Research into Strategic Management in Fashion Brand ODEL Essay

I conduct this research work to give a clear image of strategic direction and every bit good the taking manner trade name ODEL. The corporate universe is in the procedure of transmutation engineering and globalisation. Strategic direction takes a bird’s-eye position of this altering corporate terrain and efforts to demo how big and little houses can be more effectual and efficient non merely in today ‘s universe, but besides in 2mro every bit good.

And besides this research will give the cognition about the prima manner trade name ODEL. How did it make a manner revolution in Srilanka? How does it take in stylish trade name and understand the latest manner from manner tracks in its parts. Its success lies in implementing

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Research into Strategic Management in Fashion Brand ODEL Essay
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Undertaking 01

What is your understanding strategic direction and discourse its stages? Analyse the contexts of corporate, concern and functional degree scheme.

Initially strategic direction was largely use in big companies to run multiple trades. Rising hazard of mistake, dearly-won mistakes and even economic ruin are doing today ‘s perfect directors in all establishment to take strategic direction serious issue in order to stay their company competitory in a lifting unstable environment. ( Frery 2006 )

Different writers have described strategic direction as followed:

The strategic direction is used to show to “ strategic preparation, execution and rating with strategic be aftering mentioning merely the scheme preparation ” ( Pearce & A ; Robinson 2000 ) the purpose of the strategic direction is to develop and bring forth new and different chances for future.

As Mr. Potter refers that, “ Strategy is the way of an organisation over the long term which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its constellation of resources and competencies with the carry throughing stakeholder outlooks. This in bend led to organisational development activities as reorganizing, new definitions of functions, occupations and etc ” . ( Potter 1996 )

And besides it can be carried in “ the strategic direction is that set of managerial determination and action that determines the long tally public presentation of a corporation. It includes environment scanning ( both external and internal ) .strategic preparation ( strategic or long scope planning ) , strategic execution and rating and control. As this definition implies, strategic direction focuses on incorporating direction, selling, finance, and production/ operations, research and development and computing machine information system to accomplish organisational success. ( Hoskisson, Hitt & A ; Wan 1999 )

The survey of strategic direction hence emphasizes the monitoring and evaluating of external chances and menaces in visible radiation of a corporation ‘s strengths and failings. Strategic direction as a field of survey incorporates the integrative concerns of concern policy with a heavier environmental and strategic accent. Therefore strategic direction has tended to replace concern policy as the preferable name of the field. ” ( Hoskisson, Hitt & A ; Wan 1999 )

The strategic direction is a nucleus country for an organisation in order to research the jobs which result in success or failure. Strategic direction has been defined as “ that set of determinations and actions which lead to the development of an effectual scheme or schemes to assist accomplish corporate aims. ” ( Luffman, Lea, Sanderson and Kenny 1996 )

Basic phases of strategic direction:

The strategic direction procedure consists of four basic phases. Environmental scanning, Strategic preparation, strategic execution, and rating and control ;

Environmental scanning: –

Before an organisation can get down scheme preparation, it must scan the environment to place possible chances and menaces and every bit good the strength and failings. Environmental scanning is the monitoring, measuring and circulating of information from the internal and the external environments to cardinal people within the organisation. A organisation usage this method to avoid strategic surprise and to guarantee its long term wellness. Research has found a positive relationship between environmental scanning and net income

( Thomas, Clark & A ; Gioia 1993 )

Strategic preparation: –

This is the enlargement of the long scope programs for the effectual direction of environmental chances and menaces every bit good as the organisation strength and failing. It consist of specifying the corporate mission, place accomplishable aim, lifting schemes the scene policies. Strategy formulation issue include make up one’s minding what new concern to come in, what concerns to abandon, how to apportion resources, whether to spread out operations or place, whether to come in international markets, whether to unify or organize a joint venture and how to avoid a hostile. Because, every organisation has limited resources itself. So strategists ought to make up one’s mind which alternate scheme will be benefit for the house most. Top directors have the best perceptual experience of understanding consequence of scheme preparation and they are the individuals who have the authorization to perpetrate the resources necessary for execution.

( Hitt & A ; Michael 2006. )

Strategic execution: –

Strategic execution is the most hard phase in strategic direction. This procedure requires a house to set up one-year aims, devise policies, motivate employees and allocate resources for the execution of the formulated schemes. This is the procedure that converts the schemes and policies in to the action through the development of plans. Strategy execution includes developing a strategy-supportive civilization, making an effectual organisational construction, airting selling attempts, plan the budgets, developing and using information system and associating employee payment to organisation public presentation.

( Hitt & A ; Michael 2006. )

Evaluation and control: –

Strategic rating is the concluding phase in the strategic direction. The intent of this procedure is to measure the existent public presentation of an organisation to make the comparing with the desire consequence. Because the strategic direction procedures were unsuitably used, operational directors must cognize about it. So that they can rectify the employee activity. Evaluating and controlling is the major component of the strategic direction to place the failings in old executed strategic planes and therefore stimulated the full procedure to get down once more. And all schemes are the topic to future alteration because external and internal factors are continuously altering. Followings are the three cardinal scheme rating activities

Reviewing external and internal factors that are the bases for current schemes.

Measuring public presentation.

Talking disciplinary action. ( Hitt & A ; Michael 2006. )










Chain of bid


Beliefs, outlook Valuess


Assetss, accomplishments, Competencies, cognition


Social Environment

General forces

Undertaking Environment

Industry analysis

Strategy Formulation

Strategy Implementation

Evaluation and Control

Environmental Scaning


Reason for being

What consequences to carry through by when

Plan to accomplish the mission & A ; aims

Broad guidelines for determination devising

Activities needed to carry through a program

Cost of the plans

Sequence of stairss needed to make the occupation

Actual consequences

Figure 1.1

( Thomas, Wheelen & A ; Hunger 2006 )

Importance of scheme direction:

Today strategic direction became a popular and importance in the concern activity for assorted grounds. Strategy direction allows an organisation to be more proactive than reactive in determining its ain hereafter. It let an organisation to originate and act upon activities and therefore to anticipate control over its ain fate. Referee: ( )

Business has determined that this is the manner to make the success:

As a successful concern it may hold a program and a specific way in order to accomplish the end of the organisation and make the success.

It allowed the concern usage to believe in forward:

A concern must be really focus on the environment every bit good as the clients need and wants in order to stable its futuristic in the market. The prediction is the manner to acquire a placement among the populace and shinning as a unique.

In this process it shows a company where they are at present and where they really want to be and how they get pathway where they want to be.

When the strategic direction is implemented the stakeholders will acquire to cognize about the end of an organisation.

It gives everyone a place, a place makes a different public presentation degree, and it provides efficient attack to reserves and concentrate on workers.

To develop appropriate scheme and set scheme into action.

The stages of the strategic direction:

A house by and large evolves through the undermentioned four basic stages of strategic direction

Basic fiscal planning ( stage. 1 ) : –

The undertaking is based on the analysis really small proposed with the most information from the organisation. The gross revenues typically offer the little sum of environmental protection, information. Such simple operational planning is merely feigning, strategic direction, and it is quite clip devouring. The clip skyline is normally one twelvemonth.

( Gluck, Kaufman & A ; Welleck 1982 )

Forecast based planning ( phase.2 ) : –

In add-on to internal information, directors gather available informations from environment to generalize the current tendency of five old ages and hereafter. This stage besides clip devouring. The procedure gets really political as directors compete for larger portion and financess. The clip skyline is normally three to five old ages.

( Gluck, Kaufman & A ; Welleck 1982 )

Externally oriented planning ( phase.3 ) : –

Top degree direction controls the planning procedure by the debut of strategic planning. The company tries to increase its reactivity to altering markets and competition through strategic thought. Top direction typically develops five-year program with the aid of advisers but input from lower degrees.

( Gluck, Kaufman & A ; Welleck 1982 )

Strategic direction ( phase.4 ) : –

The employees at many degrees from assorted sections and works groups develop and incorporate a serious of strategic programs aimed at accomplishing the company ‘s primary aims. The complicated one-year five old ages program is replaced with the aid of all degrees of the organisation throughout the twelvemonth.

( Gluck, Kaufman & A ; Welleck 1982 )

Degrees of strategic direction:

Scheme exists at a figure of degrees in an organisation. They are,

Corporate degree scheme: –

This is concerned about the overall range of an organisation and how value will be added to the different units of an organisation. Corporate scheme tropically fit with the three chief classs of stableness, enlargement and decrease of outgo. ( Ansoff 2002 )

Harmonizing to Michael thrower, “ a house must explicate a concern scheme that incorporates cost leading, distinction or concentrate in order to accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage and long term success in its chosen countries or industries ” . ( Potter 1993 ) .

Alternatively, harmonizing to Kim and Mauborgne, “ an organisation can accomplish high growing and net incomes by making a bluish ocean scheme that breaks the old value cost trade off by at the same time prosecuting both distinction and low cost. ” ( Kim & A ; Mauborgne 2007 )

E.g. : – Nicholas Piramal follower a corporative growing scheme in order to hold more portion preparation drugs

In corporate scheme, Johnson, Scholes and Whittington present theoretical accounts in which strategic option are evaluated against three cardinal success standards,

Suitability ( would it work? )

Feasibility ( can it be made to work )

Acceptability ( will they work it )

( Johnson, Scholes & A ; Whittington 2008 )

Business degree scheme: –

The 2nd degree is concern degree scheme which is about how assorted concerns included in the concern scheme and compete in their peculiar markets. Because of this ground concern scheme is called as competitory scheme. This typically concerns issues such as pricing scheme, invention or distinction case by better quality. So where of all time corporate degree scheme involves determination about the overall organisation as a whole, strategic determination related to peculiar strategic concern unit within the overall organisation. ( Johnson, Scholes & A ; Whittington 2008 )

Harmonizing to Potter ‘s statement “ The concern scheme must be maintained continually, in line with alterations in the concern and its environment. It should be officially reviewed at least yearly as portion of the concern planning unit of ammunition ; it provides the context for advancement coverage on strategic subjects. ” ( Potter 1993 ) .

The concern scheme must ever demo advancement against programs to day of the month, to enable contrivers to find the current concern environment and the impact that specific alteration plans and undertakings will hold on the organisation as a whole. There must be accurate, timely information about: Major investings to day of the month, the corporate hazard registry, For each major investing, the hazards associated with it. ( Potter 1996 ) .

Operational scheme: –

The 3rd degree of scheme is at the runing terminal of an organisation. This is an attack taken by the functional countries to accomplish the corporate aims and schemes by maximising the resources productiveness. It is concerned with increasing and fostering a typical competency to supply a company or concern unit with the competitory advantage. This scheme determines how and where a production or service is to be industries, the degree of perpendicular integrating in the production procedure and development of physical resources. It should cover with the optimal degree of engineering the house should utilize in its operational procedure. ( Potter 1996 ) .


Carry out a stakeholder analysis for ODEL and explicate the importance of carrying of out a stakeholder analysis at strategic degree


A stakeholder is a individual or establishment with involvements that can impact or be affected by the organisation activities. A stakeholder is usually concerned with an establishment distributing intended result and garnering its fiscal aims. In general, a stakeholder can be classified as follow: –

Internal stakeholders

Connected stakeholders

External stakeholders

( Freeman, Edward, Reed & A ; David 2002 )

E.g. : -owner, director, stockholder, investor, employee, client, spouse and/or provider, among others.

Following is a diagram for the three types of interest holders


Example of involvement


Tax, cut down the unemployment, true coverage and etc.


Wagess on clip, occupation security and publicities, regard and etc.


Value, quality, client attention, ethical merchandise and etc.


Equitable concern chances, provide the merchandise for clients.


recognition mark, new contracts, liquidness and etc.


occupations, engagement, environmental protection, portions, true communicating and etc.

Trade brotherhoods

quality, Staff protection, occupations and etc.


Net income, futuristic of the house, regard and etc.

( Freeman, Edward, Reed & A ; David 2002 )

A stakeholder may take portion straight or indirectly to an organisation ‘s activities. Other than concern, a stakeholder may besides be concerned with the consequence of a specific program, attempt or activity, such as a community development strategy or the bringing of local wellness services. A stakeholder normally stands to derive or lose depending on the determinations taken or policies executed.

Stakeholder Analysis

Talking about the Stakeholder Analysis is an attack that is usually used to place and analyze the Force Field formed by any group or person who can impact or is affected by the accomplishment of the aims of an organisation. Stakeholder Analysis identifies the ways in which stakeholders may act upon the organisation or may be influenced by its activities, every bit good as their attitude towards the organisation and its marks.

E.g. : –

Customers are of import when quality of merchandises is discussed.

Employees are of import when fortunes or safety at work is discussed.

Government is of import when covering with the environment or statute law.

Stake holder analysis is the appropriate method to garnering informations as an debut to planning in tactic and nonsubjective scene phase. We can by and large exemplify three grounds for why does the interest holder analysis necessary to an organisation.

Surveies are a cost efficient manner to increase the input from a big figure of persons. Ensure that you are inquiring the right inquiry to happen out the information you need, and that respondents are diplomatic. Surveies are a deficiency of hazard, low-priced get downing point and are best followed up with mechanisms for duologue, creativeness and consent edifice.

One-on-one meetings are a best manner to develop personal relationships while gather information. It ‘s indispensable to put outlooks with subscriber on how the information will be used and the scope of other people to be consulted, so no 1 is dissatisfied if all of their facts are non imitate. All make certain the information aggregation is available to the chief decision-making group.

Multi-stakeholder treatment carries together different stakeholders in a impersonal forum, and is influential tools for sharing information, edifice consent and earlier promises to the terminal product.A As the Roman philosopher Seneca said around 2000 old ages ago, “ the best thoughts are common belongings ” . Often one-year convention licenses clip for program or scheme enlargement workshops. An independent facilitator will bring forth a relieve sector and procedure for positive part.

Referee: – ( hypertext transfer protocol: // 2004/associate article )

Internal stakeholders:

The internal stakeholders are can be working as inside the organisation, those people who are holding really involvement and attention about the organisation every bit good, can straight impact or can be affected by the activities of a peculiar Organization. Generally Employees, directors, Directors and Secretary are taking topographic point as internal stakeholders. Mean while the ODEL has its internal interest holders itself.

Employees: –

Employees and their delegate groups are interested in information about the permanency and profitableness of their proprietor. They are besides concerned on the information which allows them to measure the capableness of the organisation to supply wage, retirement benefits and the other demand of an employee. ODEL accept as true that employees are the most of import drivers of the growing for their organisation. They have certain attack between the employees which is 5Ps ‘ . Such as: Peoples, Pride, Passion, Process and Performance.

Odel believes in combine preparation and development into the Company ‘s regular work background. With this in head, Odel provides rigorous workshops and counsel plans for the staffs, both locally and overseas.

At Odel, they pleasure in back uping and fiting their employees to make the top by supplying the needed preparation. By support internal staffing, Odel has increased consciousness of their concern civilization and value.

Directors: –

Directors can be classified into two. Board of Directors and Non Executive Directors ; Both Directors are normally known as direction organic structure, managers have to go to the conference, fiscal analyzing, plan their duties and achieve their aims therefore each and every managers have to hold responsible for their duties.

E.g. : – harmonizing to the ODEL direction construction

Mr. Ruchi Gunewardene – Chairman/Non-Executive Director

Ms. Otara Gunewardene – Executive Director/CEO

Mr. Paul Topping – Non Executive Independent Director

Mr. Sanjay Kulatunga – Non Executive Independent Director

Mr. Eardley Perera – Non Executive Independent Director

The managers have some responsibilities towards the organisation such as to be a good leader and every bit good a good pioneer to implement some new thoughts and do perfect determination on the uncertainnesss of the organisation for its futuristic. There for they can gain the good net income and every bit good the good will of clients.

As we take Otara Gunewardene as an illustration, she is a Sri Lankan industrialist every bit good a Model. She is the laminitis and CEO of the trade name Odel. Otara implement some new manner of scheme in her concern to do Odel to shown as a high spot. She freshly introduced manners in Sri Lanka and making planetary highs on her ain virtue has attracted the great compliment from many esteemed establishments and serve to corroborate her position as an enterpriser par excellence. Looking back at all the testimonials that have come her manner since she established ODEL. Otara ‘s determined Endeavour has ever been to add value in every which manner and this has inspired all the new add-ons to Odel ‘s portfolio of offerings. Now Odel became a subdivision devoted to dressing clients with a gustatory sensation for high manner.

To place a good leader awards play major function. Following are some awards which are achieved by Otara Gunewardene:

In 2008, Otara was awarded the ‘Retail Leadership Award ‘ at the Asia Retail Congress in India.

In 2008, Otara was invited as a prima manner enterpriser and anointed ‘Woman of Saab stance ‘ by Saab Cars Singapore.

In 2008, she was named as Sri Lankan Ambassador for World Animal Day.

Otara nominated as the ‘Face of Alankara ‘ in 2007, a jewelry maker trade name that reflects modern designs for the adult female of today.

Referee: ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Investor: –

Investors are the beginning of hazard capital and their concentrations are with the hazard inherent in, and return present by, their investings. The organisations in formations help them to find whether they should purchase, keep or sell the portions. Stockholders are besides interested in information which allows them to measure the ability of the venture to pay dividends. When are speaking about the Odel capital construction, Otara Gunewardene has put the highest sum of capital around Rs.80,833,100 ( it ‘s about 55 % in whole ) . So she has the authorization to command the map of Odel as a Chief executive officer.

Connected stakeholders:

Some illustrations are given below for affiliated stakeholders,

Supplier: –

Supplier can be a individual or an organisation who distribute the company natural stuff or demand materials. The motivation of a provider towards an organisation is to provide to the organisation where he can work for long clip every bit good as where he can derive maximal net income.

When we take a expression on Odel, Odel has selected each and every merchandise in really new tendency stylish manner to its clients. As it is The Colombo jewelry makers is one of critical provider for Odel. There began an industrial line developed in partnership between Odel and Colombo jewelry makers store for the manner frontward adult females. Otara motivated design aggregations featured stylish jewelry makers utilizing a amalgamation of coloured treasures and diamonds all set in white gold. Otara motivated the design aggregation featured stylish jewelry makers utilizing a merge of coloured treasures and diamonds in all set in white gold. Akram Cassim, CEO of Colombo Jewelers Stores, mentioned on the idea of physique an ‘Otara ‘ jewelry makers collection, “ Otara has been a great beginning of influence and inspiration to the manner witting people in Sri Lanka.

Referee: – ( hypertext transfer protocol: // article=2145, hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Rivals: –

The house in a peculiar industry produces the similar merchandise or service is known as a rival to another house which is in the same industry. The nowadays of the more rivals can cut down the monetary value of merchandise. But the heavy competition is the thing which can take the market in a healthy way. When we take a expression on the Odel, Odel follows the pricing scheme. But there are several houses which are holding the same advancement as Odel has itself. Romafour is a good illustration for the heavy rival of dressing portion of Odel ‘s portfolio.

Romafore is a interior decorator shop which offers the best in high manner radical vesture like Odel. They are following the same pricing selling scheme which Odel follows. They maintain their manner of selling manner which helps to capture the market portion in order to be a successful house in the same industry. So in order to pull the clients from this heavy competition Odel have to implement some new advanced vesture manner which does non be yet to the market.

Share holders: –

Stockholder is a individual or an establishment who owns the portion of an organisation. The aim for most organisation is to present a growing return to stockholders. This is achieved by bring forthing turning net incomes and recognizing them in hard currency. The hard currency can so be used for reinvestment in the concern, refund of support or distribution to stockholders. Typical stockholders have partial authorization over in public traded concern beyond vote for the Board of Directors. Stockholders who bought great per centums of an organisation must hold extra regulative demands, such as widely describing the sum of their retentions. Stockholders who are besides institution insiders are need to expose the file in public whenever they wish to raise or diminish their retentions.

Every legal application among the 22,548 received for portions of ODEL at the company ‘s record-setting primary Public Offer is to be allocated portions, with the smallest investors being fulfilled and bigger investors acquiring allotments in proportion to their ain applications, the company has publicized.

Odel has apportion the IPO portion of 1.2million for employees it has a different characteristics in that retail and non retail investor standards were allocated individually in order to avoid little investors being crowed out by big investors and to promote wider portion ownership.

Referee: ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

External stakeholders:

Where the organisation can non utilize its influence is called as external environment. The organisation ‘s success depends upon how good they adapt to the external environment. A house ‘s ability to program and change its internal variables to acquire advantage of chances produce by the external environment, and its ability to command menaces cause by the same environment, find its success. Followings are some illustration for the external factors.

Fiscal populace: –

The fiscal populaces often referred to synonymously with investor ‘s relationship. The differentiation between the two subjects in pattern is a gray country as the two plants side by side. From fiscal public, relationship in its direction of the investor base, where new investors must be found to replace those who have realized their investing. Fiscal populaces are concerned with raising consciousness and construct understanding amongst chiefly the City ‘s sentiment formers who influence investors and possible investors. These are frequently to as 3rd party audience. The fiscal establishments such as Bankss, renting companies, fiscal analysis concern about the organisation public presentation in supplying fundss the company place to the outside universe is difficult in fiscal map. Harmonizing to the Odel prospector DFCC Vardhana Bank, Hatton National Bank PLC, Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Nations Trust Bank PLC, Sampath Bank PLC, Union Bank of Colombo Ltd are the fiscal beginnings of the Odel that we can place.

Government: –

The cardinal and local authorities performs as a footing of legist ration to organize Torahs and legist rations are forced and pressured by the community or general populace to hold proper attending for their concerns. They are the people who have the authorization to command the organisation in order to protect the consumers against the bogus merchandise.

Media: –

Media plays a major function in the map of an organisation. The relationship between an organisation and the media has to be keeping in a good mode. Usually telecastings, newspapers, wireless, diaries, magazines, articles, cyberspace, columns are the one manner street from the company to client. Odel has a good relationship with media representatives such as “ The Nation, Sunday Island, Lakbima News, Daily News, Daily Mirror, The Bottom Line, Daily FT, LB News, Sudar Oli, The Island, Business Standard, Business Today, Financial Times, Island Financial, Morning Reader, HHO ” in order to hold favour for the organisation. The intent of imperativeness relationship is non to publish imperativeness releases. It is to act upon and inform the mark audience. While it is mostly of a tactical nature in pattern, good media relationship can lend to long term aims such as:

Bettering company or trade name image

Higher and better media profile

Changing attitudes of mark audients

Increasing market portion

Bettering relationship with the community

Influencing authorities policy at local national or international degree

Bettering communications with investors and their advisors

Bettering industrial dealingss

Scaning the External environment

Analysis of social Environment

Economic, Social, Cultural, Technological, Political and Legal Factors











Interest Group


Choice of Strategic Factors



Figure 2.1

( Klein & A ; Linneman 1984 )


Behavior an environmental audit for ODEL

An environmental audit is helpful to categorise which portion of the organisation has impact on the environment and to what extent. It besides an efficient hazard direction tool, which allow to do certain how expeditiously a concern Acts of the Apostless in integrity with environmental statute law.

The relationship between the organisation ‘s micro environments normally involves short term operational determinations, whereas the macro environment involves more long term scheme determinations.

The indispensable point to observe is that the relationships are dynamic, ne’er inactive. Thus the house ‘s resources change from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours as it is wins or loses contracts, employee articulations level it, new merchandises are designed investings win or neglect. It is impossible to name all the fluctuations in the external environment but the undermentioned illustrations will exemplify point.

SWOT analysis is a tool for audit an establishment and its environment environment. It is the first phase of readying and assistance sellers to concentrate on cardinal issues. SWOT stands for strengths, failings, chances, and menaces. Strengths and failings are the governable internal factors. Opportunities and menaces are external factors.

Strengths: –

strong trade name image: –

Odel is one of a taking retail company in Srilanka which offer the high scope of fashionable merchandise to the clients that they value.A Today, the Odel section shop has been changed into an bing image of its trade name standards.A The section construction maintains the trade name ‘s stylish, simple and fashionable insides and outside. The Odel trade name expresses high quality and singularity, an international ambiance and of class, sophisticated manner. Mean while the Company ‘s trade name individuality in the local and planetary capital markets is make Odel stronger.

Good repute among clients: –

As a fabulous manner shop for the alone interior decorator merchandise Odel has a really good image among the society. As Otara ‘s manner of club ( the Chief executive officer of Odel ) Odel has developed its portfolio in an international scope. Odel is working around the clock to guarantee that the clients have a true and alone shopping experience. Odel has the kid caring site for the clients who have kids with themselves to be cared while they are making their shopping. So like these sort of different attacks in client service, produced a good image to Odel within the society.

Quality and Advanced merchandises and services: –

Odel is usually known as a section shop where we can purchase the different sort of merchandise which is stand foring the high scope of quality every bit good as stylish. It exhibit international interior decorator wear by universe celebrated manner icons.A This is care with the world that the Odel trade name itself is representative of modern international manner, as represent by its laminitis, Otara Gunewardene. In the point of manner of our clients, the trade name conveys perfect quality, exclusivity, international ambiance and of class, posh manner.

Good selling scheme: –

Over recent old ages marketing scheme has become a peculiar dynamic country within the overall context of marketing communicating. ODEL has realized the gross revenues publicity is the best manner to present it production as a alone aggregations. In an increasing competitory retail environment and with the concentration of purchasing power into comparatively few custodies have the return gross revenues publicity to accomplish on shelf distinction between their ain productions and those of their rivals. Odel has conducted some manner shows to publicize itself in order to the get the attending from big sum of audients all around the universe. These are some good manner of selling scheme which Odel follows.

Failing: –

No stores in rural countries:

Today rural markets are supplying immense market portions to all the houses. As a turning company Odel has to be gained a topographic point non merely in the people who are staying the high society, but besides the people who are in the rural country. The demand has achieved the infiltration point. In such state of affairs one has to happen scheme to happen new market for these sorts of advanced merchandises. Rural markets are the new one which is opening up for most of these merchandises.

No proper communicating between disposal and labours:

Most Probably there are deficiency of opportunities for the employees to hold clear communicating with the disposal in big scale organisation. It remains that there is a barrier to make the end of the house. Same as Odel besides has these sort of barriers. Because the organisation construction is narrow in big graduated table concern. So whenever the disposal acquire into a determination doing state of affairs, there is a job occur whether the employees and the other staffs of the house received the right information about the determination devising or non. Because it might be make a large issue if the employees did non acquire a clear image about the certain determination. The purpose of the determination doing being failed until the workers perform harmonizing to determination

relatively less differentiated manner aggregation:

Basic vesture points have a inclination to be commodity-like, and therefore separation comes by and large via monetary value, with lower priced rivals ‘ often appealing market portion. The present price-driven dealing environment places the organisation at a disadvantage. In the environment where basic vesture merchandise offerings are same from one talented seller to the following, so that the shopping determination is made on monetary value, infinite is likely lose its clients to take down priced price reduction bargainer. However, the fashion-conscious clients would be eager to buy from other supply concatenation of import shops that produce sole manner vesture such Hameedias, Romafour and etc. ODEL ‘s challengers have rapidly adopted by new manners, lifting competition and placed spread at a relative disadvantage.

Opportunity: –

Political anteroom: –

Political lobbying and actions are ways coercing the authorities policies and ordinances in favour of the Odel or more times against the rivals. Lobbying for Green statute law is a good strategic advantage over competitions for Odel that had anticipated it and hold the engineering to present it.

Positive alterations in consumer behaviours: –

In this extremely competitory market a house has to accept the alterations in the consumer behaviours ( either it ‘s positive or negative ) in order to stable in the peculiar market for long clip. Now a twenty-four hours ‘s people are willing to have on alone and modern trendy vesture. So it ‘s a good chance for the Odel to aim the people in order to gaining control and increase the market portions. Odel has introduced the advanced new vesture manner to the society to experience the international tendency to be a high spot. That is the thing which is aid to acquire the attending of the people who are in the high society and tidal bore to be a alone 1. As Otara follows the pricing scheme the materials which has bought from Odel is really expensive.

So it ‘s a prestige mater to people to be an Odel ‘s client in the client ‘s point of position. So as a turning company it ‘s a good will every bit good as an chance for the Odel to increase its market portion.

Customer database and smart cards

Recognizing client ‘s demands and liking has turned into a critical component in retail sector. Collection of client information, screen penchants, gustatory sensations and disbursement theoretical account, has allowed retail merchants to do alterations in their merchandise exhibit and maintain up stock list consequently. Turning wont of utilizing smart cards and recognition cards is besides benefit for ODEL in develop their client service and form their stock list expeditiously.

Fast Manner:

The fast manner industry has become a important portion of the European dress market, and growing is set to speed up in the USA. Fast manner growing will chiefly come from forte dress retail merchants aiming the teenage crowd, every bit good as price reduction shops who are unable to double the supply concatenation reactivity. The market section is immature plenty for Gap to go a primary participant in the section by leveraging its economic systems of graduated table and experience in the retailing industry.

Menaces: –

Inflation of currency rate: –

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s rising prices rate is turning up because of the economic crisis. Most effects of rising prices are harmful, and can ache persons and Institution at the same. It causes the monetary value increasing. However the impact is really difficult and can be decided to the concern in many ways such as uncertainnesss because of the instability of monetary values, Income diffusion consequence, Existing creditors will be affect because the value of the money they will have from their borrowers subsequently will be lower than the money they gave before, Fixed income receiving system will be affect because while rising prices additions, their income does n’t increase, and hence their income

Will hold less value in over clip, Causes an addition in revenue enhancement bracket, Rising monetary values of imports and etc. As a company of bring forthing new voguish vesture Odel has hurt by these materials. So in order to study in the period of rising prices Odel has to be really prepared to confront the rising prices affects every bit good as it has to be need to be really concentrate on these affects.

Changes in monetary values and handiness of natural stuffs: –

In current old ages, the chief concern for buying direction at house has centered on pricing. In order to keep some degree of profitableness during economic crises conditions, Organization kept force on providers to remain with the monetary values every bit low as possible. In many markets, there has over competency and struggled with to keep or raise the market portion.

As a consequence of this deficit, monetary values have gone up dramatically, with frequent additions coming from first to last. While, there is manner to negociate, as the deficit of supply has put clients in an uncorroborated place

Changes in client penchants and demands: –

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s clients are truly altering their demands really fast. Even now the stable alteration, monetary value remains the consideration. Odel is a subdivision devoted to the advanced fashionable merchandise. It ‘s really indispensable to, Odel must be really focus on cum up new tendencies and advanced ideas have to be implemented to fulfill the client. Because Odel corsets in the center of the competitory environment conflict ; there are excessively many sellers in outside market topographic point to remedy clients ‘ demands. Customers are the assets for their stabilisation. So Odel ought to really originative In order to stabilise in this competitory market.

Environmental uncertainness: –

Current anticipations are that the environment for the organisation will go even more unsure with every passing twelvemonth. It is a grade of complexness plus the grade of altering bing in an organisation ‘s external environment. As more and more markets become planetary, the Numberss of factors a company must see in any determination become immense and more complex. With new engineerings being discovered every twelvemonth markets change and merchandise must alter with them. Harmonizing to Odel environmental uncertainness is a menace to strategic direction because it hampers their ability to develop long scope programs and to do strategic determination to maintain the corporation in equilibrium with its external environment.

Changes in competitory landscape: –


What is the strategic placement of ODEL by utilizing following model?



PESTEL is an of import thing an organisation needs to be considered before start a selling procedure. This technique provides a frame work that allows analysis of the environment by categorising it under assorted headers. And it ‘s frequently use in concurrence with SWOT analysis to measure the state of affairs of the single concern.


Legal economical

Environmental Social



Figure 4.1.1

Political factors:

Political factors have a huge sum of influence towards the concern public presentation and the disbursement power of consumers and other concerns.

Degree of authorities influence:

Local authoritiess have the concealed power to impact trade patterns significantly. Some local authoritiess are willing to supply motive to pull concern to the country.


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