Reproduction System

all choices are correct
The gonads
The male homologue to the labia major is the
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Reproduction System
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gonadotropin releasing hormone
Puberty is initiated when a region of the brain begins secreting
anterior pituitary gland
The primary target cells for GnRH are located int eh
urogenital triangle and a posterior anal triangle
The perineum consists of an anterior
pubic symphysis
The anterior border to the perineum is the
sex chromosomes
Human somatic cells contain only one pair of
The X and Y chromosomes are considered homologous autosomes
A cell that contains 23 pairs of chromosomes is
A child has the same number of chromosomes as each of his parents. This is because the gametes that combined when that child was conceived each contained __ chromosomes.
four daughter cells that are haploid
When the process of meiosis is complete, the result is
Mitosis involves crossing over and the production of haploid daughter cells
Mitosis produces somatic cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell, whereas meiosis produces sex cells that are genetically different from the parent cell
Which choice best distinguishes between mitosis and meiosis
crossing over, and it occurs in meiosis
The process by which double stranded homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material is known as
sister chromatids
A replicated chromosome consists of two identical structures known as
prior to meiosis
Interphase occurs
When homologous replicated chromosomes pair up during meiosis, they form a
the daughter cells receive only half as many chromosomes as the parent cell had
A reduction division is one in which
anaphase Ii
Sister chromatids are pulled apart in
haploid and contain double stranded chromosomes
The daughter cells that result from meiosis I are
Which cord or sheet of connective tissue attaches to the ovary at the hilum
vesicular follicle
Which type of ovarian follicle contains a secondary oocyte
corpus lutem
What structure forms from the remnants of the follicle following ovulation
prophase I
Throughout childhood, primary oocytes are arrested in
The volume of the antrum is largest in a __ follicle
Ovulation occurs when an oocyte is released from a ruptured __ follicle
primary oocytes within primordial follicles
In a female infant, the ovaries contain
metaphase II
A secondary oocyte arrests in
How many secondary oocytes ultimately develop from each primary oocyte?
follicular, ovulation, luteal
What is the correct order for the phases of the ovarian cycle, beginning with day 1
Ovulation is induced by a peak in the secretion of
follicular cells, and it inhibits FSH production
Inhibin is secreted by
Ovulation typically occurs on day 14 of the ovarian cycle, and the luteal phase occurs on days
The lateral margin of the uterine tube, which bears the fimbriae, is called the
enclose the ovary at the time of ovulation
isthmus of the uterine tube
The normal site of fertilization is the
infundibulum-ampulla-isthmus-uterine part
What is the correct order for the segments of the uterine tube, beginning at the ovary
simple columnar epithelium
Although the lining of the uterine tubes contains cilia and the lining of the uterus does not, the epithelium within both organs is categorized as
usual site of fertilization
Which is not a uterine function
uterine ligament
Which does not provide structural support for the uterus
The portion of the uterine wall that includes the basal layer is the
opening of the cervix into the vagina
The external os is the
smooth muscle
The myometrium of the uterus is composed of
What fibromuscular structure is about 10 cm long and serves as the birth canal
near the vaginal orifice
The hymen is located
a females first menstrual cycle
Menarche is
functional layer of endometrium
Which layer of the uterine wall is sloughed off during menstruation
the luteal phase of the ovarian cycle
The secretory phase of the uterine cycle coincides with
What is the correct order for the phases of the uterine cycle, beginning with day 1
Although the length of the menstrual cycle varies between women, menstruation consistently occurs 14 days after ovulation, and thus __ phase is constant in length
Progesterone levels are highest during the __ phase
labia minora
Which of these structures contains sebaceous glands
Which is not part of vulva
The secretory structures that produce milk in a lactating female are the
The posteriori pituitary hormone that is crucial for milk ejection is
During the excitement phase of the female sexual response, the uterus shifts to a more __ position
regulate the temperature of the testes
The function of the darts and cremaster muscles is to
The ridge that is visible externally along the midline of the scrotum is called the
dartos muscle
Which of the following is a thin layer of smooth muscle just beneath the skin of the scrotum
tunica vaginalis
Which structure is derived from the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity
seminiferous tubules
Sperm are produced in the
secrete testosterone
The interstitial cells in the testes
sustentacular cells
Developing sperm cells are protected by a blood testis barrier formed by
spermatogenesis begins at birth and continues throughout a mans life
Which is not true about spermatogenesis
What part of a spermatozoan contains the nuclear material
c, b, e, a, d
The stages that appear during the spermatogenesis are
enzymes to allow penetration into oocyte
The acrosome cap contains
How many spermatozoa ultimately develop from each primary spermatocyte
interstitial cells to secrete testosterone
In men LH stimulates
more gametes that are smaller in size
When comparing gamete production in males and females males produce
Where are spermatozoa stored until they are fully mature
vestibular gland
What structure is not found in both males and females
receives sperm from the seminiferous tubules
The rete testis
c, a, e, d, b
The structures of the male reproductive tract are
ampulla and the proximal portion of the seminal vesicle
The ejaculatory duct is formed by the
prostate gland
Which of the male accessory glands encircles the urethra
seminal vesicle
Which gland secretes a fluid containing fructose
Which of the following is not a component of seminal fluid
prostate gland
Which of these male reproductive structure is unpaired
bulbourethral glands
These tubuloalveolar glands produce a clear, viscous mucin that serves as a lubricant during sexual intercours
semen is composed fo seminal fluid and sperm
Which statement is accurate
The external urethral orifice is found at the __ of the penis
blood filling the reptile bodies and compressing the veins
An erection of the penis is caused by
parasympathetic, nitric oxide
The __ nervous system facilitates increased blood flow to the penis by facilitating local release of __
peristalsis, and the internal urethral sphincter of the bladder contracts
During orgasm the ductus deferent undergoes
In males the __ region on the Y chromosome initiates male phenotypic development
The expression of the __ gene results in the production of proteins that stimulate synthesis of androgens that initiate development of a male phone type
phenotypic sex
The appliance of the external genitalia determine an individuals
reduced levels of estrogen and progesterone
The changes occur in a woman body at menopause are due to
1 year
When a woman in her fifth decade of life is not pregnant ands stopped having menstrual cycles for __, she is said to be in menopause
thinner, increased
During menopause, the vaginal wall becomes __ and hormonal changes lead to __ risk of heart disease
termination of spermatogenesis
Which is not considered to be a change associated with aging in males
During development, the __ ducts form the female duct system
the caudal ends of the paramesophric ducts
What structures fuse during female development to form the uterus
Paramesonephric ducts degenerate when the hormone __ is present
In females, the genital tubercle forms the
In males, the labioscrotal swellings form the
sustentacular cells
Anti-mullerian hormone is secreted by
The external genitalia do not become clearly differentiated until about week __ of development

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