Religious education Essay

The Christian response to evil and suffering The main response of Christians to suffering is a practical one -to help those who are suffering. This is done by: Prayer (asking God to help those who are suffering) Service (actively helping those who suffer) – they may help in hospitals or hospices, organize food collections such as our Harvest collection for the local pantry, raise money to help people in less developed countries. (This is often done in response to Jesus’ advice in the parable of the Sheep and Goats. ) What Christians believe about evil and suffering: .

Many Christians believe that only God knows the answer to this problem. They follow the example of Jesus who showed that God wants us to fight against evil and suffering, praying for those who suffer and giving practical help wherever possible. 2. Christians believe that God created humans in his image. This means he created them with free will and they are free to choose whether to do good or evil. Humans have used their free will to do evil things and this has brought suffering into the world. So evil and suffering is the fault of humans not God. Other Christians believe that this life Is a sort of test In which people prepare their souls for heaven. If there was no evil and suffering, then they would not be able to develop as good people, because being good involves helping those who suffer and fighting against evil. Money to help people In less developed countries. (This is often done In response to guttering, praying Tort tense won surer Ana Glenn practical Nell whenever possible. 2 believe that this life is a sort of test in which people prepare their souls for heaven.

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Religious education Essay
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