Reflective story Essay

Phonics Based Reading & Decoding I began working with my student relatively late in the program due to scheduling conflicts after many negotiations and time working with student we are able to come up with a schedule that works for us. When we first began the program I noticed that she seemed to grasp the concepts rather quickly and almost became bored with the program from start. My student is a young girl who happens to be my younger sister and she is able to read.

While her reading level is not low it is not real high either side. I figured this program would be perfect for her and allow her the chance to really learn some additional class time skills that you may not learning traditional classrooms as she is homeschooled. Her mother agreed to allow me to use the training class for her and teach her to read within the short amount of time that I have in this class. She began following along very well and was able to make quick progress within a few minutes and she even some games and the singing fun.

It is y personal opinion that this program will teaching the phonics and skills needed to read words it would also be beneficial to anyone whose native language is not English. I could also see a ssimilar program being developed for teaching foreign languages such as Japanese. Each of the steps of the program are simple and easy to learn and be done in a few short minutes if you wanted to stretch out how long you worked with student. Because I could only do it for two hours a week I did have to modify the version of the program to a certain extent in order to hasten the esults.

The mother was very impressed with how quickly her daughter was learning to read simple books and quickly advancing into a larger more complicated reading comprehension and short amount of time. In addition, her handwriting was improving as was her ability to learn other programs that her mother was teaching her when she was not with me. She was able to learn how to build on those small words I had taught her and even write new words by the end of the first week she was able to read a few pages in a book that I had on hand.

Her current reading bility before the program was a rather low in comparison to her ability to read the textbook material and reading books that I had. I did notice, however, that she seemed to become bored with the repetitiveness of having to rrepeatedly say the sounds of each letter. The game she did have fun playing and she seemed to understand concepts that were being taught. The fundamentals were easy for her to understand as well. However she did seem to have fun during our training sessions eacn 0T tne games would orlng new oys to ner as sne was aDle to learn more omplicated words.

With this program I still would say learning how to read whether it be for English purposes or Just paren’t wanting to teach their child how to read before they enter school or as a homeschool program this is a fantastic program to have. I look forward to teaching more to the student and even learning a little bit from her to because I think that I may learn a few things from her. References Eller, J. (2000). Fundamentals: A research-based, phonics tutorial learn to read program. Chandler Heights, AZ: Action Reading.

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