Reliability and Validity of the Bible Sample Essay

One of the most current controversial subjects in modern twenty-four hours times is the cogency of the Bible. How can one cognize if the content is to be trusted and is existent? As an highly of import spiritual text that many take to bosom and unrecorded by on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. it is imperative that the information in the Bible is dependable and true. In order to verify the cogency of the information in the Bible. it is of import to look into the past and study history.

Many archaeologists around the universe make it their end to analyze the historical context of the Bible. They will delve in certain countries mentioned in order to look for touchable grounds that the topographic points and narratives mentioned in the Bible really exist. In recent times. some archaeologists have claimed to hold found the organic structure of Jesus. his married woman. and even kids. [ 1 ] While this is non wholly certain to be true. some archaeological digs have been successful in happening cultural points dating back to scriptural times and bring outing many absorbing points that match up with the Bible’s relation. [ 2 ] It is hard to separate between what is existent and what is being made a jeer. due to how conflicted these positions are. There are books written ( such as The Da Vinci Code ) that include fabricated information. [ 3 ] This information leads to oppugning Christian beliefs and values. Many people who believe that the Bible’s information is non true have been led to believe that by beginnings outside of the Bible itself. every bit good as false readings and common misconceptions.

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Reliability and Validity of the Bible Sample Essay
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Among these is the thought that since the Bible has been translated and is so old. it must hold been mistranslated and changed. This has been proven to be false as the most current version of the Bible has been compared to the oldest manuscripts found ( The Dead Sea coils ) – and found to be about precisely the same. The lone existent differences were majorly the manner it was written in and little equivalent word for words. [ 4 ] Another misconception is the belief that the Bible contradicts itself. nevertheless this remains untrue. This belief has derived from instructions in churches being preached otherwise. A sermonizer may take a discourse from the Bible and writhe it into his or her ain beliefs. instead than what the Bible straight says. This proves the words of the sermonizer to be untrue- non the Bible itself. It is because of these false readings of the Bible that many people do non take it earnestly and believe that it is full of contradictions.

However. the information in the Bible should non be so easy discarded. This is because when certain narratives or pieces are inserted into the Bible. they must foremost travel through a series of procedures called the canonisation of the Bible. This is a procedure that took many centuries to finish by which figures determine whether the information is dependable and tantrums along with the other narratives of the Bible. There are four different demands in Canonization: Clear writing. day of the month. general credence. and theological consistence. [ 5 ] These are of import because with clear writing. you can find who the author was and frequently these authors are connected someway and mentioned elsewhere. The day of the month is of import to verify its consistence with other books of the Bible. every bit good as to understand the history of the clip. General credence of the manuscripts is besides of import because if it seems wholly untypical of the books of the Bible. it should non be included. Last. theological consistence is highly of import because it is where the “contradictions” semen in. If the books of the Bible were non consistent with each other and other information known. it would non be included and hence the Bible can non belie itself.

In historical paperss. there are many instances where much of the information matches up to the same history written in the Bible. This has shown in the instance of even the earliest known plants of literature. For case. in The Epic of Gilgamesh. portion of the chief narrative includes a instead big inundation that is damaging to the universe. This same inundation is spoken of in the Bible in one of the more commonly known stories- Noah’s Ark. In Noah’s Ark. there is a great inundation and Noah must construct a boat in order to salvage the animate beings every bit good as his household. This plot line is parallel to that of Gilgamesh’s narrative. In existent historical paperss. there have besides been mentions made to Biblical characters and events. A first century Jewish historiographer named Flavius Josephus specifically referenced Biblical characters such as James. Jesus Christ. and John the Baptist. [ 6 ] Ancient Roman history besides includes mentions to Gospels and certain history that is recorded in the Bible such as rivers. mountains. wars. pacts. and certain male monarchs. [ 7 ] In Ancient Israel history. there is documented that the same imposts and beliefs were practiced as written in the Bible and sightings of these specific Biblical characters are besides documented. [ 8 ]

With archaeology. ancient manuscripts. ancient history. and the procedure of canonisation. it is difficult for a book in the Bible to be wholly inaccurate and inconsistent. Since there are so many procedures a book must travel through before it is even accepted into a Bible. it is about certain that the information in the Bible is so dependable and should be considered holy stuff. The fact that these manuscripts of the Bible remain unchanged after such a long period of clip shows that nil has been badly altered and remains true. Alternatively of critically analysing every piece of the Bible seeking to look for defects and contradictions. it is imperative to understand that this is a spiritual and historical text. It is non meant to turn out itself or to explicate why certain events may hold happened- it is meant to be a Christian’s usher to God.


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