Religious Philosophy Article Critique Essay

Religious Philosophy Article Critique 1 University of Phoenix PHI/105: Introduction to Philosophy Religious Philosophy Article Critique 2 Religious views should not effect the treatment of other people that have different religious views. The treatment of others relies on respect, which has no religious preference at all. Regardless of religious convictions, all humans should have a unified respect for one another. This simply means that as humans, people can be generous and humble without necessarily agreeing to a person’s religious beliefs.

Although a raity, I do believe that humble generosity does exist in the world today. There are a rare group of people today that have a devine mission or purpose to help the lives of others without needing any recognition or gratitude. Many of times these people are also willing to give the last amount of material offerings they have. Once again, I believe that these indiviuals simply have a respect for all human life and a purpose to help others. The biblical story of the widow and the scribe could be illustrated in today’s society to portray the life’s of corparate donations to charitale organizations.

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People often see and hear of charitable events were big time corporations, leaders in society, and the rich will give large amounts of money to charitable organizations trying to out due the other in donations. Many of these people give not for the mere sake of helping someone, but for advertisement for themselves and the business in which they are affiliated with. However, somewhere at these events walks in a single mother of an ailing child who is about to evicted from her home due to racked up medical bills. This single mother waits tables at a local coffee shop and has made $10. 00 in tips this evening.

She walks in after work to this charitable event and places the money in the donation jar and walks out, unseen by many and unspoken to. The humble generosity of this woman shows as she Religious Philosophy Article Critique 3 slips quietly into the event and gives her last amount of money as a donation to a charity in which she believes in. As she walks out, she asks for nothing in return, not even a thank you. Religious Philosophy Article Critique 4 References http://web. ebscohost. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer? vid=2&hid=112&sid=4e59fdfc-e4a5-43dd-8472-54834ffa21f8%40sessionmgr111


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