Request for Proposal - Microsoft Training Project Essay

University of Phoenix 4635 East Elwood Street Phoenix, Arizona 85040 Request for Proposal Microsoft Office® Training Project Revision 1 August 18, 2009 1. Introduction 1. 1 Confidentiality Notice The University of Phoenix is the copyright owner of all information included in this document. You are not permitted to share or redistribute this document to any third parties without the prior written consent of The University of Phoenix. You are permitted to make copies of this document for the purpose of preparing and submitting a proposal in response to this RFP. All other uses are strictly prohibited. 1. 2 Project Overview

The University of Phoenix is looking to train its personnel on the use of Microsoft Office® programs using outside providers. You are hereby invited to submit a proposal for the project described in this RFP. 1. 3 Schedule Event| Date| Release of RFP| August 20, 2009| Proponents give notice of intent to bid| August 24, 2009| End of question period| August 26, 2009| Proposal due date| August 27, 2009| Finalists chosen| August 31, 2009| Finalists present proposal| September 3, 2009| Contract awarded| September 7, 2009| Training Date| September 21, 2009| All dates are subject to the The University of Phoenix’s Corporate Office schedule.

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Request for Proposal – Microsoft Training Project Essay
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So the proposal due on August 27, 2009, will have to be submitted by no later than 5 PM, Arizona time, to be considered a valid submission. The day-of-training schedule will preferably have this same time scheduling (8 AM to 5 PM), but other time ranges will be accepted as well, as long as a valid reason is provided as to why a different time range is more optimal for the training session proposed. 1. 4 Scope The training course should be projected to accomodate a minimum of 20 participants, but can be flexible enough to be expanded to 30 participants. Only one day has been allocated for this training, as indicated in the schedule table.

If your training course involves multiple days, please fully justify as to why this is necessary and beneficial to the University of Phoenix and its participating employees. If this is an all-day course, lunch accomodations should be provided. Exceptions to the lunch requirement will also have to be justified in your proposal. 2. The Training 2. 1 Purpose of the Training The purpose of the training is to increase The University of Phoenix’s employees’ proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office® applications for the smoother daily conduct of its business operations. . 2 Goals and Objectives of the Project The objective of this document is to request proposals from any outside contractor willing to bid to provide training services for The University of Phoenix in the use of Microsoft Office® programs. 4. Submitting a Proposal 4. 1 Proposal Format Your proposal must include, but is not limited to the following sections: Executive Summary A one page summary of the proposal. Vendor Overview A brief description and history of your firm. Methodology Describe your training plan and the reasoning behind it. Budget

Indicate your training fees and fees for possible optional services. Portfolio Provide examples of your previous work, case studies and references where available. 4. 2 Proposal Delivery The proposal will be submitted as an online PDF or Word document or a mailed-in hardcopy document. A sample of training material you plan on including in your proposed course will be provided, as well as a listing of available training venues you are able to reasonably secure, outside of what The University of Phoenix is already able to provide on its own.

A detailed timeline of activities for the projected training date will be required as well. Proposals must be received on or before August 27, 2009 and addressed to: Arcie V. Ramos Sr. 4635 East Elwood Street Phoenix, Arizona 85040 arcie. [email protected] phoenix. edu 4. 3 Communication Please address any questions or requests for information to: FirstName LastName (480) 555-5555 [email protected] phoenix. edu


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