Research Laptop Proposal Essay

Devry University Laptop Purchase Proposal In an effort to provide Devry students with the best and most affordable laptops, I have research completed that I must share with our team. Besides affordability, which is a top priority on my list of requirements; portability, capacity, and useful life are the qualities the laptop of choice will provide our students for future years. One other item is so important to our students and that is customer service support for ordering, timely ordering, and warranty support.

It is vital that if something goes wrong with a laptop; the service will be quick and affordable. We need to make sure our students have access to their laptops at all time and that technical problems can be fixed with a quick turnaround time. Please read this proposal and recommendation carefully as the laptop of choice was selected. Each of our Devry Campuses offers unique and specialized programs that require different specifications for laptops. (3) The graphics and programming software that a Macintosh computer offers is necessary for programs such as Media Arts and Technology. 7) Whereas, the Engineering majors will need access to Auto Cad which is known as working best on a PC based laptop instead of a Macintosh. (4) Devry business majors and general studies majors will be required to type papers, prepare presentations, create databases, and work their accounting programs in spreadsheets. All students regardless of their major will need software that provides them with the same basic software needs business and general studies majors require; meaning Microsoft Office is a must for a software package.

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Also, internet connection is vital for any student for research purposes and class communication. This proposal focuses on a basic business laptop that can be used for all majors that have a general studies focus and a core curriculum in the college of business. It will include the option to upgrade the proposed basic laptop if they are an engineering major and need the Auto Cad software package and an enhanced processor speed. However, I believe that it is vital for our team to develop a separate proposal for a Mac laptop for the art students, who will need a strong graphics program.

Therefore, the laptop that I propose must be a PC laptop for a few reasons. PC technology is used in most businesses in America. (9) I feel it is vital for our students to gain as much experience with the PC technology as possible to become accustomed to what they will be using in the workplace upon graduation. PC technology is most compatible with Microsoft software. So Microsoft Office is sure to work well on a PC based laptop. (9) Also, Auto Cad and nearly all specialized engineering and business software have less errors when working on a PC based laptop according to consumer reports. 4) There are many specifications that need to be included in order to provide our students with a laptop that has optimal capabilities. A few items of vital interest are the type of drives and ports built into the system, processor speed, hard drive size for storing data, RAM (memory that will allow different programs to run at the same time), internet browsing software that is reliable, security software to protect our students data and personal information, and lastly size to make sure the laptop is convenient for travel and storage. 9) In choosing the type of laptop, one item of interest to consider is how long the laptop will last with the programs it is supporting. The engineering laptop is going to be a bit more costly so that the Auto Cad software will be able to run at the necessary speed with the graphics it contains. The business laptop needs to have a higher RAM capability so that multiple programs such as a spreadsheet, email for internet connection, and a presentation could run at the same time if necessary. Now that the basic, general specifications have been determined, the specifics need to be reviewed.

Not only are specifications important, I researched brands to determine which brands were number one on the market today in PC technology. I found that Dell and HP are the number one and two brands of laptops that are sold in the US today. (10) HP seemed to be a brand that consumers buy for their homes, whereas because of the rebates and great “bulk buying” deals, Dell is of the choice brand for most businesses and colleges. (2) The cost, the reliability, specifications offered, and useful life of a Dell will be ideal for Devry Students. 5% of Fortune 500 companies use the brand Dell for their office desktops and laptops. (2) After reviewing the Dell services, I am convinced Dell is the brand of choice and I’d like to explore why. First, Dell being used in most businesses it will give our students the experience needed with their product. Dell is a PC based computer which was determined earlier in this paper is vital for the business curriculum requirements. Our students can order their laptop through a chat or phone session using the Dell website. The customer service Dell offers is amazing.

Once a laptop is on order for a student, the delivery time is up to two weeks for arrival. Customer service representatives are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. If a laptop is not working properly, a Dell technician will be dispatched within 48 hours for an appointment on-site where the student chooses for the repair to be made. (2) I propose Devry purchases the Studio 15 laptop for general studies, liberal arts, and business majors. (2) It is the recommendation I put forth for our laptop of choice.

There are many reasons this laptop is the number one choice and is ideal for Devry Students. First, the cost of the laptop is a minimal $1,100. 00 per laptop and that includes free shipping and a one year warranty for the forty-eight hour service guarantee. Second, there is an option to extend the service guarantee for a minimal cost after the original warranty expires. Third, the life of the laptop should be at least four years with this configuration. A few of the specifications are as follows: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor, 2. 0GHz, 800Mhz, 2M L2 Cache, 15. inch display, Microsoft Office Professional Edition. (2) Lastly and most importantly, according to Dell this configuration will support the business software and run all necessary programs efficiently for our students. I believe students should be given the option to upgrade to one other model of laptop if they so choose. The model is the Dell XPS M1530. For just $500 more, making the price of the laptop a total of $1,500, this model increases the processor speed and the configuration is a solid option for Engineering students who need Auto Cad software that runs graphics and needs a stronger support. 2) Also, with this model available to our students, the useful life increases to six plus years. If our students choose to enter a Masters program, essentially the laptop will last them through their entire career as a student. This is a great offer for our students to spend a little more but to get an even greater product if they so choose. In conclusion, Dell is the choice brand for our Devry laptops because Dell offers great service, dependable technology, a great on-site service warranty option, their delivery time is quick, and above all, the price is just right.

With both options (Studio 15 and the XPS M1530) our students are sure to purchase a great laptop at an affordable cost. Once we have narrowed down the number of laptops we need each year, Devry can even take this Dell purchase to the next level and purchase through the business center which will offer discounts on bulk purchases. We can continue to have our students purchase these laptop models individually specked from the Dell site or we can also set up a bulk order with Dell and students can then purchase their laptops from the Devry bookstore.

With either model they choose, the life of the laptop will last them for their entire student career. Dell is clearly the choice. References 1 www. bestbuy. com 2 www. dell. com 3 www. devry. edu 4 http://www. engr. arizona. edu/faculty_staff/computing/purchasing. html 5 www. hp. com 6 http://www. infohq. com/Computer/computerhome. htm 7 http://www. macvspc. info/ 8 www. newsweek. com 9 http://www. notebookreview. com/ 10 http://pcworld. about. com/od/consumeradvice/Consumer_Advice. htm 11 www. staples. com


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