Reflection on American Education Essay

Mason’s Need Hierarchy Theory According to Moscow, human beings do not completely satisfied state for a short time. Any desire to meet the deferent needs occur if they meet previous desire. There are steps in the desires and if you do not meet the bottom step of the desire, strong desire, to a certain extent, you cannot cause the next step desire. To rearrange his theory Is as follow. ) Frustrations can affect the behavior, the desire is satisfied, it does no longer motivate b) Human needs are arranged in order of importance from the most basic o the complex thing c) Should satisfy the desire to meet the needs of the next step before the previous step. D) You maintain that desire does not desire to meet the priority again. Desire to Step 5 1 Physiological need Correspond to the most basic of human needs as hunger or thirst. 2 Safety needs Desire to deviate from physical threat or uncertainty.

The desire for safety, protection, stability, and day-to-day behavior is reflected in the career choice as a retirement or health Insurance. 3 Affection desire When safety needs are met in relationship with other people, the people want to hare a sense tot belonging and affection. Wanting to be caught in the middle of colleagues Is the example. These needs can be met through athletic competitions and festivals such as socializing events. 4 Respect desire From other people want to be recognized for their ability to desire.

If the needs are not met, people are in the fall of Inferiority and helplessness. By the recognition from their peers or through the promotion, people have the self-confidence. 5 Self-actualization needs It refers to the ability to unleash their potential and the desire to realize the potential of self creatively. In recent years, the desire for self-development or self-realization rather than the needs of the basic steps becomes increasingly important trend so we ‘Off snouts Keep ten welling on It Moscow reported that all humans experience conflict between survival needs and the growing desire.

Moscow described humans as a ‘deficient animals synchronized by a series of meaning and satisfaction in life that innate desire to humans, but humans cannot even reach a state of complete satisfaction. According to Moscow, human life is almost always in a state of discontent and a characteristic of the desire to meet omitting and longing. And even if satisfied, it is able to retreat to the previous step.

Needs Theory stage of limitations and learn about the five steps of the hierarchy of needs theory is applied in real life cases presented by Moscow. Evaluate 1) the basic assumptions of the theory of hierarchy of needs Abraham Moscow Abraham Moscow hierarchy of needs theory to establish the following four assumptions about human nature came up. It meets as his desire to start from the lower levels of the human desire gradually ascend to the upper level, argued.

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Reflection on American Education Essay
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