Refusing Requests Sample Essay

BUFFER – identifies old correspondence by the way or in capable line – begins with a impersonal statement on which both reader and author can hold

TRANSITION- workss cardinal thought or word
– leads of course to explanation

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Refusing Requests Sample Essay
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EXPLANATION- nowadayss valid grounds for refusal
– avoids red-flag words that forecasts bad intelligence
– includes resale or gross revenues promotion material if appropriate BAD NEWS- softens the blow by deemphasizing the refusal
ALTERNATIVE- suggests a via media. alternate. or replace if possible CLOSING- renews good feelings with a positive statement
– avoids mentioning bad intelligence
– looks frontward to go on concern

INEFFECTIVE REQUEST REFUSAL -begins with a gratuitous information that could be implied
– creates a rough tone with such negative words
– ( regretful. must decline. violate and apt )
– Throws self-seeking remark
– Reveals merely bantam spots of the desired informations
– Sounds syrupy and rather insincere
Effective REQUEST REFUSAL-reflects the writer’s echt involvement in the petition – does non implicate conformity
– grounds for declining a petition are objectively presented in an account that precedes the refusal – offers more alternate
– looks to the hereafter

DIRECTNESS is uneffective for a bad intelligence because blunting out the bad intelligence at the beginning of the message may do the reader to be in a hapless celebrity of head to have the balance of the message. grounds for refusal and
accounts may ne’er be seen.

-INDIRECT METHOD -allows the author to explicate before denoting bad intelligence. The chief end of the indirect scheme is showing the ground and account before uncovering the bad intelligence. Some readers. However. may prefer to hold bad intelligence announced straight.

Indirect strategy’s six elements:
Bad intelligence
Alternative ( s )
Goodwill shutting

Before using the indirect scheme analyze the grounds underlying the bad intelligence.

An effectual buffer is impersonal. wellbeing. and relevant.

Neutral- does non signal the bad intelligence that is to follow nor falsely suggest that good intelligence will be forthcoming

Upbeat- emphasizes something positive for the reader ( resale stuff that relates to a merchandise. a compliment or congratulations for the reader or statement that builds good will.

Relevant- refers to the state of affairs at manus

Ex. A missive denying the petition for recognition for ware that a client wishes to return employs a resale buffer. Your choice of an ambassador top-grain pigskin leather attache instance is a smart 1. Mrs. Silva. because these instances combine stylish styling with all right craft and matchless leathers.

Try non to calculate bad intelligence nor falsely connote good intelligence.

Mention to a cardinal word or thought builds a passage between the buffer and the undermentioned exlanation.


After the gap buffer statement. utilize a passage that guides the reader to the account that follows. Avoid red-flag words:
They are dead giveaways that a bad intelligence is to come.

Notice how the cardinal words campaigner and part signifiers a nexus between the buffer antd the account for declining the petition.

Your attempts to construct a run thorax for metropolis council candidate BUFFER Gladys Harris are applaudable. This campaigner deserves the
support of civic-minded concerns and persons who are able to do parts. Passage

Your campaigner. if elected. will assist administrate financess to municipal EXPLANATION sections and offices. As you may cognize. a important part of our concern involves supplying supplies or metropolis offices. City council members who have accepted run parts from sellers providing metropolis histories possibly accused of struggle of involvement. Rather than put your campaigner in this awkward place. our lawyer advises us to avoid doing fiscal parts to the runs of the metropolis council campaigners. BAD NEWS Although we are unable to supply fiscal support many of our employees will be lending their clip and attempts to work personally for the election of your campaigner. Option

We hope that the engagement of our staff will lend to a successful run for Gladys Harris. GOODWILL Shutting

-The most of import portion of a negative missive.
– the chief ground for utilizing indirect method

Without sound grounds for denying a petition. or declining claim the missive will neglect no affair how cleverly it is written. We want to be able to explicate before declining.

-explanation should demo that you have analyzed the state of affairs carefully -tell clearly why refusal is necessary ( the point is no longer under guarantee. or ne’er warrantied. merchandise failed because it was misused. hard currency refund can non be granted for an point that can non be resold ) -Strive to project an unemotional. nonsubjective and helpful tone. -don’t talk or sponsor If you read the instructions carefully ) -avoid sounding assumptive ( I’m sure the sales representative who demonstrated this unit explained that. … . . ) -don’t fell behind company policy ( our company policy prevents us from allowing your petitions ) -if you have more than one ground for declining. BEGIN WITH THE STRONGEST REASON -Present that bad intelligence

-continue with the extra grounds for declining

The success of the negative missive depends on how good the account is presented.


-avoid spotlight- don’t put the bad intelligence in a conspicuous place ( first and last sentences of the missive and the beginnings and terminals of sentences and paragraphs ) -USE LONG SENTENCE – longer sentence diffuse the bad intelligence and gives you a opportunity to explicate the bad intelligence or offer options -PUT THE BAD NEWS IN A SUBORDINATE CLAUSE- the reader will less likely to brood on it Ex. ( although your recognition application can non be approved this time…. ) -USE PASSIVE VOICE- focuses attendings on actions instead than personalities. – it helps you be impersonal and tactful -Be CLEAR BUT NOT OVERLY GRAPHIC- clear but non distressingly graphic ( provides excessively many inside informations ) Ex. ( we can non pay for your free-lance services in hard currency as you request. Such payment is clearly illegal and violates federal jurisprudence. All free-lance services that we authorise must be supported by cheque payments to persons whose societal security Numberss are included in the record of the payment ) Alternatively

( federal jurisprudence requires that payments to free-lances be made by cheque and be supported by societal security Numberss ) It is more tactful if it were less direct and less in writing.

-IMPLY REFUSAL- it does non hold to be stated straight
Alternatively of hammering place the bad intelligence
( hence. we can non lend to this run ) . . .

Rather than put your campaigner in this awkward place. our lawyer advises us to avoid doing fiscal parts to the runs of the metropolis council campaigners.

-OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE- if appropriate. propose some resort to the reader -might be a via media. a replacement. or an alternate offer -important agencies of keeping good dealingss with clients


– renew good feelings between the reader and the author


-don’t refer to the bad news- focal point on the positive. friendly comments and don’t revive the emotions sing the bad intelligence -don’t conclude with cliches-ex. ( if we may be of farther service or thank you for understanding our place ) sounds insincere and dry -don’t invite further correspondence-ex. ( if you have any farther inquiries or if you would wish to discourse this further )


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