Remember the Titans Essay

Running HeaderRemember the Titans Remember the Titans Mary Perry June 28, 2010 Cultural Diversity University of Phoenix Remember the Titans Movies show the different behaviors in life, show social psychology. In movies, whether they are depicting racism, social behavior, or aggression, it always shows an essential theme or life lesson to be learned. The movie Remember the Titans, deals with racism, and illustrates how one can overcome prejudice by uniting for a common cause or goal.

During the course of this film, many social behaviors were dealt with such as racism and discrimination, and as a football team tries to deal with all the socially achievements. Diversity in the film The file is about a predominantly white high school in Virginia the 1970’s. Student at the school had to deal with Black students allowed into the school. The assistant football coach was white and was supposed to be head coach instead the district hired a black head coach.

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Coach Boone was not intimidated by being the only black coach at this school it was his goal to make the football team be the best it could. When the football players were preparing to go to camp some of the parents were very upset that the students would be sharing buses. Some of the White students did not want to share a bus with Blacks, and some Blacks did not want to share a bus with Whites. Many of the students really have not been around the different race so they knew nothing about each other.

Getting to know each team member is something that the coaches wanted. Going through the different types drills and team building drills helped each young man learn that each person is really not as bad as they were perceived. Not being able to go through the front door of a nice restaurant and sit down to a nice dinner with your teammate is upsetting and cause’s some of the guys to play the race card even though the younger men over came the racial issues, still some of the people in the town still would not except the black team members in their businesses.

Holding on to the hatred and treating blacks with total disrespect was something many of the town people over came after they saw how the school football team came together as a family. Setting all differences aside helped build trust and understanding among two different races that knew nothing about one another. Taking the idea that all Blacks were no good was pro-traded by most of the white town people whereas the Black children were coming to school and building friendships with other Whites in the school White men did not like the idea of black men speaking to white girls and thought it was rude and started many fights.

Many young men in the school considered it rude also for a White girl to even associate with a Black man. Once the town took the time to learn who Coach Boone was and what, he was about everyone seem to take a different approach on how to deal with the integration in the area. The town become more interweaved with each other and opened there minds to be more accepting of other races than just judging someone by the color of their skin. The social adversity the city once had was broken down by one man and his dream of having a great ball team.

This city was not ready for such a change but in the end it realized that not always believing what you hear about a certain races and having a predetermined mind set of how someone acts. Coach Boone helped many people see having an open mind and accepting people for who they are is better than just judging someone based on color alone. Stereotyping was a hard misconception many people had to overcome because they just believed everything they were taught.

Having a hard life and overcoming the issues of being raciest and accepting everyone for who they are is what each young man learned from Coach Boone in Remember the Titans. Many people still let the media influence what one my think about a certain culture just because of how it is portrayed within the media. The media shows different views of certain race and cultures but in today society we cannot let the media influence how we feel about certain issues when it comes to dealing with race. Taking the time to get to know a person from a different race or culture will help make diversity easier to deal with.


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