Report on Mary Kay Inc as an Example of Female Entrepreneurship Essay

Mary Kay Ash is the laminitis of Mary Kay Inc, and she is the outstanding adult females in concern universe. She stepped out in a universe which is dominate by work forces and dedicated to use more chances to adult females. Today, her vision and her firm sprit continue to convey more and more adult females to accomplish successful life in their ain term. Besides, her achievements in people direction left the unerasable grade in the concern universe.

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Report on Mary Kay Inc as an Example of Female Entrepreneurship Essay
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Mary Kay Inc

Mary Kat Inc was found in 1963 and it became a multiple international company in the close hereafter. It has 3600 employees and more than 100,000 independent beauty advisers across the universe. Mary Kay Inc has expanded in a astonishing velocity and the their market is over 35 states among 5 continents.

Entrepreneurial Procedure

The procedure of found the new concern is non hard for Mary Kay Ash since she have 25 old ages work experiences in related industry. There are two epoch in Mary Kay Inc. The first epoch was a instance survey of entrepreneurship and ended in 1984. The new epoch is began from 1985 and the company dedicated to develop the organisation as an multiple international company in a changed concern universe.


Mary Kay Ash

The laminitis of Mary Kay Inc, Mary Kay Ash is an outstanding adult female in the concern in the 20 century. There are many successful enterprisers over the universe but none every bit alone as Mary Kay Ash. She is a astonishing talker, incentive. Her accomplishments left a singular grade on American concern industry and opened the door for adult females around the universe to accomplish their possible and a successful life. She is referenced to as one of the 25 Most Influential Business Leaderships during the Last 25 Old ages in 2004 ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).The United States were lowered to half mast for her when she died in 2001.

Mary Kay Ash wined legion awards and awards during her life. Texas Women ‘s Chamber of Commerce named her as Texas Woman of the Century in 1999. ‘In 2002 Dallas Business Hall of Fame Laureate in acknowledgment of her life-time accomplishments every bit good as showing animating concern and community leading ‘. In 2003 Baylor University named Mary Kay Ash as Greatest Female Entrepreneur in American History ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

Harmonizing to American National Business Hall of Fame ( ANBHF ) ( 2004, p. 1 ), Mary Kay Ash was working for several direct gross revenues companies about 25 old ages. At the age of 48, she decided to retire from her work after her subordinate was promoted above her and that adult male was paid twice salary than her due to the gender issue. She felt her accomplishment had ne’er been rewarded merely because she was a adult female. To response this state of affairs, Mary Kay Ash launched Beauty by Mary Kay with her 20-year-old boy, Richard in 1963. It was a first company dedicated to open chance to adult females and give them a more beautiful life ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

Mary Kay Ash had an astonishing ability to calculate market chances and to pull off the company efficaciously ( Conger, cited in Hickman 1998, paras 9-12 ). She applies herself to open the door for the adult females and led more and more adult females win in their ain footings. Besides she is a good communicator non merely because she recruits plentifulness of beauty advisers, but besides she was able to personally meaningful to employees, learn them the accomplishments of client service and sell merchandises. ( American National Business Hall of Fame 2004, p. 2 ).

Besides, Mary Kay wrote three books in her trim clip. The first was her autobiography, Mary Kay, The 2nd 1 is Mary Kay on People Management, and it was based on her experiences in concern doctrine. Another one You Can Have it All which was the best-selling book after the first twenty-four hours it was introduced. What is deserving reference is that Mary Kay on People Management has been included in concern classs at Harvard Universityi??Allen n.d., paras 41-45i?‰.

Company information

Mary Kay Inc is the 1 of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States. The universe central office is located in the Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. It specializes in the production of tegument attention and related merchandises which including tegument pick, cosmetics, dietetic addendums, and other personal attention points. The bulk of their merchandises are developed, tested, produced and packaged by their fabrication squad in Dallas and China. All of the merchandises are sold by the professional adult females direct sale force. As of 2009, the company sold its merchandises in 35 states around the universe ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

Mary Kay Inc began with the large dream of Mary Kay, opening doors for adult females, in 1963. At that clip, Mary Kay Inc. was in a little office with nine beauty advisers. After 47 old ages, Mary Kay has its ain professional merchandise development section, merchandise trial section, and a immense figure of beauty advisers across the universe.

Beauty by Mary Kay is a direct merchandising company and it follows the basic direct selling model- party program theoretical account. The company produces related merchandises and sells it to their sales representative who are called ‘beauty advisers ‘ in Mary Kay, Inc. To be an independent contractor-beauty adviser in Mary Kay Inc, adult females should hold an understanding with the company and wage for the merchandise stock list with hard currency. Mary Kay does non let their beauty advisers to buy merchandises by recognition since sometimes recognition might convey finance force per unit area to beauty advisers themselves. All of the beauty advisers can acquire merchandises for half the monetary value. The new beauty advisers should be familiar with the merchandises and be able to treat it to clients ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ). Every twelvemonth the company honor their top public presentation beauty adviser.

Mary Kay Ash built the company civilization based on her 25 old ages work experience. Peoples who work in Mary Kay Inc should take pride in the company, be willing to take hazards, seek betterment continuously, follow the Golden Rule – religion foremost, household 2nd and career tierce. Besides, Mary Kay rewards them on a regular basis and even in public. In her civilization, listening to persons is really of import. Hearing what the employees seeking to state, constructively knocking employees and promoting them at the same clip aids make them experience of import within the organisation ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

Entrepreneurial procedure

In the sixtiess in the US, most adult females faced gender favoritism when they seeked publicity chance in the workplace. Womans suffered unfairnesss merely because they were adult females. This job was rather common back in that point in clip. Womans have fewer work chance and some of them have to remain at place and expression after kids. After Mary Kay retired from her occupation, she decided to make something that could assist other adult females in going successful. With this dream, she launched Beauty by Mary Kay in 1963 ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ). It is the first beauty line that was dedicated in doing life wonderful for adult females. It was a good calling chance for adult females back so when adult females faced fewer picks.

In the interim, an American cosmetologist introduced her home-brand tegument attention merchandises to Mary Kay. This tegument attention merchandise was developed by her male parent – a hide sixpence. Many of relations and their friends use these merchandises for several old ages and the feedback is rather positive. Mary Kay said that ‘from my ain usage and the consequences I had personally received, I knew that these skin-care merchandises were enormous, and with some alterations and high-quality packaging I was certain they would be large marketer! ‘ Therefore, after the cosmetologist died, Mary Kay bought the formulas of the tegument merchandises from her household ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

With her life nest eggs of $ 5,000, her great dream, and the original expression of skin pick, she rent a little shopfront in Dallas and set up a fabrication works. ( Jrank n.d., paras 31-34 ). The first employees of the company were one chemist, her 2nd hubby and they recruited gross revenues adult females as independent agents who can pay for their merchandises in progress ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

Mary Kay was dedicated in doing adult females ‘s lives more beautiful. She crates a rule as Golden regulation -praising people to success- and faith first, household 2nd and career tierce. Mary Kay Ash normally said that it was a company with bosom. The aim of the company is non merely selling merchandises, but besides learning how to construct a better self-image to female clients. As Mary Kay Ash said ‘I envisioned a company in which any adult female could go merely every bit successful as she wanted to be. The doors would be broad unfastened to chance for adult females who were willing to pay the monetary value and had the bravery to woolgather ‘ ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

Because of an enriched experience in related industry, she avoided the test and mistake period which many new concern leaders might confront. In 1964, the gross revenues of first twelvemonth were $ 198,514 and the figure of advisers about reached 318 at the terminal of the twelvemonth. In 1967, Mary Kay offered stock to the populace.In 1969 the company built a 275,000 square pess fabricating works in Dallas and built another four regional distribution centres in 1970. The rapid enlargement of company was directed by Mary Kay and her boy, Richard Rogers, who is in charge of the direction maps of May Kay Inc. Rogers bit by bit built an effectual direction squad by 1985. During the same twelvemonth, Mary Kay leveraged a buy-out and reorganized her company back into a private ownership by her household. After that, Mary Kay continued the international market enlargement during the center of 1990s to the late ninetiess ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

A successful company should place the current market chance, construct, needed resources. It besides needs the effectual methods of pull offing people. All of the beauty advisers in Mary KAY have unthinkable enthusiasm when they serve the clients because of the personal manner of Mary Kay Ash. This enthusiasm becomes an outstanding feature of Mary Kay Inc. Every twelvemonth the company honor their top public presentation employers with pink Cadillac, jewellery and epicurean holiday. Presently, the plan of self-esteem encouragements and generous inducements become a topic in concern universe and a big figure of companies study the direction method of Mary Kay. ( Mary Kay Inc 2010 ).

After many old ages of attempts and uninterrupted betterment their sweeping gross revenues reached one million in the United States market and opened their first subdivision in Australia in 1991. In 1994, May Kay Inc was honored as ‘Most Admired Corporation in America. ‘ by Fortune magazine. In 2008, Mary Kay Inc reached gross revenues gross about 2.6 million dollars in wholesales and has double-digit growing from the 1963i??Mary Kay Inc 2010i?‰.

Major company issues with recommendation

As the company expanded continuously, many knotty issues are facing the company. Pyramiding and more merchandise murderers are the typical issues of Mary Kay Inc.

American National Business Hall of Fame ( ANBHF 2004, p5 ) mentioned that the concern of Mary Kay Company about the intuition that its construction of the gross revenues section squeezes the grass-root employees ‘ pay by either obliging the recruit to manus out the committee fee to recruiter, or coercing hem to buy merchandise from recruiter at an unreasonably high monetary value. This organisation theoretical account was perceived as pyramiding which requires senior salesmen to widen their subdivisions and enroll more people in order to have committee. It is manifest that his action is illegal, therefore Mary Kay takes out its legitimate paperss to proof its justification. Mary Kay Company explains that the echt gross revenues bonus allotment system is every sales representative will roll up the same 50 % price reduction on the cost of cosmetics which is paid from headquarter squarely. Besides they acclaim that their recruits ‘ fillip does non arise from junior workers which is in an attempt to get away the denomination of pyramiding and stress their organisation is direct merchandising construction.

At the beginning of founded the company, Mary Kay Ash stated that the company is different from the other companies that used illegal pyramiding. There are some people that argue that Mary Kay is a pyramiding company since they misunderstand the definition of pyramid and the construct of Mary Kay. To decide the misinterpretation, the company should take some positive action such as introduce the company civilization and construct to the populace and fix all of the necessary jurisprudence stuffs before they process any operation.

Mary Kay Inc Sues murderer and several threatens advisers last twelvemonth due to the murderer and advisers do non follow the policy of understanding and it might interrupt the image of Mary Kay Inc. Consultants purchases merchandises blind and deficiency of gross revenues skill consequence in big figure of stock list. Some of beauty adviser sale expired merchandises to their clients. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the deficiency employee direction of the company ( Coenen 2009, paras 9-56 ). Any one can be the beauty adviser if they have outlooks to win in Mary Kay. However, some of them do non hold any background in the related industry and direct-selling accomplishments. They merely have developing categories from some other beauty advisers and the quality of developing category is unknown. In footings of this job, the company should hold rigorous system of the beauty adviser recruited and limit the measure of wholesales to their murderer.


Mary Kay Inc is a mature and stable company in the concern environment presents. Old times ended in 1984 and new missions are still in advancement.The new challenge is analyzing the attempts of an established company that retains excellence public presentation in a complex concern environment. There is no uncertainty that Mary Kay Ash writes a successful enterpriser narrative. She built an international company, open the door for adult females and led the people have a new apprehension of direction. The passion and spirit of Mary Kay Ash drives all Mary Kay people to success and her theoretical account of direction has become a success among the concern universe.


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