Refurbishment And Its Advantages Construction Essay

Chapter 1


In recent old ages at that place has been a big addition in the renovation of old and vacant belongingss in penchant to building new physiques. Some of the grounds for this may be:

legislative grounds i.e. if a belongings is a protected construction and there is no pick but to restitute it.

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Refurbishment And Its Advantages Construction Essay
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During the roar there was so much money that people could afford to have a 2nd place and invested money in renovating older houses with the purpose of selling to do a net income or rental.

Or the advantages to be gained by choosing for renovation instead than a new physique undertaking.

What is Refurbishment?

There are a figure of definitions for renovation, for illustration “ Refurbishment is the procedure of major care and minor fix of an point, both aesthetically and automatically. ”

A really wide definition of the term is ‘work undertaken to an bing edifice ‘ . However, refurbishment strategies can take many signifiers and may be undertaken for a assortment of different grounds.

Another definition for renovation is ‘Extending the utile life of bing edifices through the version of their basic signifiers to supply a new or updated version of the original construction. ( Riley, Cotgrave 2005 )

The sum of work that is required in order to accomplish these definitions stated supra will be really different on different undertakings, and will depend on:

The status of the bing construction

The form and size of the bing construction

The location of the construction

The intended usage of the construction

The sum of work required to the bing construction to enable conformity with current Building Regulations

Whether the edifice is listed, either who

Adequate support for the plants

Whether or non the plants can be carried out safely.

( Riley, Cotgrave 2005 )

Some other footings, which are used alternatively of, and besides in concurrence with the term renovation, are:

Conversion – The usage of the edifice may be altered but the construction will stay the same.

Renovation – The procedure of reconstructing or bettering a construction

Restoration – The procedure of conveying a edifice back to its original province

Retrofit – the usage of new and more modern systems in an bing edifice.

Renovation is hard to specify as it could include one or all of the above elements, but as the thesis continues there will be different facets of renovation discussed therefore taking to a greater apprehension of the term.

1.2 The advantages of Renovation

1.2.1 The handiness of edifices suited for renovation

Progresss in modern twenty-four hours life style, in footings of work and leisure, have led to larger Numberss of edifices going outdated and excess. In consequence this has produced a big figure of edifices which are ideal for refurbishment undertakings, or even transition to accommodate new utilizations. ( See Appendix A, Fig 1 – Fig 6 )

1.2.2 The quality of edifices suited for renovation

In a big sum of the instances, the edifices themselves are structurally sound and good constructed, this, for some people tends to be make up one’s minding factor in favor of renovation. You should ne’er judge a book by its screen is a common phrase but frequently a book with a hapless screen is ne’er opened. However in some cases when the edifices are surveyed in item, and, the possible developers and purchasers are covering with good constructed and structurally sound edifices. These edifices in bend provide a perfect footing for renovation to be carried out.

Shorter Development Period

One of the chief advantages of renovating a edifice in front of a entire new physique is that in most instances, new adjustment is available in a much shorter period of clip.

If a entire destruction and building of a construction is planned alternatively of refurbishing, the construction so by and large it will take a well longer clip period to transport out.

This may non ever be the instance, for illustration, if the edifice needs to be structurally altered and besides if the edifice is unstable so it could turn out that a destruction and new physique would be the best option as renovating a edifice such as this would be really clip consuming and expensive.

In general, it is believed that in most instances the clip which is spent on a refurbishment occupation ( including pre contract planning and be aftering permission ) is merely a half to three quarters of the clip which is needed to finish a demolish and new build building.

Because of the clip saved on the renovation of the construction there are fiscal wagess such as ; the shorter development period reduces the cost of financing the strategy and besides the client receives the edifice Oklahoman which he in bend receives gross earlier from leasing etc ( Highfield,2000 )

1.4 Planning permission is non ever necessary

A large positive facet of renovating a house or edifice is that in some state of affairss be aftering permission is non needed, for illustration. Under the Planning and Development Act 2000, be aftering permission is required for ‘development ‘ . However, Section 4 ( H ) of the Act states that “ the transporting out of plants for the care, betterment or other change of any edifice which affect merely the inside of the edifice, or do non materially affect the external visual aspect of the edifice ‘ does non represent development ” . ( ) .

Plants like these do non represent development. Therefore if a house or edifice is being refurbished internally and nil is being carried out on the outside of the house so there may be no demand to acquire planning permission for the plants.

There are exclusions to this regulation of class, such as mentioned in subdivision 4h of the Act which states that if the usage category of the edifice alterations so be aftering permission is required. For illustration if person decides that it wants to renovate the inside of a house to go a store or saloon but no plants are being carried out externally, be aftering permission will still be required.

( M Taggart, 2008 )

1.5 The big sum of constructions available for renovation.

Because of the changeless developments in engineering, design, quality, visual aspect and public presentation in the edifice industry, people ‘s desires for houses and belongingss have besides developed with the market go forthing many constructions which are missing in these countries abandoned, disused and excess. As most of these houses and edifices are structurally sound and built in great locations they provide tonss of possible chances for the populace to set about refurbishment undertakings.

Once it was believed that it was necessary to travel into towns and metropoliss so as to be closer to everything such as stores, mills, comfortss etc, and because of this many people decided to go forth the countryside and travel closer to the metropoliss. This left many belongingss empty in the countryside. Nowadays nevertheless the times have changed and people are seeking to travel off from all of the bunco and hustle of towns and metropoliss, and are alternatively traveling out to the peace and repose of the countryside. The big figure of derelict belongingss in the countryside provides ideal chances for people to renovate the belongingss into modern places in lovely milieus, and for a much lower monetary value than pulverizing and reconstructing. ( Highfield, 2000 )

1.6 Environmental facets

As we all know, these yearss we are invariably hearing about the effects, jobs and concerns of planetary heating. The experts maintain stating us that it is because of the universe ‘s immense ingestion of energy we need to re-use, re-place and re-cycle our present resources much more so as to diminish our rate of utilizing up our energy resources and to decelerate down planetary heating.

Whenever a edifice is recycled, by choosing for renovation instead than pulverizing and reconstructing the construction so a big sum of energy is being saved by avoiding the demand to pull out natural stuffs and change over them into a replacing edifice. Smaller scale renovation, for illustration ; when the bing construction and the external edifice envelope are retained, will clearly give the greatest energy nest eggs, but even the more drastic redevelopments, where larger scale renovation takes topographic point affecting the structural facets and the refurbishing of the outer foliage will largely utilize up well less energy resources than the pick to pulverize and reconstruct.

( Highfield,2000 )

Even though this may merely look like a really little economy of energy compared to the overall ingestion of energy, if a batch of undertakings are refurbished alternatively of being demolished and rebuilt so a batch of energy could be saved.

1.7 Aesthetic/ Architectural advantages

Another advantage of taking a redevelopment undertaking is the aesthetic and architectural advantages that can be obtained if attractive older edifices are chosen to renovate. The ground for this is because a batch of older houses and edifices were constructed with extremely expensive stuffs, natural stuffs, high quality and skilled craft. All of these factors contribute to a really attractive facade to the exterior and inside of the edifice. An illustration of the architectural quality that an older edifice has is when you see an old house, with the outer foliage of the house being constructed utilizing cut limestone

( Highfield,2000 )

If a renovation undertaking is undertaken on a house or edifice that already has extremely architectural and aesthetic qualities such as

Skilled craft

Antique furniture and adjustments

Highly attractive facade

In the locality of other architecturally attractive belongingss

Expensive stuffs

Then these qualities along with the proper transporting out of the renovation work, could add to the fiscal value of the house or edifice when the plants are eventually completed.

1.8 The fiscal cost involved in the renovation undertaking.

On redevelopment undertakings the overall cost of financing the existent strategy will chiefly depend on the undermentioned factors.

The cost of the redevelopment plants

The continuance of the strategy

The degree of involvement rates predominating at the clip of the strategy

As we well cognize the fiscal cost of any type of building undertaking is of immense importance, so in a redevelopment undertaking the fiscal facet can hold a major advantage over other options. In a big figure of redevelopment undertakings the entire involvement payable on the money borrowed will be much less than that for a new physique because of the lower overall costs and the shorter development periods of redevelopment and refurbishment undertakings. Because of the manner that the involvement rates are increasing in the past twelvemonth or two it would turn out much cheaper to take a redevelopment option

( Highfield,2000 )

1.9 Availability of bing substructure

When a renovation undertaking is being carried out, the contractors can, in a batch of instances, use the bing substructures, which are in topographic point, such as:

Water services


Gas brinies

Waste H2O connexion

Cables and telecommunication

These substructures would non be available if for illustration a new physique was chosen on a green field site. The handiness of these substructures can turn out to be really good financially to the client as there is no demand for the services, which are aforementioned above to be installed

Other than the direct fiscal nest eggs that are being achieved, there are indirect nest eggs to be achieved such as, the development period being farther shortened because of the substructure already being in topographic point whereas this clip salvaging would non be available if no substructure was in topographic point.


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