Report on Sri Lanka Business Leaders and their Leadership Essay

Below assignment is based on two extremely recognized concern leaders in Sri Lanka at the minute. Their parts to the Sri Lankan economic system play a major function in its current province.

Mr. Susantha Chaminda Ratnayake who is the youngest of all time president in Sri Lanka to head the largest pudding stone which is the John Keells Holdings ( JKH ). He was recruited to JKH as a trainee executive in 1978 which was the initial stepping rock of the now president. He has served and soon functioning as manager and non-independence president of assorted other concerns within and out of the John Keells group every bit good. He ‘s had more than 28 old ages of direction experience in the JKH Group itself before acquiring elected as the Chairman in January 2006.

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Report on Sri Lanka Business Leaders and their Leadership Essay
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Mr. Victor Hettigoda an enterpriser started his concern from the early old ages of 1950s ‘, traveling door to door seeking to sell the “ balm ” which his male parent has given a secret formula to do. Now Mr. Hettigoda, besides called the ‘Balm King of Asia ‘ is a successful concern adult male who has spread his wings to foreign states every bit good. His fabrication installation produces more than 100 different merchandises now, including balm, medicative oils, preventative and healing Ayurvedic drugs, soaps and herbal vino. Merchandises are sold the universe over. His mill employs about 1,500 people straight and 6,000 more are working for him on contracts. Hettigoda Group now includes an Ayurvedic infirmary with 50 beds, a sea beach resort hotel with 50 suites and a fertiliser commixture works.

What is leading?

Leadership can be defined as a complex phenomenon affecting the leader, followings and the state of affairs. Leadership is going a both scientific discipline and an art because the accomplishments and competences in analysing and reacting to state of affairss varies greatly across leaders. Leadership is a combination of logical predictability, inspirations and passion.

Leadership, Follower and Situation

The relation between the above three can be explained as ; a leader may necessitate to react to assorted followings otherwise in the same state of affairs. Therefore as we can see, the achievement of the undertaking will strictly depend on how strong the relationship between the leader, follower and the state of affairs is.

Mr. Ratnayake has been working for JKH from the beginning of his calling as mentioned above. Therefore he has a thorough cognition on how his equals, his subsidiaries and his followings will respond to state of affairss. Therefore Mr. Ratnayake has been good equipped with the knowhow to pull off the people and to trip them at the right points to carry through undertakings at assorted state of affairss which he comes across.

On the other manus Mr. Hettigoda has started his concern by traveling from door to door on his ain. He has antecedently worked in a book store as a selling individual and therefore he ‘s had some experience in how to market his merchandise. But as selling ‘balm ‘ is a different state of affairs wholly he did non win at one time. Therefore he has adapted to the peculiar state of affairs. Besides at the beginning he did non hold any followings. But at present there are plentifulness of people around Sri Lanka and the universe who has adopted his manner of difficult work and accomplishing coveted ends.

Leadership Effectiveness

Effective leaders are persons who are good at constructing squads and acquiring consequences. Most people in leading places get paid to acquire consequences, and they get consequences by constructing squads.

Mr. Ratnayake has described taking over South Asia Gateway Terminal ( SAGT ) undertaking which has been one of the largest undertakings for JKH for him. Mr. Ratnayake has merely taken over the transportation, cargo forwarding and foreign employment subdivision of JKH and hence taking over the terminus has been a leading achievement. He has negotiated with the Sri Lankan authorities and has taken it over with a negative background for a terminus. Therefore he has been with SAGT throughout its life and has seen it taken off the land and executing successfully.

Mr. Hettigoda has tried many ways to sell his balm but at the terminal he found the most effectual manner. He has succeeded on his ain at this attempt. Now he has evolved his concern to ayurvedic watering place, infirmaries and besides has conquered Asia with his balm and today, it is sold in approximately 19 states. Germany, France, England, Dubai, Switzerland and India are some of them. Therefore we can see that due to the effectivity of his leading he has been successful plenty to be a concern leader through an ancient ayurvedic balm.

Power, Influence, Values and Culture

Power can be defined as the capacity to bring forth effects on others or the possible to act upon others. Influence can be defined as the alteration in a mark agent ‘s attitudes, values beliefs or behaviour as the consequence of influence tactics. Valuess are concepts stand foring generalised behaviors or provinces of personal businesss that are considered by the person to be of import. Culture refers to those learned behaviors qualifying the entire manner of life of members within any given society.

Mr. Ratnayake has had the power to negociate with the governments to manus over SAGT to JKH group. He besides has the power to make whatever he sets his head and accomplishing it. We can see that he possesses powers such as adept power by his cognition in the JKH group, referent power to handle his staff and clients good and legitimate power to acquire the work done. He besides has used many act uponing tactics such as audience, force per unit area and legalizing tactics to carry oning the concern for his staff every bit good as the foreigners who are straight tie ining with the concern. There are some recognized values within the JKH group every bit good. Such as altering invariably, re-inventing and evolving, invariably raising the saloon, furthering a great topographic point to work are some of the values. He talks about the civilization of the organisation as unfastened where there are no age spreads and non being hierarchal. Besides he has emphasized that there are many chances for showing positions and thoughts.

Mr. Hettigoda has had the power to do the consumer purchase his merchandise for the first clip and to do them maintain purchasing it. Mr. Hettigoda has powers such as adept power as a gross revenues individual ab initio and so direction cognition, reward power handle his clients and staff. He besides possesses influential tactics such as inspirational entreaties, audience and rational attack. He has values such as utilizing no chemicals for his merchandises, to keep a all right balance between traditional and modern. Since ayurvedic is a traditional method therefore the company ‘s civilization is on the new merchandise design and development side to maintain in path with the modern universe.

Leadership Behaviour

Mr. Ratnayake has behaved by demoing regard for his senior members in the direction squad. He has been greatly grateful for them for puting a way for him to take on. Besides he ‘s had a great concern for his staff every bit good. Therefore a great leader must hold good qualities as mentioned above to successfully take an organisation.

Mr. Hettigoda has besides had some good qualities of leading behavior. He now has a huge figure of staff as well who he really good looks after. One of his aims in the company is to go on to supply all its employees with the resources necessary to guarantee the success of the company.

Leadership and Change

Although Mr. Ratnayake has been on the manager board for 13 old ages he has non taken his leading for granted. All along the old ages he has changed his leading manners to intermix with the current state of affairs of the state every bit good as to increase profitableness of the company. Mr. Ratnayake has besides helped the organisation to alter with the aid of his experience.

Mr. Hettigoda has started the concern 75 old ages ago. Therefore both his leading and the organisation have to alter over the period. If non he nor his organisation or his herbal merchandises will last in the Black Marias of the consumer for 75 old ages. But one thing he did non alteration was the secret of success. That is his expression for the balm which his male parent has passed on to him. Therefore he knew what needed to be changed and what non to.

Community Leadership

Mr. Ratnayake has given leading for many community undertakings within the group. There are classs such as instruction, wellness, environment, humanistic disciplines, civilization, and community support development. Therefore all of the above are under the JKH streamer and reflecting the diverseness within the pudding stone. The enterprises in each focal point country are aligned to the Millennium Development Goals ( MDG ) every bit good as the United Nations Global Compact ( UNGC ) of which John Keells Holdings PLC is a participant since 2002. Mr. Ratnayake has besides encouraged the staff at JKH to volunteer to execute some community work every bit good. A foundation has been formed for this great cause within the group. In 2009/10, the foundation accounted for a lower limit of 211 voluntary battles in assorted undertakings implemented or overseen by the Foundation during the twelvemonth. In 2010/11, the Foundation plans to develop a comprehensive program to acknowledge and honor its voluntaries.

Mr. Hettigoda has besides performed assorted community leading exercisings. Such as societal public assistance at spiritual events, environmental consciousness programme, back uping schools in demand, human-centered aid during natural catastrophes, human-centered aid during natural catastrophes. Therefore as mentioned above Mr. Hettigoda takes on the lead of about all the community attempts that has been performed by the company.


Both the leaders are really effectual in their ain ways. Mr. Ratnayake is the president of the largest pudding stone in Sri Lanka which he has successfully managed. Mr. Hettigoda is an enterpriser who has builds his concern from abrasion on his ain. Both are passionate in what they do and if they are non they will non be every bit successful as present. Mr. Ratnayake being the youngest president he has a long manner to travel in his calling sharing his experience with the followings who are at that place to take over the concern in the hereafter.

Mr. Hettigoda has now handed over his concern to his followings who are in the procedure of taking the organisation to better highs. Therefore now he is concentrating more on the community leading subdivision as mentioned above. Effective leaders differ from uneffective 1s through personal traits, cognitive abilities, accomplishments and values. Therefore we can see that both the leaders were and presently are effectual in their leading functions, since we see the consequences before our eyes.


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