reproductive system test- study guide

Question Answer
How many sperm are needed to fertilize the egg? 1
Sex celld from a human female contain how many chromosomes?
Where is sperm produced? Testicles
XX chromesomes are what sex baby? female
The egg is released by what organ? ovary
How many chromosomes are there in a fertilized egg?
What parent is responsible for the sex of a child? father
Where does fertilization occur? at the end of the fallopian tubes
Where does the fertilized egg implant and grow? endometrium
The male hormone is? testostrone
What was attached to your belly button when you were still in the womb? Umbilical cord
What is the purpose of a menstrual cycle? to prepare the body for pregnacy.
What is the correct order of devolpment after fertilization?
Why does the womb thicken during during the menstrual cycle? to make a place for the zygote to implant
The union of the sperm and an egg is called? fertilization
Testes are found within the? the scrotum
The egg travels from the ovary to the uterus through the? fallopian tubes
The embryo is cusioned by the? amniotic and chronic sacs
What is the path the sperm take through the male reproduction system?
Where do eggs devolp and mature?
What path does the egg take during ovulation? ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus

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