Research methodology: Uniform Essay


The methodological analysis used within this thesis will be of great value to this peculiar chosen rubric as it will aim and formalize the selected methods used to roll up informations relevant to this survey, utilizing a combination of both primary and secondary research. Throughout this methodological analysis it will warrant and guarantee the reader is able to recognize its research methods, every bit good as its pick of research design used. “Theory ( or methodological analysis ) relates straight to the formation of research undertakings, and so to the practicalities of transporting out research – what research inquiries we ask, what data we use, how we prosecute our research docket, how we explain why we examine what we did, or why we went about it in a peculiar way.” ( van Gestel, 2011, p. 1 )

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Research methodology: Uniform Essay
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Primary research methods will be approached within two cardinal classs, qualitative and quantitative research. “The simplest manner to separate between qualitative and quantitative may be to state that qualitative methods involve a research worker depicting sorts of features of people and events without comparing events in footings of measurings and sums. Quantitative methods, on the other manus, focal point attending on measurings and sums ( more and less, larger and smaller, frequently and rarely, similar and different ) of the features displayed by the people and events that the research worker studies.” ( Thomas, 2003, p. 1 ) This method is every bit every bit of import as secondary research due to it being able to offer more brooding sentiments and explicate their specific demands. Quantitative research will be used to follow a more statistical position with data-controlled persuasions to place forms and information collected of a big figure of consequences.

One of the factors which this can successfully be achieved through is by carry oning multiple-choice studies and questionnaire’s ; with its chief concern being to inquire inquiries and multiple-choice replies as a manner of roll uping sentiments and attitudes towards uniforms and the representation of individualities through these, which can so be transferred into numerical consequences with the usage of charts, graphs etc. This method will be used to derive an apprehension into the positions of a big volume of people, and to show these through the relevant extent of information needed without holding to prosecute in single in-depth sentiments of these people.

Qualitative research is the focal point on single emotions and sentiments to the chosen capable affair, chiefly detecting its remarkable positions instead than a aggregation of varied 1s utilizing a committedness of alternate picks. This type of procedure is normally executed through treatments, interviews and focal point groups which endure for a more open reply, with an appropriate assortment of people from its chosen mark market, or single if the usage of a one to one interview is used. Although this method may take a longer period to treat informations, it allows for many more elaborate responses from each individual taking portion with the consequences being taken valuable for this specific pattern.

In uniting both of these methods, it will let for both personal thorough sentiments every bit good as 1s less subjective from a larger group of people. In order to derive understanding from people across the range, I will besides interview people with experience within the manner industry for the purpose of this dissertation’s success, utilizing questioning to come up with an extended sum of information in order to understand each distinguishable response.

First a focal point group will be carried out. Twenty army plebes and teachers within the age scope of 16 to 21 old ages will be participants within this survey. This group of plebes are to be chosen due to their engagement within this industry and with holding direct contact and cognition within this field. An apprehension into the pick of garments used, their personalities when have oning this uniform and the ways in which it represents them as an person are all traits which will transpirate during this pattern. Their personal experiences will besides be exposed within this to prosecute and reply any other inquiries which may be relevant to my survey.

The indispensable purposes from this focal point group are to recognize how these immature ground forces plebes have used their obligated uniform to stand for themselves and how this might oppugn imitation of their single individualities and to what extent. This is asked to hold a first-hand addition into experiences and whether the usage of uniform has an impact on their abilities to execute and to a high criterion, as expected. These sentiments expressed will be able to lend to any opposing thoughts within this unfastened duologue, advancing treatments which would hold non been undertaken by single positions from others within the group.

Another country of qualitative research which will be conducted for the intents of this thesis is later through two interviews within different industry professions. The first of these is to be carried out by an advanced and skilled caput instructor from Willow Wood Primary School, Sue Tomlinson.

The second of these one on one interviews will be received by Sheila Griffiths, the garment engineering pathway leader and senior form cutting lector at Birmingham City University.



The intent of both of this implemented to derive a perceptual experience into both of these professional industries and how the cut of garments has evolved technologically within both genders every bit good as the importance of the usage of uniform within specialised environments. Supplying deeper sentiments and inside informations on how unvarying has advanced utilizing the contrast of readings from each interviewee as a manner of happening out their demands. Its advantage is that a direct interview will let respondents to reply these inquiries exhaustively every bit good as any follow-up inquiries supported, if necessary. Its disadvantage being that the little figure of people being asked will stand for a narrow figure of consumer’s sentiments. Although these interview inquiries will be tailored in assistance for each interviewee, broadening these to other people in similar Fieldss, this would allow for a larger amount of positions. However, common factors emerged from these two interviews after will be analysed and moreover compared to a greater group.

A multiple-choice study will be conducted as a manner of obtaining qualitative informations sing consumer’s attitudes on the duty of have oning uniform, their ideas on its benefits and the repute of occupation functions being concerned. The study will include remark boxes within each inquiry as a manner of giving the respondents an chance to show their sentiments on the topics being asked. Twelve inquiries will be asked of its respondents in order to keep the respondents engagement in the study and non-reluctantly. The advantage of this method is the class of people reached ; these being nurses, physicians, anesthesiologists, and other members of a infirmary provided to have on unvarying along with the figure of these. The disadvantage being that the multiple-choice study will non suit for a farther penetration into how these people feel about the chosen subject, with farther remarks unable to be expressed.

By garnering research from a diverse scope of respondents, this will take to garner information from a larger spectrum to come up sentiments on uniforms and its male dominated cut along with its representative of its wearer. This will supply the reader with a clear differentiation between people’s sentiments and any emerging issues due to originate within the topic. The secondary attack to this will be through the usage of an on-line study, in order to roll up thoughts ; this will be sent to a assortment of people across a broad scope of businesss, with the benefit of this being to get indifferent responses. This method will let a larger group of people to be targeted in a study signifier, otherwise to an interview or concentrate group as a favorable manner to utilize the combination of positions. In the completion of this study being countered by a high sum of people, the consequences are to be analysed into per centums and hence after graphs, dwelling of a clear penetration into people’s sentiments on how the cut of unvarying and its prominence have an impact on people’s foreseen power in these industries. There may be restrictions within this method, for illustration, a broad plenty span of people unable to be reached and hence forestalling positions to be grasped to its fullest in order to hold or differ on its topic.

Datas Analysis: After analyzing the primary research conducted within this thesis on the footing that these were issues highlighted through secondary research some of the expected results will be as follows:

  • Consumers feel that unvarying enables a concealed individuality within the different age groups
  • Consumers agree that assurance is conveyed through the usage of uniform
  • Consumers acknowledge that the usage of uniform is able to do them experience representative and more important
  • There is an evident alteration in personalities being altered, even if somewhat within its wearers of these uniforms
  • Female consumers agree that there is a spread in the market for these being able to differ to male 1s, if the chance was to originate
  • Consumers feel that uniform is of great importance within their occupation functions

Actual Results: In analyzing the information received every bit efficaciously as possible throughout the primary research stage, a coding method was used. Measuring single responses to the focal point group, studies and interviews, and any repeating topics allowed identifying positions and any emerging issues. The cardinal codifications identified were as follows ; Feeling engaged by the populace as being somewhat more superior, The usage of these uniforms enabling a concealed personality which is different to its wearers original one, Too little of a spread in the market for female uniforms as opposed to more masculine 1s and in conclusion, Confidence edifice within uniforms.


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