Relationship Between UK and China Essay

The research on how does the civilization influence the people ‘s unrecorded on gift give between UK and china

Abstraction:With the speedy development of the universe economic system, the relationship between the different states becomes much closer than of all time before. However, the universe has ever been a diverseness topographic point. So it ‘s non surprise that each state has its ain civilization of making concern. Therefore, it is rather of import to cognize the different civilization in different state. China is one of the largest development states, while the UK is one of the largest economic states in the universe. So it is meaningful to discourse some different concern civilization between them. Because the concern civilization ever contains a batch of facets, so this paper put the accent on the civilization of gift giving.

Keywords:Culture ; international concern ;gift giving

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Relationship Between UK and China Essay
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Literature Review

1. Positions of Western Scholars

When speaking about the concern civilization and intercultural communicating, we must cognize what is civilization and intercultural communicating. There are 100s of definitions of the civilization in the academic books and articles. However, it is hard to specify because it is a big and inclusive construct. “Everything you need to cognize in life to acquire along in a society” is non every bit utile a definition, nevertheless, as one that focuses on what civilization ‘s features are. Culture involves learned and shared behaviours, norms, values, and material objects. It besides encompasses what humans create to show values, attitudes, and norm. A civilization is non normally discussed by the members who portion it. Mr. Charles Mitchell—a key research worker into civilizations writes the book International Business Culture. In this book, he gives us the definition of civilization: “Culture those deep, common, unexpressed experiences which members of a given civilization portion, which they communicate without knowing, and which from the background against which all other events judged.” ( 2000 )

For us, when a individual who has one civilization produces a message for ingestion by a individual who has another civilization, intercultural communicating will happen. More exactly, intercultural communicating ever involves interaction between people whose cultural perceptual experiences capableness, and symbol systems are distinguishable plenty to change the communicating event.

First, in most illustrations, communicating jobs will take topographic point for an mixture of grounds. If a individual can non command his pique while speaking to a friend, a small self-contemplation will uncover that it was non entirely your friend prompted the choler but an accretion of events and that your friend was simply a ready to hand purpose. So while we discuss possible jobs one at clip, they frequently occur in combination. Second, common sense frequently tells us that the complex nature of human behaviour produces many more communicating jobs. Third, although our treatment of possible jobs and solutions need base on a strong theory, however, it is colored by our personal and cultural background. So there are many possible jobs in intercultural communicating, that worth us discoursing.

Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace—the Professor Linda Beamer and an Professor Iris Varner who are the experts of the Britain civilization and concern communicating. They co-authored the bookIntercultural Communication in the Global Workplacewith a batch of illustrations, to expose the different geographical cultural individuality and the agencies of communicating of the different states comprehensively. This is the first book to unite the pure cultural communicating theory and the international concern pattern together, which formed a new thought on intercultural concern communicating and a series of effectual communicating rules and techniques. This book focuses on the communicating accomplishment ‘s preparation and upgrading, so that I have a whole apprehension of the international concern civilization to assist us rest a good foundation for my paper.

2. Positions of Chinese Scholars

In add-on, Mr. Chen Dongkang ‘s book—Modern International Commercial Customoccupies a really of import place in my paper for the choice of the topics and content of mention. This Book has six chapters, introduced 93 different states ‘ natural characteristics of the human landscape by the state in different continents around the universe. It focuses on national etiquette and patterns, purposes at presenting the universe economic system and trade developments in developed states to the readers in a simple, advanced, clear manner. It is really practical, including the national geographical location, concern usage, and the latest trade with China. As my paper is focus on the different concern civilization between China and the United States, I have studied the book focal point on the debut of Chinese and Britain concern usage presentation.

Of class, I spent a batch of infinite for the facet of the civilization of gifts between the two states. Because gift is considered a societal gesture that may be expected in some states, while could be considered a payoff in others. Knowing the gift guidelines for the state we will be easier to do concern successful. And some multi-national houses and some authoritiess have rather rigorous policies sing with their employees accepting gifts. To avoid holding these jobs, it ‘s of import for us to larn the policies for the companies you will make concern with. Therefore, because the different state has different civilization, when you have decided to give a gift, you must cognize the civilization and usage of the local topographic point. So in my paper it besides accounted for a really of import place

In order to analysis that the comparing of gift giving in concern relationship between China and US more profound. I chiefly consult Mr. Yang Dongsheng ‘sChinese Business Cultureand Mr. Wen Quan ‘sInternational Business Etiquette.Chinese Business Cultureemphasizes the Chinese civilization. The Chinese civilization has features of coherency, inclusiveness and diverseness ; Chinese features embodied in the low Chinese people, concentrating on harmoniousness, moderateness and Bolshevism ; How to set up concern relationships right and efficaciously and what is the Chinese favourite colour, figure and the gifts of tabu and penchants, the book has done a elaborate expounding.International Business Etiquetteemphasizes the debut of foreign civilizations. The writer of this book, Mr. Wen Quan expounds the construct and pattern of international concern etiquette comprehensively in matter-of-fact spirit, heuristic linguistic communication, the pure and smooth authorship and ocular chart. Particularly in the book —“visual beauty ‘s creation” , “the manners of meeting and seeing off”, “the demands of visual aspect and clothing” “the conventions pattern of nutrient and drink, amusement and conversation” —directly touches the determining events in the international concern and keep a good personal image.

What is more, the book besides made a elaborate presentation about inside informations in a concern banquet. For illustration, before the reaching of the invitees, the hosts should get foremost, and leave the best seats for the invitees ; adult females by and large sit by the work forces ‘s right manus side ; people who sit at the left side should take attention of the people who sit at his/her right side ; when agitating one ‘s manus, adult female should initiatively make her manus to adult male, older individual reach manus to immature individual, and the superior range manus to the subsidiary ; when you are negociating with the clients, your foreman is coming, you should first present the clients to your foreman — the most of import individual was ever foremost introduced ; when you are doing the self-introduction, if you have a rubric, delight make non advert it initiatively.

Meanwhile, Professor Jin Zhengkun is a celebrated ceremonials expert in China, and his articles ever representative. His bookInternational Etiquettegives us a beginning of inspiration. This book foremost introduces the beginnings of international etiquette in item, which is an of import beginning of the definition of concern civilization in my paper. There is besides an of import chapter in the book to present some of import national imposts in some states. When we are doing international exchanges and cooperation, we must foremost cognize what sort of international etiquettes and criterions must follow with. Merely detecting these etiquettes and criterions, the foreign people can experience that you are envoys from ancient civilisations, and you are a really polite individual. For that, the other people will esteem you, and exchange information and communicate with you zealously. I chiefly study in the debut of the United States in this book. The study of the United States, Britain ‘ societal courtesy, nutrient imposts and convention tabu, the book all has done a elaborate full presentation, which enriches my paper.

Questionnaire Report

A questionnaire is a research instrument dwelling of a series of inquiries and other prompts for the intent of garnering information from respondents. Although they are frequently designed for statistical analysis of the responses, this is non ever the case..

Questionnaires have advantages over some other types of studies in that they are inexpensive, do non necessitate as much attempt from the inquirer as verbal or telephone studies, and frequently have standardized replies that make it simple to roll up informations. However, such standardised replies may thwart users. Questionnaires are besides aggressively limited by the fact that respondents must be able to read the inquiries and respond to them. Therefore, for some demographic groups carry oning a study by questionnaire may non be practical.

Bing interested in the gift giving civilization in concern relationship between China and UK, and in order to do some comparing between them, we constructed a questionnaire.

1. ) The research content and methods:

It is a 12-question questionnaire, which have 2 editions-Chinese questionnaire and English one, including the inquiries as followers: what ‘s the intent of gift giving, which sort of gifts is appreciated, what ‘s the elements for taking a gift, when is the best timing to direct gift, whether civilization difference influence gift giving and so on.

The Chinese questionnaires were sent to 30 Chinese respondents every bit good as 30 foreign respondents ( largely Britain or European ) , and the English questionnaire were sent to 30 British respondents and 30 Chinese respondents in the UK. In order to derive more echt and general consequences, the people we chose were of different ages and from assorted walks of life, instruction, disposal, finance, transit, hygiene, vesture and so on. Female respondents were besides about equal to male 1s.

2. ) Summaries:

    • Question 1 asked respondents: “In a commercial scene, if you wish to set up concern relationship with another company, would you take a gift to the first meeting? ” A clear bulk of Britain people said “No” , while a bulk of Chinese people said “Yes” .
    • Among cocoas, flowers, intoxicant and other points, comparatively a big per centum of Chinese preferable intoxicant, while most Britain people chose locally produced merchandises from their place states or gifts with their company logos or symbols on it. That has something to make with another inquiry: “How would you measure the value of an appropriate gift? ” Fifty per centum Chinese respondents thought the value depends on if he or she anticipating a long term concern relationship, while about 50 per centum ( 48.5 % ) British people would wish to give a nominal gift with their company logo or symbol on it.
    • When being asked to put the undermentioned picks — – age, gender of nationality of the receiver — – in order of importance in gift-giving, Chinese respondents every bit good as British people put the nationality on the most outstanding topographic point, and they besides agreed that all of the elements should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, both Chinese people and British people thought that the value of the gift is the primary consideration, and so is the colour, figure and form.
    • Question 4 asked: “Would you expect any of the following benefits when you give a gift to a concern spouse? ” Both Chinese respondents ( 75.9 % ) and British 1s ( 73.2 % ) stated it would construct a relationship with your concern spouse and ease the gap treatment, merely a little minority ‘s toke niceness into consideration.
    • All respondents ( either Chinese or British ) ca n’t make common positions on what is the best timing for giving a concern gift. Some may prefer the clip before the first meeting, some may prefer the clip when the concern is successful. But one thing is unquestionable, that is it depends on the particular concern scenes.
    • The bulk of both Chinese and British respondents thought that the best manner to show a concern gift is giving it on behalf of their company. But when coming to the inquiry who do you believe would be the appropriate receivers — -individual ( such as a leader ) or the squad as a whole, 62 % Chinese ticked the box of single and thought it is the of import people that make the determination and accomplishments. Coincidentally, 61 % British respondents chose squad as the receiver with the purpose to demo the regard for the attempts of all squad members.
    • On the inquiry: ” Do you believe different national civilization influence the usage of giving gift? ” , about everyone chose “Yes” without vacillation. They do believe different civilization influence the gift giving imposts.

Discuss on the gift-giving civilizations in concern between China and UK

Gift giving in the concern relationship can be a coin that has two sides. On the one manus, gift giving can be an first-class method to set up a long concern relationship. In fact, most concern work forces do non care the really use the gift, and merely hold a good feel good when they are having a gift. Consequently, it is true that makes us experience good about the individual who has given us the gift.

However, on the other manus, if a gift is non appropriate in content or the manner of gift giving, it may come into being misapprehend or even interrupt relationships between each other every bit fast as any other sort of negative action. Inappropriate gift giving normally connects with the signifier of payoffs, or apologies. In a concern relationship, any manner to endow giving is will look for something in return from the receiver of the gift indirectly or straight. So when one semen into contact with the damaging effects of gifts, it is necessary to avoid them to the 1 ‘s best abilities.

The undermentioned paragraphs will give some suggestions for the successful gift-giving.

If everyone are non familiar with each other, delight don non direct a group gift. However, if one ‘s concern spouse is a big company and one work with big Numberss of people at that company, giving a group gift is right. But it is necessary to detect that the receivers should cognize and work with one another, and so the gift should be sent to a impersonal topographic point.

Check serious for errors in personal gifts. Personal gifts is great, but there are ever has errors about the spelling of people ‘s name in the concern meeting, so make sure to look into — including when the order is being sent out and when the gifts come in. There is nil more dissatisfactory than a misspelled name even when the employee is given the gift.

If a individual is accepted a gift, there is no demand to give in return. But do do certain to admit the gift and thank the giver for his ( or her ) contemplation.

If the concern spouse is in other states, that means, the gift will be sent overseas, at the first, be certain of cognizing the local imposts and company poilcy foremost. It is better than you realize to casual give person or direct the incorrect gift. In add-on, to do certain the receiver would non to pay a revenue enhancement on the gift, giver should see telling their gift locally.

Pay more attending to client ‘s spiritual, ethical, or medical limitations in their diets, when give the nutrient as a gift. For illustration, there is a minority in China ; hog is a venerated symbol, so hog is forbidden as a nutrient.

Do non bury the helpers, in peculiar the clients ‘ helpers will appreciate the fact that will be remembered, and so will their foremans.

Do non give gifts to former clients. Making so will doubtless be seen as an effort to win back their concern. If one must direct something, direct a card, but non for more than one twelvemonth after the expiration of the relationship.

Keep a elaborate list of gifts that one has presented, and the names of receivers. Duplicating gifts shows deficiency of contemplation. At the same clip, maintain a elaborate list of gifts which have received. This is really helpful when fixing recognition letters and it is a good manner to measure relationships.

Provide cultural preparation for employees who are responsible for doing gift choices, and work with cultural experts that can do suggestions, or reexamine the corporate gift giving plans.

Finally, it is need to acknowledge that gift giving in the workplace is a truly art. To give gifts mindlessly is to put on the line harm to a calling. But to get the hang gifts that send appropriate signals — -that can transport intelligence and heat — -is to go forth feelings that can merely function to better relationships in the workplace.


As explained throughout the paper, every state and organisation faces certain cosmopolitan jobs. A state ‘s civilization is expressed in the manner people within it approach these quandary. This portion explains how Intercultural competency can be got by cognizing cultural differences, esteeming them and accommodating them. Peoples can halt intercultural struggles by larning about civilizations that they come in connect with. This cognition can be obtained through preparation plans, general reading, speaking to people from different civilizations, and larning from past experiences. The of import portion of cultural instruction is understanding one ‘s ain civilization and developing cultural consciousness by geting a wide cognition of values and beliefs of other civilizations, instead than looking at them through stereotypes.

1. ) Knowing Cultural Differences

Cultivating consciousness of cultural differences is the first measure to harmonious cultural quandary.

Cultural consciousness, so, is the understanding provinces of head of one ‘s ain civilization and those of the people one meets. One can ne’er be to the full informed, since there is an infinite scope of possible mistakes, but the five dimensions of civilization explained above provide a frame of mention for analysing ways in which people attribute intending to the universe around them.

2. ) Respecting Cultural Differences

An initial measure towards developing regard for cultural differences is to look for state of affairss in which people would act like a individual from another civilization. This is what helped a member of the buying section of a large Britain company who will interchange a gift with a Chinese company.

Respect is most efficaciously developed one time people realize that most cultural differences are in themselves, even if they have non recognized the differences. For illustration, Britains frequently think that the Chinese are cryptic, even undependable. They ne’er understand what Chinese are experiencing or believing and Chinese ever say “yes” , even when they are negative about something. But Britains do hold state of affairss in which the same happens to them. If their ain kid has given a instead nervous and holding public presentation in her first perform in a school concert but must travel on once more after the interval, Britains might good state “Wonderful, darling” to give her assurance, even though they do non really believe her public presentation was good.

The Earth has become a small town, and like a small town, its citizens can pass on with one another rapidly and cheaply. But for all technological progresss in communicating, people still have stat mis to travel before they resolve cultural barriers to make concern abroad. In short, they may portion much of the same information and engineering with other states, but they do non portion the elaborate cognition of other civilizations. Unlike rapid alterations in bit engineerings, civilizations based on 1000s of old ages of development are slow to alter. When people do concern in foreign states, they will be covering with others rooted in a different cultural tradition as we have showed in this paper.

However, it should be mentioned that non all people in a civilization behave the same manner. Therefore, values and behaviours of a peculiar civilization may non be the values and behaviours of all the persons within the civilization. The cultural features presented in this paper are merely general inclinations.

Furthermore, civilization is non unconditionally stationary ; it is developing invariably over clip, as people learn and know the words, linguistic communications, and thoughts of other civilizations. In the context of planetary economic system, more and more civilization is being impacted by the increased chances for interaction between different cultural groups. Therefore, a successful man of affairs should be flexible when covering with those from different civilizations.


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