Report On The Company Decision Making Commerce Essay

I am assigned on an internship plan with OSIM, which is a Singapore-based company with operations in China. Now, I am composing a study on the company determination devising. The chief contents to measure the factors act uponing how the determinations are made in this undertaking squad. And who will eventually do the determinations of the company.

The OSIM Company wants to travel their product-Massage Chairs to China. Because the company want to salvage the cost less expend than Singapore. Besides, China is a developing states it have more chances for sells and improved engineering of the Message Chairs. In add-on, China has the biggest consumers groups in the universe.

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Report On The Company Decision Making Commerce Essay
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Background of company

In 1980, Ron Sim was established OSIM International Ltd in Singapore. OSIM is a combination of the family name of its laminitis, Sim, and “ O ” that stands for the Earth. Singapore is the originally topographic point where it established. The company is regarded as an electrical and family contraption, which is under the name of R Sim Trading.

In 1989, the company registered the name Health Check and Care, and saw a displacement in focal point to healthy lifestyle merchandises.

In 1993, the company launched its distribution web expanded to 60 point-of-sale mercantile establishments in Asia. Besides the company officially launched the OSIM trade name.

In 2002, OSIM opened its planetary concern central office. The Economic Development Board awarded the Business Headquarters Status ( BHQ ) to OSIM.

In October 2005, OSIM did a strategic determination. OSIM made a determination to acquisition of US Nationwide forte retail merchant Brook rock.

Today, OSIM is a planetary leader in branded healthy lifestyle merchandises such as shoulder and cervix massagers ; rub down chair ; slim belt and pes massagers. OSIM is focus on the consumers ‘ wellness. “ Inspiring Life ” is the slogan of the OSIM Company.

A multi-awarded man of affairs, Mr Sim is non merely an inspiration to the OSIM squad but to other enterprisers as good. Mr Sim led the OSIM group in puting and gaining its vision, ends and way. Besides his corporate function, Mr Sim participates actively in public services, presently as an Advisory Board member of SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business SMU and NTU Entrepreneurship and Innovation commission.

Definition of relevant determination devising

Here are some factors that will act upon determination devising: Percept, Individual Decision Making, Group Decision Making, and Bias.


Percept is that people translate centripetal feelings to coherent and unvarying thought of the universe around them. Percept is our centripetal expensive of the universe around us. It involves the acknowledgment of environment stimulations and actions in response to the stimuli.People happen out all inputs and end products information to understand and depict the procedure of perceptual experiences. We find out information such as gustatory sensation, odor, touch, hearing, sight so analyze and kind out the information and do a determination. This is a perceptual experience at work.

Decision Making

It including two points: Individual determination devising, and Group determination devising.

Individual determination devising

It is a choice of a individual when he or she is a direction. She/he must make a determination and with himself. Every determination doing procedure produces a concluding pick. The director must taking the suited determination between two or options pick. This is a traditional determination devising attack and can work efficaciously for a director when the group ‘s input is non required or in certain instances.

Group determination devising

A group of one company, they should discourse and believe of approximately one or two or more pick before they make a determination for the company. This method is more utile and will cut down the error. For the company, usage group determination devising besides can cut down the doomed. Group determination devising is that all the members in this group eventually choose the same pick.


Bias is an disposition to another points or individual. Every individual will biased when they make a determination or they have to take merely one thing between many things. It is an informal manner during the competitory. Because the deficiency of a impersonal point of position, so the prejudice will look. There are many signifiers of prejudice in the life, and ever considered as pronoun with bias or dogmatism.

Factors act uponing determination devising

There is several factors influence determination devising. These including intuition, age, past experiences, personal cognitive prejudices, single differences, personal relevancy belief, and people committedness and so on. It is of import to understand the factors that influence determination devising procedure. That will assist to understand what the determinations are made. So, the factors that influence the procedure may impact the results.

Individual determination doing chiefly includes three theoretical accounts: Rational determination devising theoretical accounts, Bounded world theoretical accounts and Intuition theoretical accounts.

Rational Decision Making Models

Rational Decision Making is the “ perfect universe ” theoretical account. It is a method for consistently choosing among possible pick that is based on ground and facts. An organisation director ever adopts a series analytical measure to reexamine relevant facts, observations and possible results before taking a peculiar class of action in a rational determination doing procedure. They assume complete information, listen to all sentiments and take the maximal final payment eventually.

It includes six-step determination doing procedure:

Specifying the job ;

Develop Alternatives ;

Measure the Options ;

Make the Decision ;

Implement the Solution ;

Monitor your Solution.

These six stairss are indispensable decision-making techniques. It will assist director to take the suited determination when demand to do an of import determination.

Bounded World Models

Bounded Reality Models is the “ existent theoretical account ” theoretical account. This theoretical account is seeks satisfactory and sufficient solutions from limited informations and options.

This theoretical account is an existent theoretical account, non many stairss need to believe about.

Intuition Models

Besides, intuitions will besides act uponing the single determination devisings. It is a non-conscious procedure created from distilled experience that consequences in speedy determinations.

The age, personal experiences, temper and any other grounds will act upon the intuition. Thereby, the intuition influence single determination devising.

Group determination devising besides is the of import point while a company want to do a determination for the merchandises or services. Besides have some factors act uponing it.

There are five phases of group development:


Members feel much unsteadily.


Tonss of struggle between members of the group

Norming Phase

Members have developed close relationships and coherence.

Performing Phase

The group is eventually functional.

Adjourning Phase

In impermanent groups, with wrapping up activities instead than public presentation characterized by concern.

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within members in the group. Their desire for harmoniousness in a decision-making group overrides a realistic assessment of options. Group members try to minimise struggle. Besides try to make a consensus determination without critical rating of alternate thoughts or point of views. Antecedent factors such as group coherence, structural mistakes, and situational context drama into the likeliness of whether or non groupthink will impact the decision-making procedure.

In a word a groupthink is of import during a group make a determination. The group think will make up one’s mind determination is benefit or non. All the group members must follow the group think and so the determination will good to the company.

Measure the suited determination devising for the company

Through the above information, there are many factors will act upon the determination devisings. So if the company wants to do determination to travel the merchandise to another state. It is a large job for the director.

The director should make up one’s mind how to do the determination, which is make determination by him or do a determination by the leaders in the group of the company.

Here are some strength between single determination devising and group determination devising:

Individual determination devising strength

A individual can take an action immediate and work out the job or a state of affairs faster.

A individual can cognize the determination from the beginning to the terminal and he should entirely responsible for the determination whether it is good or non.

Can take full answerability for the result of the determination and its effects.

A individual can take no statements with other individuals ‘ sentiments.

Group determination devising strength

Generate more complete information and cognition

Offer increases diverseness of positions and greater creativeness

Increased credence of determinations

By and large more accurate ( nut non every bit accurate as the most accurate group member )

The OSIM Company wants to travel its product-Massage Chair to China. It is a good pick for the company. And if this undertaking can accomplish the successful there are many net incomes for the company. But who can do the determination it is a large job.

Mr Sim he is an surpassing individual and loves his occupation really good. Mr Sim is a individual with many ain thoughts so he can won many awards. Mr Sim is a cagey director with many ambitious ends so he thinks the biggest benefits for the company it that have the group to do some large determinations.

OSIM Company is a large wellness instrument company and many shops in many states. So there are many things need to do a determination. His ain ability is limited. If there have a group for the company to do some determination that will hold more benefits and he will non really tired during the work.

Now, the company wants to travel the Massage Chair to China. It must convey benefits for the company.

If the company uses the group determination devising, it will cut down the determination clip. And many things need to discourse before the chair move to China. They need to believe about which metropolis is suited for the first shops or gross revenues in which shopping promenade, when is the suited clip to come in into China, who is the chief consumer group, and how to make the after gross revenues services and so on. This determination devising will hold more thoughts and advices for the undertaking. And can cut down the mistakes. In add-on, there are many research demand to make before the undertaking passed. If merely one director do the determination he should make all the research by himself. Otherwise, there are many people in the group and they can delegate their undertakings and do a sum-up at the terminal of the research and eventually make a suited determination for the undertaking.

Actually, the group determination devising is the suited determination devising signifiers for the OSIM Massage Chair undertaking.

Discuss other factors may act upon the determination


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