘s National Basketball Association ( WNBA ) and the National Basketball Development League ( NBDL ), the NBA ‘s minor conference. Reebok secured the sole rights to provide and market all on-court dress, including uniforms, hiting shirts, tune-ups, reliable and replica New Jersey and pattern cogwheel for all NBA, WNBA and NBDL squads. Reebok besides had sole rights, with limited exclusions, to plan, industry, market and sell headwear, T-shirts, fleece and other dress merchandises for all squads in most channels of distributions. In 2006, Reebok transferred the NBA rights to the adidas Brand.


In 2002, Reebok launched Rbk – a aggregation of street-inspired footwear and apparel hook-ups designed for the immature adult male and adult female who demand and expect the manner of their cogwheel to reflect the attitude of their lives: cool and edgy, reliable and aspirational. Inspired by street manner, Rbk ‘s selling is culturally relevant as good. With many of the industry ‘s most marketable and valuable athleticss assets on its roll, Reebok rolled-out an incorporate selling run that fused together athleticss, music, engineering and amusement, and was designed to link the Reebok Brand to 1000000s of new consumers around the universe. The planetary selling run was launched in early 2002 and featured choice Reebok jocks paired with some of the music industry ‘s most successful hip-hop and blame creative persons. Reebok tapped into something the industry had non yet seen, and became a innovator in the merger of athleticss, music and engineering.


2003 was a landmark twelvemonth for Rbk. Reebok formed an unprecedented partnership with rap musician Jay-Z, which included the design and selling of the “ S. Carter Collection by Rbk, ” which launched in April. With the partnership, Jay-Z became the first non-athlete to hold a signature athletic footwear aggregation. The launch of Jay Z ‘s first shoe was highly successful around the universe. Later that twelvemonth, Reebok teamed up with another ace of the blame universe, 50 Cent. The consequence was the every bit successful “G Unit Collection by Rbk.”


In 2004, Reebok became the universe ‘s prima manufacturer of hockey dress and equipment with its acquisition of The Hockey Company. The Hockey Company ‘s trade names, CCM, Koho and Jofa, are among the most respected in the athletics. Reebok has a long-run licensing understanding with the National Hockey League, under which the company serves as the provider of reliable “on-ice” game New Jerseies to all 30 NHL squads. It besides has the sole worldwide rights to fabricate and market reliable, reproduction and pattern New Jerseies utilizing the names and Son of the NHL and its squads. Reebok besides has sole understandings with the Canadian Hockey League, the American Hockey League and the East Coast Hockey League.


In early 2005, Reebok launched Rbk Hockey, a new and advanced line of ultra-high public presentation hockey equipment, sticks and skates and signed hockey phenom Sidney Crosby, who has lived up to his charge as the conference ‘s following great participant. In two short old ages, Rbk Hockey has become one of the most seeable and in-demand hockey trade names on the market.

In 2005, Reebok launched its largest planetary incorporate selling and advertisement run in about a decennary. “ I Am What I Am ” is a multi-faceted run which links all of the trade name ‘s selling and advertisement attempts under the “ I Am What I Am ” umbrella. The run encourages immature people to encompass their ain individualism by observing their modern-day heroes. Celebrities featured in the run include music icons Jay-Z, Daddy Yankee and 50 Cent ; top jocks Allen Iverson, Donovan McNabb, Curt Schilling, Kelly Holmes, Iker Casillas and Yao Ming ; screen stars Lucy Liu, John Leguizamo and Christina Ricci ; and skateboarder Stevie Williams.


In January 2006, adidas-Salomon AG acquired Reebok, everlastingly changing the worldwide featuring goods industry landscape. Shortly after the stopping point of the acquisition, Reebok Chairman and CEO Paul Fireman announced he was go forthing the company to prosecute other involvements, and Paul Harrington was named President and CEO of the Reebok trade name. Today, the adidas Group, which includes the adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade-adidas Golf and Rockport trade names is a planetary leader in the clean goods industry and offers a wide portfolio of merchandises. Merchandises from the adidas Group are available in virtually every state of the universe. Activities of the company and its more than 80 subordinates are directed from the Group ‘s central office in Herzogenaurach, Germany.


Reebok launched Run Easy, one of the most comprehensive running runs in the trade name ‘s history. The end of the run was to animate consumers around the universe to carry through their possible and observe their individualism. The message of the run was that while many other trade names speak about the “ blood, perspiration and cryings ” of running, Reebok celebrated the chumminess, joy and merriment of running – Run Easy.

In add-on, Reebok ‘s partnership with the National Hockey League took centre phase with the unveiling the Rbk Edge Uniform System, a complete, team-wide redesign and re-engineering of the NHL uniform, and the gap of the NHL Powered by Rbk retail shop in New York City.

Reebok besides launched its “ There are Two Peoples in Everyone ” selling run for the 2nd half of 2007 in choice parts. The planetary selling run high spots Reebok ‘s alone trade name point of position of observing the person ‘s balance between athletics and life. The run, having international athletics stars such as Allen Iverson, Yao Ming, MS Dohni and Nicole Vaidisova, declared that there is more to an jock than his or her athletics.


Reebok ‘s planetary selling run, ‘Your Move ‘ launched in March of 2008 and evolved Reebok ‘s placement as the trade name that celebrates individualism and supports those who choose to make things their manner. Expressed as a planetary trade name run, ‘Your Move ‘ was an invitation to people to make it their manner in athletics and in life. The ‘what ‘s your move? ‘ ad was a actual look of this doctrine: cardinal assets including Thierry Henry and Alexander Ovechkin showed us their moves and invited consumers to demo us theirs.

In the summer of 2008, Reebok and driving one Lewis Hamilton announced a multi-year partnership at a dramatic 3-D event in Amsterdam, place of Reebok ‘s European Headquarters. At the event, Reebok unveiled “The Athlete within the Driver, ” gave media a rare penetration into Hamilton ‘s demanding fittingness government. Hamilton revealed how Reebok ‘s Smoothfit preparation footwear and dress scope helped him to develop better than of all time before.


In February 2009, Reebok launched the Jukari Fit to Fly exercise, the first in a series of enterprises to come out of a new, long-run partnership with Cirque du Soleil. Jukari Fit to Fly makes fittingness merriment once more by presenting a new manner to travel. The exercise has been created on a specially-designed piece of equipment called the FlySet.

The consequence is a exercise that gives the esthesis of winging while beef uping and lengthening the organic structure through cardio, strength, balance and nucleus preparation.

Besides in 2009, Reebok made a pledge to chant the butts and legs of adult females around the universe with its advanced EasyTone footwear. Having first-of-its-kind balance cod engineering, the shoe generates unbelievable consequences thanks to proprietary engineering invented by a former NASA applied scientist.

Trade names

• Reebok International

• Rock Port

• RBK CCM Hockey ( World ‘s largest )

• Greg Norman Apparel

• Ralph Lauren Brand

• The Hockey Company

• Avia

• Onfield Apparel

• Athletic footwear

• DMX2000

• 3D Ultralite

• Ralph Lauren Apparel line


Reebok International was a major participant in the athleticss and fittingness merchandises market, with a peculiar accent on footwear. Its chief strengths lied in its size and strong trade name consciousness. While footwear is clearly its nucleus merchandise, concerns were being raised over its comparative neutrality in the associated athletic dress market, which is over twice the size of the footwear market.


Turning gross revenues gross

As portion of a scheme to turn quality market portion, the company continued to put in three cardinal merchandise and selling platforms: Performance, RBK and Classic. Reebok International was the 2nd largest maker of athletic places in the US, behind Nike. The Reebok trade name continued to drive gross revenues forcing it closer to major rivals, Nike and Adidas. Reebok had become the figure two or figure three trade name in most of its abroad markets. It held about 10 % of the planetary market, compared to Nike ‘s 34 % and Adidas ‘ 15 %. The company has been able to increase grosss and better operating borders despite some disputing retail conditions in many cardinal markets around the universe in 2004.

Excellent selling scheme

The company employed a scheme of reinventing its trade names in order to derive market portion. In order to heighten its Reebok trade name, the company introduced a new street divine merchandise aggregation, RBK, in 2002, followed by an effectual selling scheme which carried into 2003 and 2004. During 2003/2004, the Reebok merchandise offerings generated healthy sell-through public presentation at retail. Alongside reinventing trade names, the company introduced new selling runs to advance them. To back up the RBK merchandise Reebok created a selling run entitled Reebok ‘s “ Sounds and Rhythm of Sport, ” which fuses music and amusement with athleticss and public presentation.

Celebrity associated sponsorships

The company expanded its merchandise offerings into more lifestyle and public presentation classs, presenting new merchandise sections for both the NBA and NFL, including NBA and NFL footwear, authoritative life style dress and public presentation cogwheel for off-the-field activities. Reebok sponsored many top jocks in tennis ; Andy Roddick and Venus Williams ; every bit good as music stars Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and 50 Cent. Yao Zing ‘s impact in the Asiatic market is enormously of import to Reebok. Consorting itself to such globally celebrated famous persons enhanced the company name among many different client groups.

Strong adult females ‘s sector

Another one of Reebok ‘s strengths was its success in the adult females ‘s sector. The market for adult females ‘s athletic places is larger than that for work forces, accounting for around 46 % and 40 % of the sector ‘s value severally. In volume footings, the adult females ‘s sector was even more of import, 46 % compared to 35 %. Reebok ‘s market portion of adult females ‘s athletic shoe gross revenues was about 35 %, and has been boosted by its ‘It ‘s A Woman ‘s World ‘ selling run.


‘Classics ‘ under fire

The company had come under fire from its challengers in the classics section. In the past Reebok has controlled this shoe class without much competition, nevertheless companies such as Nike and Adidas were coming up with their ain ‘classic places ‘. Reebok were still the market leaders in that country but the spread kept narrowing.

Low market portion in dresss

Reebok controlled merely approximately 1.4 % of the dress market. This posed a job when squaring up with its fierce rival, Nike. The footwear market ‘s growing was decelerating. Athletic dress gives range for a larger and more diverse scope of merchandises, maintaining the market fast traveling. The dress market was 2.4 times larger than the footwear market. Nike took charge at that place, with its advanced designs, and contracts with athleticss squads and administrations throughout the universe.

Danger of carrying merchandises by retail merchants

Futures, or ordered in progress gross revenues, represented around 60-70 % of Reebok ‘s concern. This has been valuable to Reebok in the yesteryear ; nevertheless five of the company ‘s trade names that represent around 60 % planetary market portion could do jobs in the hereafter. Futures growing for these five trade names was about 9.5 % on a dollar-weighted footing. This growing was alarmingly fast. Reebok had to be careful as retail merchants may be telling more than they can sell. This could ensue in a sudden cut off in orders, go forthing the company with big stock lists and a lessening in gross revenues.


Increase mean shoe monetary value

Reebok ‘s mean monetary value per shoe in athletic footwear shops, which account for around 15 % of the market, was well lower than norm. Its mean monetary value per shoe is $ 45, compared with an mercantile establishment norm closer to $ 60. The company ‘s lower than mean shoe monetary value is partially due to the high per centum of basic merchandises sold, which is itself partially attributable to its traditional place in the adult females ‘s sector. This left plentifulness of infinite for the company to musculus in on higher priced gross revenues, as its merchandises and promotional attempts better. Equally good as raising trade name consciousness, Reebok ‘s sponsorship trades helped the company increase its mean gross revenues monetary value.

Draw attending toward new technological developments

Reebok had started developing its merchandise to do it more modern and has invested to a great extent in added engineering to heighten its places. Reebok had a batch to derive from a continued investing in more technologically advanced, premium merchandises. In 2003, the company introduced new stylish and technologically advanced merchandises tied to new incorporate selling plans. These displayed an enhanced and outstanding vector logo which ties back to the Professional jocks have oning the merchandises on the field. This stigmatization created a existent point-of-difference for its public presentation merchandises and should assist to bring forth consumer involvement at point-of-purchase. These merchandises are supported at retail with a new public presentation selling run, which utilises the jocks and the vector logo in new and originative ways. This run included telecasting, print and in-store selling bundles.

Promote a strong trade name push in Europe

The company planned to heighten its European market, enrolling new direction endowment and originating an aggressive plan to regionalise this concern using a consistent trade name image throughout Europe. Reebok executed incorporate merchandise, selling, and gross revenues schemes across all boundary lines in Europe, thereby showing the Reebok Brand in a more relevant and consistent mode.

Exploit Nike ‘s deficiency of high profile sponsorship

Nike, the universe ‘s most successful sportswear trade name and footwear manufacturer struggled to make full the nothingness vacated by Michael Jordan. This was the first clip in a long clip that Nike did non hold an high athleticss star to spearhead their selling thrust. This has left an gap for the likes of Reebok to work, peculiarly in the hoops sphere. The company took the Chinese esthesis from Nike, Yao Ming, trusting to increase market portion by 10 % to 30 % by 2006.


Over trust on footwear gross revenues

Footwear is Reebok ‘s largest division and the company relies reasonably to a great extent on the footwear market. That was a competitory field sing much slower growing than in old old ages and, like most other manufacturers, Reebok felt that it must make more to increase gross revenues. Reebok had besides to be cognizant that the market for more expensive footwear was decelerating. This could finally coerce monetary values down, should this tendency continue for a important period of clip. With the company so reliant on footwear, it risked losingss, whereas other rivals such as Nike can fall back on their dress division.

Diverted from historical markets

Reebok ‘s original success stemmed from the adult females ‘s aerobic exercises market in the 1980s. It has since become apparent that the company has shied away from its roots. Reebok ‘s adult females ‘s merchandises represent merely 25 % of its athletic dress volume. The adult females ‘s dress sector really accounts for around 40 % of industry gross revenues, which suggests that Reebok risked losing out in the cardinal market that transformed them into a planetary company.
Product portfolio scheme – debut to the Boston consulting box


Thebusiness portfoliois the aggregation of concerns and merchandises that make up the company. The best concern portfolio is one that fits the company ‘s strengths and helps work the most attractive chances.

The company must:

( 1 ) Analyze its current concern portfolio and decide which concerns should have more or less investing, and

( 2 ) Develop growing schemes for adding new merchandises and concerns to the portfolio, whilst at the same clip make up one’s minding when merchandises and concerns should no longer be retained.

Methods of Portfolio Planning

The two best-known portfolio planning methods are from the Boston Consulting Group ( the topic of this alteration note ) and by General Electric/Shell. In each method, the first measure is to place the assorted Strategic Business Units ( “ SBU ‘s ” ) in a company portfolio. An SBU is a unit of the company that has a separate mission and aims and that can be planned independently from the other concerns. An SBU can be a company division, a merchandise line or even single trade names – it all depends on how the company is organised.

The Boston Consulting Group Box ( “ BCG Box ” )

Using the BCG Box ( an illustration is illustrated above ) a company classifies all its SBU ‘s harmonizing to two dimensions:

On the horizontal axis: comparative market share- this serves as a step of SBU strength in the market

On the perpendicular axis: market growing rate- this provides a step of market attraction

By spliting the matrix into four countries, four types of SBU can be distinguished:

Stars -Stars are high growing concerns or merchandises viing in markets where they are comparatively strong compared with the competition. Often they need heavy investing to prolong their growing. Eventually their growing will decelerate and, presuming they maintain their comparative market portion, will go hard currency cattles.

Cash Cows- Cash cattles are low-growth concerns or merchandises with a comparatively high market portion. These are mature, successful concerns with comparatively small demand for investing. They need to be managed for continued net income – so that they continue to bring forth the strong hard currency flows that the company needs for its Stars.

Question marks- Question Markss are concerns or merchandises with low market portion but which operate in higher growing markets. This suggests that they have possible, but may necessitate significant investing in order to turn market portion at the disbursal of more powerful rivals. Management have to believe difficult about “ inquiry Markss ” – which 1s should they put in? Which 1s should they let to neglect or shrivel?

Dogs- Unsurprisingly, the term “ Canis familiariss ” refers to concerns or merchandises that have low comparative portion in unattractive, low-growth markets. Dogs may bring forth adequate hard currency to break-even, but they are seldom, if of all time, deserving puting in.

Using the BCG Box to find scheme

Once a company has classified its SBU ‘s, it must make up one’s mind what to make with them. In the diagram above, the company has one big hard currency cow ( the size of the circle is relative to the SBU ‘s gross revenues ), a big Canis familiaris and two, smaller stars and inquiry Markss.

Conventional strategic thought suggests there are four possible schemes for each SBU:

( 1 ) Build Share: here the company can put to increase market portion ( for illustration turning a “ inquiry grade ” into a star )

( 2 ) Clasp: here the company invests merely plenty to maintain the SBU in its present place

( 3 ) Crop: here the company reduces the sum of investing in order to maximize the short-run hard currency flows and net incomes from the SBU. This may hold the consequence of turning Stars into Cash Cows.

( 4 ) Divest: the company can deprive the SBU by phasing it out or selling it – in order to utilize the resources elsewhere ( e.g. puting in the more promising “ inquiry Markss ” ).



· Greg Norman Apparel

Question Mark

· Athletic footwear

· DMX2000

Cash Cattles

· Rock Port


· Avia

Stars: [ high portion ; high growing ]

1. The Collection ‘s moisture-wicking advanced Play Dry® engineering and alone Performance. Luxury.

2. Style. combination continue to distinguish the trade name.

Influenced by one of the universe ‘s prima golf professionals and identified by the four-color shark logo, Greg Norman Collection has become a complete life style trade name since get downing as knitwear line in 1992.
India is now a major sourcing hub for Reebok International ‘s golf dress and accoutrements trade name Greg Norman Collection. The $ 100 million trade name which retails at $ 60 to $ 90 per piece globally beginnings about 30-40 % of its entire dress demands from India.

Harmonizing to Ms Biszantz, the full Greg Norman scope was being outsourced from India including the regular knitwear Polo, the delicate rain suit and even Greg Norman ‘s patented drama dry engineering dress scope.

At present, the scope is being outsourced from five sellers located across the state, these include fabric big leagues like:
Ahmedabad based Arvind Mills and Gokuldas Exports, apart from companies like Gurgoan-based Matrix and Faridabad-based Super Fashion and Gupta Exim.
The design and selling inputs are nevertheless still coming from New York.
The Greg Norman Collection made its introduction in the Indian retail market through the gap of an sole trade name shop in Gurgaon

The company plans to put up 10 sole Greg Norman Collection mercantile establishments by July following twelvemonth and take the figure to 50 in the following five old ages.

Question Mark [ low portion ; high growing ]

Athletic footwear

The current leaders in the shoe market is Reebok, which sold 200 million brace of brand-name places last twelvemonth ( Reebok of America, 2000 ) and leads with the most market portion. Reebok was ranked figure two, merely behind Nike, for the best merchandising athletic footwear trade names with $ 1.05 million in gross revenues ( Davis, 1997 ). The chief difference between these two viing companies is their schemes. Nike focuses chiefly on merchandise development while Reebok focuses chiefly on variegation ( Reebok of America, 2000 ). Reebok continues to spread out all of its merchandise lines doing it a broader company. In add-on, Reebok has focused on a horizontal integrating scheme by geting new companies. While Nike has merely acquired Cole-Haan, Reebok has acquired five companies since the 1980s, which include a assortment of shoe and dress merchandises ( Reebok of America, 2000 )


Presently, the company is concentrating most of its ‘ attempts on the DMX engineering. The DMX system provides shock absorber in all countries of the shoe while leting airflow to travel freely about the shoe. There are assorted manners of the DMX system all concentrating on the specific demand of the shoe. While this shoe engineering was introduced in 1995, Reebok is still doing promotions to this system. In 1999, they expanded the merchandise line with the DMX system to include the Velocity hoops and Rapidfire tennis places ( Reebok Home Page, 2000 ). It is estimated that by the terminal of this twelvemonth DMX will be in 65 % of their places ( Lefton, 2000 ). The company will go on to utilize DMX buffering engineering as their chief selling program.

Cash Cows & A ; Dog

Reebok pursued a scheme of line extension and acquisition. In 1986, it acquired The Rockport Company fort $ 118.5 million in hard currency. In 1987, Reebok purchased the outstanding common stock of Avia Group International for $ 181 million in hard currency and 194,000 portions of Reebok common portions. It besides acquired ESE Sports for $ 18 million in hard currency. Rockport purchased John A. oculus Co. for $ 10million hard currency. In 1988 and 1989, it acquired Ellesse USA Inc. ( for $ 25 million in hard currency ) and Boston Whaler. Respectively In 1991, it purchased a big part of Pentland Group ‘s retentions in Reebok and acquired the assets of Above the Rim International. The old ages, Reebok acquired Perfection Sports Fashion, which marketed under the Tinley trade name name. In 1993, Reebok sold Ellesse UISa, and Boston Whaler, Inc.


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