Reflection in Nursing Practice Sample Essay

The incident that I am traveling to reflect had happed during my nursing surveies. I was posted in a busy exigency attention ( EC ) . My function was to detect and help a RN. Ms. X came to EC with terrible abdominal hurting. After the initial appraisal Doctor ordered a list of blood trials. I accompanied RN to detect blood trying process. Ms. X was clearly non collaborating for the process and was shouting. I helped to place the patient with the aid of household members so that the RN could transport out the process. The impact of this incidence was immense in my head. Initially I felt I was assisting RN for the process by keeping the patient. However I felt bad at the same clip as I thought the ground for the patient’s behaviour was needle phobic disorder and as wellness professionals we ne’er addressed that. We didn’t have consent from the patient for the process.

When I evaluate this state of affairs the good thing was we were able cod blood samples in a safe mode. The bad portion was we were non assisting a patient who is already fighting with some ground alternatively we forced her in a certain place for blood sampling. I discussed this with my clinical manager and she told me the feeling of something done incorrect should be removed from my head. In EC processs are done harmonizing to clinical status of the patient. If patient’s status is critical clinician can do intervention scheme without informed consent. Abdominal hurting in immature adult females could hold been a surgical exigency like ruptured ectopic gestation or redness affecting peritoneum. Analyzing the whole state of affairs gives me more cognition about abdominal hurting. every bit good as patient response to this status. The non-cooperative patient behaviour towards the process was most likely due to the terrible nature of the hurting instead than fright of acerate leafs.

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Reflection in Nursing Practice Sample Essay
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Furthermore I have gained a good apprehension of informed consent under different fortunes. Now I can see the different facets of this state of affairs. Faced with a similar state of affairs once more. I will be able to acknowledge that each behaviour of the client has got some relevancy for the implicit in status. Understanding it will assist me to pull off the state of affairs better.


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