Relationship Between Money And Entrepreneur Business Essay

“ The superior adult male understands what is right ; the inferior adult male understands what will sell ” ( Confucius ) . In the modern life, the demands of people become higher and more complicated. As a consequence, a batch of concerns were built to make full up with these demands and enterpriser is one that takes the duties for the procedures as supplying services or bring forthing merchandises of the concern due to the demands and orders from their clients. In order to go an enterpriser, money is one of the most of import factors that can back up your concern, but it non plenty.

Based on the fact that there are many people become successful with their concern, which was started with merely small sum of money this essay will provides an critical treatment about the influences of this facet in concern, as the return and loss within it. Other back uping analyses include the theories and constructs about the other facets that any enterprisers need to detect. Harmonizing to experts, there are four chief point, these are – adaptability, flexibleness, invention, good as the spirit. Furthermore, the general perceptual experiences relative to this place besides clarified below – in peculiar, comparative public presentations in this place from the market ‘s control every bit good as the ratings.

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Relationship Between Money And Entrepreneur Business Essay
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In my ain position, “ money ” can be seen as an puzzling and intricate issue which can impact the human behavior in either ways of good or bad. The influences of this facet in societal life of single depend on the ways they engage trade with other. Presents, due to the visual aspect of globalisation which is going the World ‘s tendency, there is a turning concern about the money ‘s flow and its impacts on enterprisers and their concerns.

As a regulation, every concern is started with an sum of money whether it in term of hard currency or liabilities, which will be used to put up the foundation as the payment for the locations, transits, stuffs and the equipment. At this phase, the enterprisers are traveling to make up one’s mind the qualities of the factors that they purchase ; every bit good the amount of money handiness for this. By and large, the capital which used for these disbursals frequently affects a batch in the measuring procedure of the organisation in a period of clip – because of that, the greater sum of disbursals, the organisation ‘s developing opportunities frequently greater. Couple with this, the subsiding of the monthly ‘s liquidnesss as the electricity, H2O, lease and the wages for the workers aˆ¦ are needed to be due in the right clip because these issues are provided by the providers.

So, is a individual who has much money can go an enterpriser?

By and large, the term “ money ” in existent life is described as a constituent which has stiff motions and its value in concern is controlled by the demands of the environing environment. However, for the most portion in concern, this facet can be seen as an effectual tool which helps the leader to settle about all the seeable issues among the developing procedure of the organisation.

On other manus, besides because of those effectiveness and comfortss ; from an inanimate object, money openly becomes one of the facets that ever been used and depended by the enterprisers to work out jobs and measure their organisation without sing about its injuriousness. As the consequence, these patterns will take to many serious issues as the corruptnesss, peculations and other unethical patterns. To avoid these issues, the enterprisers have to aware that they are the leader of many people and the caput of their organisation, who need to “ cognize the manner, goes the manner, and demo the manner ” ( John C. Maxwell, n.d ) . Besides that, in conformity with the working conditions, enterprisers is the 1 ever have to cover with the state of affairss when related to money whether straight or indirectly. For this ground, the opportunities to acquire affected by the extraordinary power of this facet travel even higher. In other words, the enterprisers ever need to be watchful to individuality and gauge the current state of affairs and protect them self from being dictated ; they need to cognize that even “ money ‘ is a needed feature to get down the concern, but the leader ‘s mission is to open the ways to keep and increase the volume of this facet.

In short, at the beginning, money is a necessary constituent to assist the enterpriser built their concern ‘s foundation but along the development and rating procedure to do their concern program become successful, the enterprisers need to hold other facet to back up their concern thought.


“ The most of import thing in communicating is to hear what is n’t being said ” ( Peter F. Drucker, n.d ) . Entrepreneur is the 1 who has the ability to calculate out the unseeable facets by listens to the communities and carry out the appropriate patterns. In other word, for the intent of being competitory with other in the market, the enterprisers need to detect many things from the environment ; harmonizing to the experts, even how much money the enterprisers have in manus, their concern still can non last if they do non cognize how to pull off it. There are four points which consider as the most valuable to the enterprisers: adaptabilities, flexiblenesss, invention, and spirit.

First, populating in the universe that everything can go on and the lone thing people can make is maintain seeking to acquire along, so does the organisation. There are many hazards that the enterprisers have to due with when they decide to get down a concern, and adaptability is consider as one of the most fearlessness characteristic which can gauge the surviving ‘s ability of the organisation.

Bing the laminitis of the organisation, the enterprisers must confront with the world that the possibility to cognize whether their intent of get downing the concern can or ca n’t be dependable is zero. During the thought developing ‘s procedure, there is a extremely opportunity when the enterprisers run into a state of affairs to assist them calculate out that their thought is non that good or there might be other better ways – this is where the enterprisers need to believe fast, rapidly change their program based on the demand and demand of the market. The determination of the enterprisers will dispute their “ adaptability ” feature.

Second, when the enterprisers start to develop the concern, there frequently appears many jobs when the program traveling wrongly and everything become a muss. To work out this, they may necessitate to exchange the cogwheels and pull off their changing program – this characteristic is known as “ flexibleness ” .

See as a manner to protect the “ adaptability program ” , flexible enterpriser is one who can pull off the job, and convey the organisation back to the balance status by being flexible with the dialogue as being professional, non urge or impatient ; along with the pricing schemes as being fixable monetary value which deserve with the company ‘s value ; every bit good the merchandise options as being unfastened and flexible with the procedures ( ex: clip and deadline ) . Most significantly, the enterprisers have to detect the remarks, advice and develop their self the manner to acknowledge the failures and learn from them.

“ There ‘s a manner to make it better-find it. ” ( Thomas Edison ) . In concern environment, the thing that makes your public presentation become competitory comparison to other is the invention.

Invention can be descried as the most valuable resources of homo ‘s head. Advanced leader is a creativeness leader who has the designer head to see the panorama image of the organisation ‘s development procedure. There will be no uncertainty to state that invention is the success ‘s key for all the companies in the World ; this characteristic requires the enterprisers to hold an open-minded thought which ever ready to listen, see, detect and do alterations to due the market ‘s demand and command it.

However, as a valuable action which can force the company ‘s net income to the bound, invention besides can convey back many jobs because it prefers to things which wholly different from other – because of this, enterprisers need to hold the optimistic position and non being afraid to neglect. Furthermore, if the leaders keep reiterating the same thing or garbage to alter, their concern will ne’er stand out and achieved the comparative public presentations compare to other concern.

Next, although running a concern is a work for the enterprisers but to keep and measure it efficaciously, the leaders need to set their bosom into every individual mission that they attain in.

Entrepreneurs is the 1 who willing to takes the duty for every jobs happened to the organisation and staffs who work under them, so they need to be truly careful with the determinations that they make to avoid the risk-taking. To make this, besides the schemes, this occupation besides requires a batch of attempt, energy, and hardworking. For this ground, if the enterpriser do non has the working ‘s spirit, which can be consider as the basic perceptual experiences for this type of occupation, they may non fulfill with the consequence received.

Overall, to develop the organisation and raise the net income efficaciously, entrepreneur need to continuously larning the new things from the sociality. Otherwise, even if they have a million dozenss of money in their manus, the failure still travel on until they know how to pull off the disbursals.

IV. Decision

In concern, as the foundation constituent, the relationship between money and enterpriser are really near. Because of this, although there are many benefits that the enterpriser can have from this facet, but to ivoid the deep fondness from it, the leaders may necessitate to see carefully when utilizing this constituent. Couple with this, the erepreneurs besides need to be adaptability plenty to update the new tendencies, flexibleness plenty to work out the unexpected jobs, being advanced to do their organisation ‘s public presentation become competitory, every bit good the spirit to finish the work efficaciously. Furthermore, an effectual and respectful enterpriser is the 1 who has the ability to utilize the “ money ” facet to engage another individual to assist him/her pull off other back uping facets.


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