Report On The Management Theory And Motivation Essay

The procedure of motive is defined as that it is novices and giving counsel to maintained coveted end oriented behavior. Motivation is an act causes to make our demands and desires. In all the most of import factors that lead 1s ends is that thrust, the thrust is called as motive. It is non a individual factor ; it is a combination of factors that helpful to peoples to carry through their ends.

Motivation starts through well-built direction and leading counsel. It is an indispensable religion in footings of worth of the human being. The organisation direction must hold an apprehensible position of the visual image of the concern. The accepting cardinal factors of the concern that show a important impact of the concern of the organisation and helpful to actuate the persons to accomplish their coveted aims in the organisations.

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Report On The Management Theory And Motivation Essay
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In order to accomplish the ends motive plays a important function. In fact motive is one of the best drive factors in organisations ; the staff motive played a cardinal function in organisational accomplishments. In every organisation, effectual leading can merely actuate the employees towards accomplishing the organisational ends. Motivation creates a positive environment to the employees at the work topographic point and do felt them comfortable in their occupation and promote them to make the occupation every bit best as they were do.

Motivation is merely the ground for action and it gives purpose and way to the behaviours.

( By Matthew Russell, 2005 )

Motivation in organisations:

It is non a affair the size of the company, for every organisation hard working employees are important to the success of any concern. When people are acquiring motivated by the direction of the organisation, people work hard and give good consequences to the company. If people loss their motive, nevertheless its show impact on the public presentation of the occupation and every bit good net income of the organisation. For every organisation employees are large plus to the company. If merely employee get motivated in the organisations by fulfilling all his demands so merely he can make his occupation efficaciously.

When people felt comfy at the work topographic point, so merely they do their occupations good. Every employee must be satisfied with his occupation in the current organisation.

Every organisation wants to be success, but for success the company needs skilled employees in their organisation. When an enter in to the organisation with full of hopes and desires, if organisation failed to supply such installations and non acknowledging separately the employee does non comfy with work topographic point and he is non perform good his occupation in the organisation. Due to this ground the organisations conduct different motivational plans to actuate the people separately and giving way and take the duty to go to all the employees.

Motivation in organisational position:

Every organisation must understand that people are with in the organisation and they are their valuable plus than any other. Organizations have begun to acknowledge that employees are the cardinal participants in any concern. The success or failure of any concern depends on the employee ‘s engagement of the organisations. So organizations concentrated to fulfill the employees who they working in their organisation.

Harmonizing to the Robert.H. Chapman, who is CEO and president of Barry -Wehmiller Group, the effectual employee motive is depend on the leading of the organisation. At every degree of organisational employee motive is depends on the leading of the organisation. Leadership must be animating people at every degree in the organisation and direct them towards vision. Harmonizing to him motive is cardinal to authorise for every organisation. Smart companies find that employees are the lone true beginning of competitory advantage in today ‘s dynamic concern environment. If companies finds that employees are the most valuable assts for the concern, so they must be acknowledge that employee motive is the most critical factor for success of the concern.

So the consciousness of different organisations has turned to develop employee motive and effectual leading in their organisations.

The organisational success is measured by accomplishments and mileposts every bit good as touching people lives. Employee satisfaction is of import for every organisation, and where an employee motivated by single acknowledgment so he satisfied with his organisation every bit good his occupation.

( Robert.H. Chapman, CEO & A ; Chairman of Barry-Wehmiller Group )

Motivation is cardinal component in organisation:

In every successful organisation employee motive is cardinal factor among all factors. Why organisations considered that employee motive played a cardinal function in organisational success. If an employee get motivated and satisfied with all his desires at the work topographic point so merely he able to execute good his occupation in the organisation. Motivation is good to both employee and organisational direction.

Organizations recognize that flexibleness in occupation designing and supplying good compensation and excess benefits for his good public presentation has resulted in increasing the productiveness of the organisation. So many of the organisations turned to increase the employee motive in their organisations. They find the benefits of the employee motive.

Direct towards organisational ends: The motive helps to direct the employee towards accomplishing the organisational ends.

Always looks better ways to execute good: If an employee gets motivated in the organisation, he ever looks better ways to execute good his occupation and wants to acquire recognized by the direction.

Increase productiveness: employee motive is helps to increase the productiveness of the organisation.

Increase creativeness and invention: All the employees are non come frontward to show their positions and thoughts due to fear and deficiency of acknowledgment, by this motivational plans is helpful addition the creativeness and invention of the employees.

Enlarge employee duty towards his occupation: The employee motive in the organisation is helpful to increase the duty towards his occupation.

The undermentioned above are the benefit of employee motive tells that motive played a cardinal function in the organisational success. So organisations considered that employee motive is a cardinal component in organisational success.

Introduction to Maslow theory of motive:

Harmonizing to Abraham Maslow theory of motive human existences are motivated by their unsated demands. Harmonizing to him people do things for certain things. He found that with his theory of motive, different signifiers and phases of motivations which they will actuate the people at different phases of their lives. Harmonizing to Maslow when peoples lower degree demands are satisfied the higher degree demands would be activated. The theory of motive nowadayss a relationship between these human demands.

Maslow described in his theory of motive the general demands of human being.

Psychological demands

Safety demands

Belonging/social demands

Esteem demands

Self realization demands

Harmonizing to Maslow theory of Motivation with the following general demands human existences are acquiring motivated. The Maslow hierarchy motive as shown in fig 1.

fig 1, Maslow hierarchy motive

Psychological demands: harmonizing to Maslow psychological demands are the cardinal demands of every human being these are the compulsory demands for every person. Those are





Harmonizing to his theory the above primary demands are non satisfied so one certainly will non actuate them.

Safety demands: after fulfilling the cardinal needs the people turns their attending to safety and security side in order to avoid the menaces of physical and emotional injury. The needed safety demands might be fulfilled. Those are

Safety populating country

Health insurance

Job security

Financial modesty

Harmonizing to his theory if a single felt threatened, he did non went farther until that demand has been satisfied.

Social needs/belonging demands: these are first degree of higher degree demands. If an person has met lower level/fundamental demands, the higher degree demands are awaken. Social demands are related to interaction with other persons. That include


Belonging to a group

Giving and having love

Harmonizing to Maslow human existences wants fondness with other persons.

Esteem demands:

After persons felt that they are belonging to some one, the grades of importance emerges.these regard demands are categorized as internal and external incentives.

The followers are the illustrations of esteem demands.



Social position



Maslow developed his theoretical account by adding a bed between self realization and esteem demands. They are need for aesthetics and cognition.

Self realization: This is the hunt of making after 1s satisfied chance as individual.

Self realization people be apt to hold incentives which include





Harmonizing to Maslow merely a few peoples can make the degree of self realization.

These are the different type of demands for human existences. Harmonizing to Maslow, when their demands satisfied at different degrees so merely people get motivated.

( Maslow, 1943, Theory of Motivation )

Criticism of Maslow theory:

Harmonizing to James Caan the staff motive is non expensive all the clip. A concern guru has claimed that many of the organisations are utilizing low cost methods to actuate the employees of the organisation harmonizing to James Caan employee motive can be bolstered by merely offer a free flexible clip to the employees and give chance to them to work from place. He besides suggests that by giving twenty-four hours offs for good public presentation and wages for direction successful squad is good morale to the employees.

Mr. Caan said that people want non merely wages but besides acknowledgment in the current on the job organisation. The Hendrick Health System endowment manager told to those wages and acknowledgment strategies are good manner to actuate the employees in the organisation.

When comparison to the above James Cann theory with Maslow Motivational theory, as Maslow ne’er mentioned the cost of the single demands, its depend on their environment and manner of life. Harmonizing to James Caan is merely supplying for and flexible clip can gets employee motivated, it is in the mode of Maslow theory the free and flexible clip is coming under ego realization demands. Employees want wisdom at work topographic point. As James suggested that acknowledgment and wages are the good motivational techniques to actuate the employee at the work topographic point, this is in footings of Maslow theory the acknowledgment and wagess are the esteem demands of the person.

After analysing both the theories James Cann did non mentioned some motivational facets as Maslow described from basic motivations.

( James Caan & A ; Maslow motivational theories )

Introduction to Henry Ford:

Henry Ford who was universe known celebrated car maker was born on 30 July 1863 in close Dearborn, Michigan. Since he was at the age of 16 he enjoyed puttering with machines. Subsequently he worked for portion clip employee in Westinghouse Engine Company. He started the work for larning chances at the Michigan Car Company.

In the twelvemonth Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company, proclaiming that “ I will construct a auto with great battalion ” instead than a impressiveness point for the comfortable. He would accomplish his marks by cut downing the monetary value and increasing the production in big measures.

Henry Ford was the lone individual to convey the revolution in worlds car nomadic industries.

( By Marry Bellies )

Mass production:

Mass production is making many merchandises in a short period of clip by utilizing clip cut downing methods and techniques. It needs a maker to bring forthing mare work per hr and to convey down cost of the labour at the terminal of the merchandise. This will assist to sold the merchandise at lower cost.

Earlier the extended blessings of mass production methods that anA single called craftsmen wasA construct a merchandise from Begin to complete. This means that he has to cognize all facets of the assembly of the merchandise, every bit good as the design of the single parts. Cabinetry craftsmen, for illustration, will hold to be capable to cut and end the single pieces, patch them jointly, attach the hardware and design suchlike attractive effects such asA marquetryA or inlaid work the finished piece might necessitate.

Mass production started during the period of Industrial Revolution, but it took a long clip to travel frontward with the betterment of theA assembly line, a conveyer that moved the merchandise from one workingman to another, with each person adding their forte portion to the turning whole.

Fig 2, the procedure of mass production

The above fig 2, diagram represents the procedure of mass production in the organisations.

Benefits of mass production:

Mass production is helpful to flux of economic system in several beginnings. The big figure of production is helps to diminish the cost of the merchandise every bit good labour cost. The followers are some of the benefits of mass production.

Decrease client cost and merchandise cost

Higher merchandise out put

Scale benefits

These are two major benefits with mass production in the organisations.

Disadvantages of mass production:

The followers are the disadvantages of big scale production.

Over worked direction

Individual gustatory sensations ignored

Personal component

Possibility of depression

Lack of adaptability

So the organisations found that big scale production is really hard to swich on from one concern to another.

Mass production in relevancy of today ‘s concern:

The construct of mass production developed by Henry Ford, at the get downing the car Mobiles are built by craftsmen, who they are assembled the finished vehicle parts themselves. To do any necessasary accommodations to these finished parts as they went down. While bring forthing big Numberss of production many betterments are made that optimized with skilled labour merely.

Now the engineering has been changed as good production techniques and methods were changed. The current production system in the organisation is wholly changed when comparison to the past old ages. Earlier production cost is excessively low, so organisations produced big measure of merchandises and sold them at sensible monetary value. Now the production cost is excessively high because no craftsmen are at that place to bring forth big figure of production, everything made from engineering. So its hard to bring forth big figure of production while utilizing engineering is organisations produce more figure of merchandises, they have to be sold at higher rates. Peoples were non able to bye at high monetary value ; it ‘s caused for loss to the maker.

( Henry Ford instance )

Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) :

Information Technology has changed in many ways harmonizing to our manner of lives and the manner we do the concern operations. For the past 10 old ages the IT made as a utmost alteration in our lives. When compared to the past old ages the computing machine was used for merely as a type author. During this computational concern environment every one should hold listen the word Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) . ERP is one of the most widely used concern soft ware systems in different type of industries and organisations. It is the short signifier of Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is non merely a soft ware it refers to ERP soft ware every bit good concern schemes used for implement in ERP systems.

The function of ERP in an Enterprise:

Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) is modern high terminal package for organisations. The information system engineering has leaded the concern globally. The ERP package solution seeks to incorporate the procedures and organisational operations and information flow in the organisation. To interact with the resources of the endeavors called work forces, stuff, money and machine. Simply the ERP package systems interact with all the information of the organisations into a combined system.

At the primary degree the ERP package implemented in the fabrication environment merely. Now the system typically cover all the maps of the concern like fabrication, client relationship direction ( CRM ) , supply concatenation direction, financials, determination support system, human resource and ware house direction of the organisations.

There are different types of ERP spirits functioning with different types of processs.

( Ashwin Raj, )

Fig 3, organisational engagement of ERP

ERP engagement in every facet of the organisation as shown in fig 3.

Importance of ERP in an organisation:

ERP package systems are developed for organisations that helpful to work in different type of faculties. Information engineering interacts with the figure of factors in one individual unit.

The followers are the most of import tools of ERP which are available in today ‘s concern.


Human resource


The fabrication, human resource and fiscal controlling and managing are the critical tools in concern operations. This ERP system can helpful to do such operations successfully in the organisations.

The usage of ERP in organisations:

The execution of ERP system in the organisations will give many benefits to the endeavor.

The followers are the ERP utilizes in different organisations for different faculties.

Management control

Operational control and

Resource planning

For the above benefits and importance of the ERP describes that ERP package systems plays a major function in the modern concern.

( Premal Vala, undertaking Leader, Semaphore InfoTech pvt ltd ).


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