Regulation Of The Internet Essay

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Regulation of
the Internet
Child pornography, hackers reading how
to hack into your web site or personal computer and children reading explicit
details in the Starr Report; these are all examples of harmful information
available on the Internet that should be regulated by the government. Government
should regulate information on the Internet. Obscene and harmful material
on the Internet, such as child pornography should be obliterated. Other
questionable material, such as the Starr Report, should be published on
the Internet, but not within the reach of children. Hacking is a very controversial
subject. Most aspects of hacking correspond to doing harm upon other people’s
computers. There is material available on the Internet regarding the “how-to’s”
of hacking. These aspects of hacking should be extracted from the Internet.

Now, we can easily say these things such as “child pornography, hacking,
and objectionable material on the Internet are bad and should be taken
off.” This is the easy way out. We have to realize that the Internet is
an extremely complicated network of computers worldwide and that we can’t
just look around and find these “bad things” and get rid of them. We also
need to realize that the problem doesn’t just exist inside the United States.

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Regulation Of The Internet Essay
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Sure, we can bust all the host computers containing these things in the
United States, but the Internet is a worldwide network. So, the United
States government cannot patrol the world or make laws making these things
illegal. Coalitions need to be formed worldwide to help in the finding
and annihilation of the harmful and obscene material. I think that the
easiest way to help fight this problem would be to get the United Nations
to form a council that would find these server computers and re-format
them and sell them off at a profit and keep the money for the United Nations.

Like any other form of communication, such
as telephone or newspaper, the Internet should be treated in some respect.

Although the first amendment gives Americans the right to free speech,
it has to be considered that this amendment was written well before computers.

The first amendment should be restated that we have freedom of speech,
but not if it creates more harm than help. Do not get me wrong, the Internet
is still a fine source of education and entertainment. Freedom of speech
and involvement of government of the Internet is a controversial issue,
but we must protect people from some obscene and harmful material that
can be accessed through it.


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