Renewable Energy Essay

Non renewable energy sources are becoming harder to find and with that being said, these resources are more expensive. So what will we do when these resources are no longer here on earth for use to use? Many people are looking for and testing new forms of materials that we can use for energy. These sources are called renewable energy sources. Throughout the paper you will read about non renewable energy sources and the small supply that we have left, humans influences on theses non renewable resources and what some are trying to do to make new forms of energy.

Energy Conservation Plan Energy conservation is becoming a great issue. We are using up the forms of non renewable energy sources that we have depended on for so long. Some types of non renewable energy resources are oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear. These forms of energy come from the ground. Many people take these forms of energy for granted, maybe thinking that these forms of energy would always be here for us to use. But since we are finding out that non renewable energy resources are becoming harder to find, we are now taking action to find or make new forms of energy.

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Many people take energy for granted. They do not think about running out of energy. But this is a very real problem, and running out of non renewable energy could happen. Humans are the reason that there are damages to our planet and also for the non renewable resources drying up. Over population of the human race is one of the biggest factors that are causing the disappearance of reserves and resources. James Leape, director general of WWF international stated that “Reckless consumption is endangering our future prosperity. He also states that by the year 2030 we will need the equivalent of two planets in order to continue to live the way we are living now. You can tell by this that energy conservation is a real issue that we need to face now. Humans are affected by this problem and things are only going to get worse. So why is it that with humans being affected by this we do not do something to make a difference? I believe it to be that most humans do not really understand what we are doing and the damages of what we are doing. “By 2025 people will be experiencing physical scarcity and will ot have enough water to live”, says Morne du Plessis, CEO of WWF-SA. There are many non living things that contribute to the use of energy consumption. Many of these things are found in our households, starting with space conditioning at 44%, water heating at 13%, Lighting at 12%, Refridgeration at 8%, Home electronics at 6%, Laundry Appliances at 5%, Kitchen Appliances at 4% and other uses at 8%. These are all things that people have made to live better. But what many people do not think about is that these items that we are using are greatly affecting the conservation of energy.

So, yes man made products do play a big role in the use of energy. The percents above are based on an average household usage. Now add up all of the household usage in America, and that would show a shocking and devastating number. Most of the human’s actions that are done to this world are negative. People take too much for granted out of life. Energy conservation is one of those things. People are in the mind set that we will always have everything that we will always need. There are not enough people that fully understand the problems that we are facing or even what we can do to help with this problem.

Therefore not to many people put in the effort to make the changes needed to do this. But on the other hand, there are people that do understand the energy crisis and are working hard to find and use new means that we can use for energy. This is the positive part of the energy situation, people with the knowledge of the energy problem that are trying to make small changes, in which individuals can do and the larger corporations that are trying to find and use new renewable resources to help with the energy problem. Recycling is one of the biggest ways to help with trying to better our planet.

This gives people a chance to reuse materials that otherwise would be sitting in landfills. Also there are people that are trying to use waste as a form of energy. There are also products such as bio fuel that is taken from animal oils and vegetable oils that we are now being able to use as fuel in vehicles. Tom Capehart stated in November 2008 “that there are increased benefits to using biodiesel because it is made from low cost, diverse, non food feed stocks. ” Who knows, maybe in the future we might be able to use this form of fuel for another type of energy.

I feel that by making people more aware of the problem then more people will get involved. Another way to help with sustainability is to reduce the consumption of natural resources and materials. As with anything we can maybe end up using all of the renewable materials that can make up a new form of energy. One other way would be to maximize energy efficiency. This might be a great way to help with the energy situation, as said by Rick Parks and Kip Grubb, September 2005. As for my sustainability plan, one of the first things that would need to be addressed would be that we are in an energy crisis.

I would want to maybe travel the country spreading the word of the damages that we are doing to our world and get people informed on the topic. I would want to try to get as many people involved in the support to conserve energy. To get this plan started, I would first start telling people and groups that I would be traveling to spread the information on energy conservation and what the future could hold for use if we do not make the much needed changes. I would want the word to get out about this issue. Second of all I would do some time of fund raiser at each stop I made to raise money for research for other forms of energy.

Lastly I would travel the country talking to audiences about the damages that we have done to our planet and what we can do to help fix some of the mess that we have made. I would also offer information that people could take with them after the meetings so that they could read up on more information on the energy crisis. I would ask for sponsors or different groups to help support the cause and some of the funding for materials and the traveling to get the word out on this issue. As far as when I would do these meetings, well I would contact schools and energy sellers and any other type of large group that I could schedule a meeting with.

I would try and set the meetings up two weeks apart so that I could allow time for travel and depending where the location was. I would set out at first on a six month tour and try to reach as many people as I could my state. If all went well with that, I would continue on to another state and another after that. Time would vary from place to place, but dedication plays a big part in getting something done about a very real problem. I believe that the benefits of my plan would be getting the information out to people that do not know much about this problem or that are not aware of it at all.

I think that by doing this, this might give people the push that they might need to start to help make a difference in their everyday lives. Some of the challenges that I may face could be the disregard of the information by some. People are used to living the way they have always lived. Sometimes it is hard for some people to make changes. People may also feel that this is not as bid of a problem or that it is not affecting them right now, so why worry about it. Another problem that I could face is that maybe I might not get much funding or not enough places that would like for me to speak at.

This would be hard to get information out to people and to get more people to help with energy conservation. I think that if the government, society and with global support we would start to see some big changes. The government alone has a lot of pull and influences on what people in society do. If the government did more to get information out to people about the energy crisis that we are facing and gave people ways to help with this problem, I think that would influence many people to change the way the live to help with the energy problem.

If society was more informed on the issue, then I also believe that many would try and do their part to help as well. As for globally, if the whole world were to pitch in and help get the word out about energy conservation, then I strongly feel that we would see some very good changes. Conclusion We are in an energy crisis, which is a very big problem. People need to become more aware of this problem and try to do their part to help preserve the non renewable resources that we still have left and to also help the environment by recycling and watching the energy use at home and in the car.

One person can only do so much, and we may never see a difference from one person making that change. But if several people started making changes to their life styles, then there is a big possibility that we could start to see a big difference. This is an issue that everyone needs to know about and take seriously. If we do nothing, what will happen to mankind as we know it? What will we allow are children’s futures to be like if we do not take action now?


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