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Reflective Review Self reflection helps you to learn and reflect on important information. This can be reflection on quantitative and qualitative information. Self reflection can help me to write about the course or programme that you have studied. It can make you write about the experience that you had in modules, and if any changes need to be changed then you can work through this by sharing your skills. It can make me write about your personal reflection. It’s a way to remove any struggles that you are encountering in any of the students school, college, university life (McQuarrie, E.

F. 2006). Self reflection can help you with questions that are on your mind. It can make you think about change and focus about the right question. It gives your brain something to work on, and helps you with the situation so that you can feel better. Moreover self reflection can make you commit to the right decision and make you stick to that decision. So this empowers you to improve your life. I am a student from Dubai enrolled in an undergraduate programme. I had basic business education before starting with this programme and studying in London is a turning step in my life.

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Before enrolling for my business course in Regent University I reflected on two issues. Firstly, I wanted to pursue an education in fields, which would enable me to target my future goals. Geographically, Dubai, as the connecting point between Asia and rest of the world, is aiming to become a greater business hub, where world trade will be facilitated from Asian countries to the rest of the world. By winning the bid for hosting EXPO 2020, Dubai redefined its well promising position in the world stage as a business power.

Demand for business -oriented people has increased in Dubai in ecent years. Future opportunities in my country urged me to pursue a career in this field. Secondly, I am aiming at getting a business qualification in a country well recognised and honoured in other countries. I had different option but I prefer to choose London for getting higher education. London is second biggest world financial hub after New York and this helped me in my study because I got chances to come across different people who had different business ideas.

There are number of reasons which encourage me to choose Regent University for my degree programme hich are one of the good businesses Scholl in London, international with different people came from different countries. I came across different people in my university where I learn different values and understand their cultural values. External environment is really important and analysis of this environment is important in order to reduce risk effects on your business. Culture is one of the main factors of external environment which can affect business efficiency.

Studying in Regent University London gave me chance to learn about the different cultural and this ultural reading will help me in my future business life. As I know Daub is multicultural country where people from different countries are welcome to do business or come for vacation. There are number of factors like weather, friendly Investment envlronment ana low tax levels, wnlcn support Duslness ana non business activities in my country. My study period helped me to work out the cultural values and read about the importance of it. The experience I came across during my study in Regent was totally different from my previous studies.

I learnt the importance of teamwork, group task and time management. I develop number of skills in the team tasks during my study; I learn the importance of other members and how to manage a task with collective efforts. I learn about your importance in the provenance of team and how to deal when there is a conflict situation among the team members. Teamwork is really a critical for the success of given tasks, I wanted to understand business though classroom knowledge as well as market knowledge. During my study I got different chances to increase my business knowledge from practical market example.

For example I attended a seminar about financial market and securities prices. I learned about the different types of available securities and different forms of markets. The seamier was really entertaining and I gained knowledge about the different types of markets and securities, before this seminar I was totally blanked about the securities market and was thinking only equity and bonds are traded in the market (Pyle, Lesley. S. 2010). I learned about the different forms of securities can be issued under debt head i. e. convertible and non convertible straight securities.

Under Convertible securities owners had an option to convert into equity and become company owner. Convertible securities carries less risk where investor also carry less risk and when company is going good he or she got the option to convert loan into company shares. I learned different types of bonds which can be issued to raise funds and practical implications and problems in the financial markets. Other than this I learned about equity markets, derivative markets and foreign currency market. In equity market there are different types of securities some are equity straight and other are derivative securities.

Dravatitve securities market includes options and future markets. Derivative market carries more risk as ompared to the bond market. In foreign exchange risk management I learned what is this risk and factor which contributes to this risk and how to manage the foreign currency risk using different management methods like forward agreement, future, money market hedging and management through option market. Throughout the years the undergraduate programme, has been significant and I have achieved the knowledge and skills of writing up essays (Pyle, Lesley. S. 2010).

I know how to evaluate and explore further in the necessary programmes, and have ideas of knowing how to study with open-minded. I learnt that being a great student starts with an innovative idea. There are many programmes available but however this module has taught me that you need innovative ideas to carry out your studies. I found this extremely challenging as I had to observe my surroundings of the environment that I was in, as I am used to the environment in Dubai. I have been able to identify any problems that may have occurred whilst studying in the regent’s university.

I have learnt many problems, gained ideas, solutions and new ways of doing things. The key through being regent’s student is to question, experiment the etworking, look at surroundings, observe and to help each other. I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and strengths. My learning style has enabled me to take advantages 0T learnlng opportunltles, ana to use tnese SKIIls wnen working individual, with groups and teachers. I have learned through my peers, and the greatest strengths were to work effectively with students, and gain teamwork in the high work standards.

I know that there are areas that require improvements, these areas include my communication skills, motivation and manage priorities. My adaptability to change is one of my strengths; this is because I have learned to aintain effectiveness this is when I experience that there are major changes that need to be done in the university environment. As a student I had to look at the new structures that can change in the university process. This can be a change in learning different topics that involve essay writing and so on.

I however have treated the changes as an opportunity of learning and growth, I have thought positively on the aspect of change, and also have made sure that change involved in others to. When I need help in any of my subjects I have confronted them with my peers and ct upon the issues, and made sure that listened properly in order to achieve my goals. I have also attempted to make sure that I build effective relationships with the people around me; this was by showing them respect and appreciated students with varied backgrounds (Pyle, Lesley. S. 2010).

I believe that colleges, universities appreciate students who value their work, set high standards, be successful in completing assignments or tasks, and make sure that they achieve all their goals by willing to accept responsibilities. To be honest I have been the one to not enjoy classes that have not challenged me, as I am a very nteresting person. I have always been one to conquer difficult situations and to challenge myself by taking complicated tasks. One of the skills that I have gained is team work and working with students from different backgrounds and culture.

This module required us to work in groups and I have achieved to work effectively and efficiently. It was important for me to work in a team or group, as this is needed in other Jobs that I would apply in the near future. Moreover I have found team work, fun, challenging and stimulating. I am recognising my skills and learning experiences, I find that my way of writing ssays needs to be improved; this is by practise this can be done by spending more time in thinking about what to write. I feel that this can be beneficial as it is a good experience to learn from your mistakes, instead of making the same mistakes again and again.

In order to learn from my mistakes, I have been looking at some readings that are recommended for this course. I am also inspired by the learning experiences that can benefit me on the situations that I could be facing. I am however reading relevant things that interest me and which could help me to develop the skills I need. Through reading and learning, I have learnt to manage my time effectively especially when it comes to being a good student. Time has also been an area that I have made sure that I improved in.

This module however has taught me how time can be consuming; this is when finding data especially for the studies that are taken place. Therefore, I have learnt to familiarise myself in all my modules. I believe that I have improved my presentation skills, as this module has Doostea my connaence ana selT esteem. Yurtnermore I nave learnt to gatner tne most important information in seminars, even though there is only limited time for ach module. I have had good experience in this module, and gained a lot of knowledge in setting up presentations.

I have a lot of ideas in setting up a business, as I have learnt this through the workshops that I have attended. The workshops have been very interesting and gained a lot of knowledge and skills. The workshops have been there whenever I needed to gain skills in business. The workshops have improved my presentation skills, and have helped me work individually and in groups. It has been there for students to present and sell ideas with a lot of confidence and self esteem. It has also helped me to develop unique ideas through business management and marketing strategies.

Following are my skills that I have learnt through workshops, these are:- It has helped me organise my thoughts, and generate content helped me in time consuming, essays, revision I know about various formulas and formats for writing requirements Think logically and to block any other ideas that are not relevant to business Learned how to present presentations, and using the right tone to precaution and negative words. Therefore I recommend other students to use these workshops. The workshops have een interactive, informative and have achieved me to have high expectations.

I always wanted to know why workshops have been there. So in my final year I thought to attend a few, when Just attending 1 it helped me so much that I thought to go to more. I have made a lot of friends and know how to work in groups especially when doing presentations. I was not so confidence and had a lack of self esteem as I was scared to present work in front of my peers. However the functional team presentations have been a huge success. I feel as though my role in all this has evened out and stuck to basics. It’s amazing on how much I have learned Just by going to workshops.

I feel I have more confidence, skills, knowledge and much more in the final year of my degree. In Dubai, I have participated in a few internships. This was in an office working with computers and looking at businesses that surrounded the company. I learnt skills and knowledge when working as a team. I was a learner learning about the entire environment that is in an office, as I have never done that anywhere else. In the internship my responsibility was to help with the secretarial and administered area. Conclusion I am a Dubai national and want to excel in my business life.

My family is linked with business and my future plan is to do family business but under new direction as world is changing and new techniques required in order getting success in your business today. My family business is in Dubai a country which geographically good located in the centre of new emerging economies. Self reflection can help me to write about the course or programme that you have studied. It can make you write about the experience that you had in modules, and if any changes need to be changed then ou can work through this by sharing your skills.

My business study definitely help me to nanole Duslness properly ana I am totally ren today as compared IT I compared myself when I Joined the degree programme. I boosted my interpersonal skills, analytical thinking skill, future focus, teamwork skills while working in a group and time management skill. All these skills will give me an edge in my coming life. REFERENCES 1. Dyer, J. H. , Gregerson, H. B. , & Christensen, C. M. (2011) The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Press 2. McQuarrie, E. F. 2006) The Market Research Toolbox: A Concise Guide for Beginners. California: Sage Publications, Inc. 3. Greenstreet, K. (2005) “Ground Truth” and the Importance of Market Research. PassionForBusiness. com. [WWW] Available from: http://www. passionforbusiness. com/articles/ground-truth. htm 4. Pyle, Lesley. S. (2010) How to Do Market Research. Entrepreneur. com, Available from: http:// www. entrepreneur. com/article/217345 5. Gerber, S. (2009) 6 Steps to the Perfect Pitch – Pitching Your Business. Entrepreneur. com [WWW] Available from: http:// www. entrepreneur. com/article/201826


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