Research Methods Aims And Objectives In Business Essay

The intent of this Chapter is to discourse and warrant the methodological analysis used to efficaciously look into the phenomenon informing the research rubric which is ; The Impact of a company managed on-line community on purchase determination and trade name trueness

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Research Methods Aims And Objectives In Business Essay
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First, this chapter explains the conceptual construction of the research which will depict how the writer is traveling to transport out the research. Then, explains research method types and methods use to recover the collected informations by primary research. Research methodological analysis explains the overall construction of the survey. Harmonizing to Croswell J ( 2010 ) methodological analysis is the analysis of rule methods, regulations and rating employed by a research worker. The treatment is focused on affairs sing the intent of research, research doctrine, research attack, research scheme, informations aggregation, information analysis, and quality criterions.

3.2 Research purposes and aims

The survey aims seek the dimensions of an online community hosted by a company and how it affects consumer ‘s purchase determination. In add-on, this survey investigates how an on-line community can impute to bring forth their trade name trueness through its ain trade name community.

These are the aims:

To look into a company managed on-line community and features

To place cardinal influencer in on-line purchase determination

To look into the relationship a company managed on-line community and consumer purchase determination

To happen out the relationship between a company managed on-line community and trade name trueness

3.3. Research Procedure

The research procedure used to specify the attack of the research in the survey in thorough. In figure 3.1 research procedure ‘onion ‘ describes the issue underlying the pick of informations aggregation methods ( Saunders et al. 2009 ). Below figure shows the overview of the research worker ‘s methodological analysis towards this research.

Figure 3.1 Research Process Onion.

Beginning: Created by the Author, adopted from Saunders et Al ( 2009:108 )

Besides, figure 3.2 shows the lineation of procedure for this research.

Figure 3.2 Procedure of the writer ‘s research

Beginning: Created by the Author ( 2010 )

3.4. Purpose of research

There are three different types of research, and Yin ( 2009 ) writes that these are exploratory, explanatory, and descriptive. The intent of the research determined which one of these to utilize in order to be able to carry through this intent. Saunders et Al ( 2009 ) depict explorative research as a manner to happen or look for new penetration or to see what is traveling on. They further province that it is particularly good to utilize if the intent of research is to increase the apprehension of a job. Gliner et Al ( 2009 ) complement the features of explorative research by adding that this type of research calls for flexibleness, since new information can alter the way of the research. Gliner et Al ( 2009 ) conclude that descriptive research is characterized by that the job is clear and good structured. Saunders et Al ( 2009 ) writes that it is necessary to hold a good image of the job before the information aggregation. The focal point of an explanatory survey is to happen interrelatednesss between the variables in the studied state of affairs or job ( Saunders et Al, 2009 ). Saunders et Al ( 2009 ) besides states that analysis of quantitative informations can demo correlativities between factors which gives the research worker a image of the relationships involved.

The overall intent of this research was to look into the country of on-line communities and its influence on purchase determination and trade name trueness. The end was to seek out if selling in these specific media channels are more recognized among consumers, and why this is the instance, in order to derive a better apprehension of their effectivity and influence. This led us to utilize a both explorative and explanatory attack. In the informations aggregation and in the analysis we explore, and in the findings and decisions we begin to explicate.

3.5 Research Doctrine

The research doctrine is determined by the philosophical points of positions, as there are different attacks about the manner in which the cognition is urbanised and judged as suited. Therefore, the research doctrine relates to the development of cognition and the cognition ‘s nature ( Saunders et Al, 2009 ). The literature suggests three chief attacks in which to carry on a research procedure and all of them have an of import portion and function in concern and direction. These are Positivism, Realism and Phenomenology.

3.5.1 Positivism

Positivism is described as the conventional manner of research and it acquires a clear quantitative attack to happen out phenomena as an option of qualitative attack ( Croswell, 2009 ). That is besides said that positivism is really of import attack in natural scientific discipline ( Remenyi, 2002 ). The apprehension of this thought may non be proven but the doctrine based on positivism is far more powerful than the thoughts for making marks and accomplishing ends. Positivism is really of import research doctrines for making new thoughts. Therefore, positive research tries to place the non-financial motive techniques provided by Tesco-express. The research worker uses the idealistic attack of positivism while utilizing a questionnaire with a group of people.

3.5.2 Realism

Another attack which relates to the positivism is pragmatism ( Saunders et Al, 2007 ). Harmonizing to Kothari, ( 2005 ) Realism is the beginning of many thoughts, belief and sentiments of homo.

3.5.3 Interpretative

Interpretative surveies presume that people produce and correlate their ain subjective and inter subjective significances as they interact with the universe around them. Interpretative research workers therefore try to understand phenomena through accessing the significances participants assign to them ( Orlikowski and Baroudi 1991 ).

Here research worker has decided to take a Positivism doctrine, based on the purpose of the research. The ground behind taking this attack is responses does non act upon the research worker ‘s belief and the cognition ( Proctor 2006 ). Besides Positivism is one of the strongest research doctrines for making new thoughts. In add-on to this, harmonizing to Gill ( 2002 ), the importance of a extremely controlled methodological analysis facilitates reproduction and experimental account to statistical analysis.

3.6 Research Approach

There are two different types of attack for research. These are deductive and inductive theories ( Bryman, 08 ). Deductive theory represents the commonest position of the nature of the relationship between theory and societal research ( Bryman, 08 ). First, theory and the hypothesis semen and drive the procedure of garnering informations.

On the other manus, inductive procedure involves observations foremost and generalize the theory after the observations.

This survey is a concern job, more specifically how on-line community hosted by a company influence its consumers. Therefore, the purpose of this survey is to understand of the consumers who use on-line communities as a tool of interaction. Therefore, this survey needs deductive attack.

3.7 Research Method

There are chiefly two types of research schemes which we can take: quantitative and qualitative. These attacks are depending upon the construction and the intent of the survey ( Bryman, 2010 ).

Quantitative research can be constructed as a research scheme which collect and analyse quantitative informations. Quantitative research requires a deductive attack to the relationship between theory and research, besides it has incorporated the pattern the natural scientific theoretical account and norms of natural scientific theoretical account and positivism attack ( Bryman, 2010 ).

A quantitative research attack used Numberss inquire base for the analysis alternatively of words like a qualitative would make. Blaxter et Al ( 2010 ) adds to this account by depicting that quantitative research uses a large-scale set of informations.

Qualitative research is more explorative and focuses on smaller Numberss and deepness informations. Qualitative information is largely collected utilizing conversation, and unstructured and semi-structured interviews.

Quantitative informations, the corresponding are ; structured observations, interviews and studies, and attitude grading.

By contrast, qualitative research emphasizes words instead than quantification in the aggregation and analysis of informations ( Bryman, 2010 ). Qualitative research information is collected from focal point groups, in-depth interviews and observations.

Qualitative research can be used to understand more deeply consumers ‘ attitudes towards purchase determination. But qualitative research is difficult to analyze, and evaluate. Besides, little figure of mark audiences can non be represented whole population.

For this research, a quantitative survey is better because of the demand for several different positions on the inquiries and to diminish the factor of that different people think otherwise.

3.8 Research Strategy

The determination of which scheme to utilize can be guided by the signifier of research inquiry, the grade of control needed of behavioral events and if the focal point is on current or historical events ( Yin, 2003 ). The different picks of schemes available are ; experiment, study, case-study, grounded theory, descriptive anthropology and action research ( Saunders et Al, 2000 ).

Experiments are normally used in natural scientific disciplines and psychological science, and are characterized by for illustration the debut of planned alterations on the variables in the experiment, and control of the other variables ( Saunders et al, 2000 ). Surveys allow for the assemblage of big measures of informations from a population in an economically efficient manner ( Saunders et Al, 2000 ).

Saunders et Al ( 2000 ) besides describe this method as holding the advantage of that the analysis of the information will let for easy comparing between the respondents. A instance survey is particularly utile for deriving rich and detailed informations ( Saunders et al, 2000 ). They besides province that case-studies are peculiarly good to utilize when inquiring how, what and why inquiries ( ibid ).

Grounded theory is based on that a information aggregation is performed without the old building of a theoretical model ( Saunders et Al, 2000 ). The ab initio gathered information is so used to do anticipations that so are tested in the ulterior phases of the informations aggregation ( Saunders et Al, 2000 ). Furthermore, the intent of descriptive anthropology is defined by Saunders et Al ( 2000 ) in the undermentioned manner ; “ The intent is to construe the societal universe the research subjects inhabit in the same manner in which they interpret it ” ( Saunders et Al, 2000, p.95 ). They besides province that descriptive anthropology is non normally used in concern research ( ibid ). Action research is nevertheless dedicated to researching the direction of alteration, and the research worker frequently must take part in the scene where the alteration occurs. ( Saunders et al, 2000 ).

At first, action research, grounded theory, descriptive anthropology and experiments were discarded from the planning because of the mismatch between these methods and the intent of research. After this, the hunt for a method with a lucifer between the intent of research and the features of the method started. In table 2 below, these different standards for the usage of a study are presented.

3.9 Data Collection Methods

Bradley stated that the term ‘primary informations ‘ can depict information which is collected for a particular intent. On the other manus, secondary information has already collected by person else for their intents ( Bradley, 2007 ).

3.9.1 Primary informations

When put to deathing a quantitative method of informations aggregation, the most common manner of roll uping informations is through the usage of questionnaires as it gives greater chance to garner information from a big figure of respondents without a great sum of resources ( Johannessen & A ; Tufte, 2007 ; Saunders, Lewis & A ; Thornhill, 2000 ). For the empirical research a self-completion questionnaire was deemed appropriate. This is because the research was conceptualised around obtaining information from, or approximately, a defined set of people or population ; viz. online community users ( Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & A ; Lowe, 2002 ).

There are by and large two ways of carry oning a questionnaire: through a self-completion questionnaire or a type of structured interview assisted by the interviewer. A self-completion questionnaire is, as the name suggests, a questionnaire where the respondent answers the inquiries themselves single-handed. This is in contrast to an interviewer helping the questionnaire procedure by, for illustration reading the inquiries and taging up the responses as conducted in structured interviews ( Christensen et al, 2001 ). As the research aims to understand online users, the cyberspace was the natural medium in order to make the coveted mark group. Therefore it was clear that the questionnaire would be designed as a self-completion questionnaire given that helping the questionnaire procedure through structured interviews would be hard to put to death via the cyberspace.

3.9.2 Secondary informations

Secondary informations is formed of paper paperss such as books, particular studies, authorities produced records, and cyberspace beginnings.

Secondary informations can assist to unite it with other facts. Therefore, secondary informations it good for enhance apprehension of consequences and to corroborate consequences ( Bradley, 2007 ).

Secondary informations called as desk research, these can be searched from assorted beginnings any clip. Therefore, this research can give clip and cost good to research workers.

On the other manus, secondary research has restrictions such as irrelevant to the research. But secondary research can gives general thoughts of the research theories and can assist salvage the clip.

In this research, following secondary informations can be used to understand and heighten research.

3.9.1. Books

My research is involved ‘consumer behavior ‘, ‘brand trueness ‘ and ‘online communities ‘. Therefore, theories from literatures those books will be relevant to my survey. Besides those theories can gives general thoughts about this research. Furthermore, theories about civilization besides can be used to understand Korean civilization. Books have many advantages, for illustration, books are easy to entree, and easy to acquire information which is relevant to my survey. Meanwhile, printed books are heavy and sometimes merely can entree old 1s. But, today, on-line books are widely disseminated. Internet engineering helped to entree those resources without any limitation of topographic point. Internet books are really utile to acquire information easy. For my research books are of import to understand the theories. Books can be found in the libraries and cyberspace.

3.9.2. Diaries

Previous researches such as on-line communities, consumer behavior, cosmetics, and determination devising procedures can be used as a literature reappraisal and as a guideline for my research. These old researches can be found in the internet diary web sites such as ebsco host. Besides, written diaries can be found from the libraries. Diaries have many advantages ; diaries include recent researches and recent information. Therefore, diaries can give new thoughts and new information for my research. On the other manus, some diaries are non be accessed easy. Therefore, there is a restriction for entree. But, diaries are utile for research to acquire recent research determination and applied theories to broad my research.

3.9.3. Online database

Internet beginnings can be categorised as on-line database. Information hunt engines such as Google, yokel, or web logs and company web sites will be used for garnering secondary informations. These secondary informations will assist steer my survey and enhance understand the research countries.

3.9.4. Statistical database

Published authorities database, authorities web sites, and the companies ‘ figures will be used for secondary informations. These informations will give a existent figures about the industry which I will analyze and back up my research as an grounds.

3.10 Sampling and Questionnaire design

3.10.1 Sampling

Sampling is the procedure of taking parts organize a defined population in order to analyze these parts, normally with the purpose of doing opinions about the parts of the population that have non been investigated ( Bradley, 2010 ). Besides, it has a major advantages compare with other methods which is that it normally cost salvaging and clip economy because, it investigate little part of the whole population. On the other manus, the major disadvantage is that the procedure can non summarize every feature in that given population ( Bradley, 2010 ).

This survey identifies the mark group of respondent which are ‘Beautynet users ‘. Datas collected from the designed questionnaires and these questionnaires is sent to the online community users through the cyberspace. However, the sample size of this survey is limited 300 users from the online community, because of limited research clip and limited analysis clip.

Returned questionnaire is analysed utilizing statistical methods. Statistical methods are utile to understand the relationship and the user ‘s behavior forms. Therefore, this method can explicate the relationship between the online community and its influence purchase determination, and the relationship between the online community and trade name trueness.

3.10.2 Questionnaire design

The questionnaire was designed to roll up the demographic information of the respondents covering age. Social category information includes instruction, business and income, ( inquiries figure 1, 2, 3, and 4 ) utilizing multiple pick inquiries. Harmonizing to Fisher ( 2007 ) this type of inquiries provides respondents with a pick of three to five options and asks them to take one. This type of inquiries giving unambiguous options that is reciprocally sole. Writers besides applied multiple pick inquiries to analyze the respondents ‘ buying behaviour in inquiries figure 5 to see the frequence of buying make-up merchandises, inquiry figure 6 to see how much money they spend on purchasing make-up and inquiry figure 7 inquiring respondents about type of make-up merchandise they buy largely of. Lastly, Likert scales was applied to inquire respondents about their sentiments and attitudes and to inquire them to take a place on a five-point graduated table between strongly agree and strongly differ ( Fisher, 2007, pp.195-196 ). A Likert graduated table was applied to oppugn figure 8-26 to analyze the respondents ‘ attitude toward trade names and their purchase determination.

3.11 Analysis of Datas

In order to analyse the information collected through the study, the Numberss were foremost statistically sorted to ease the studies different ways of thought, and so farther analyzed to happen possible important forms. This procedure of doing sense of the natural information was made with the aid of the statistical computing machine package Excel, from which we could bring forth different tabular arraies and diagrams. The natural information, together with an overview of the consequences can be found in chapter four. The analysis found in this chapter had two intents ; ab initio t to assist the readers to understand, and secondly assist us as research workers. In order to do the gathered informations more clear, it was coded with the aid of Excel and made tantrum in a spreadsheet, as suggested by Saunders et Al ( 2009 ).

3.12 Quality Standards

Validity and dependability are the two most of import quality criterions in research surveies which this research aims to continue a high criterion of. Validity is concerned with how accurately a variable fits a construct, that is, through finding how accurately the instrument chosen measures the characteristics intended to be measured ( Bouma & A ; Atkinson, 1999 ). Harmonizing to Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & A ; Lowe ( 2002 ) there are three ways of gauging cogency viz. ( 1 ) face cogency: whether the instrument or its points are plausible ; ( 2 ) convergent cogency: the verification from comparing the instrument with other independent measuring processs ; and ( 3 ) proof by known groups: which is as suggested, comparing groups otherwise known to differ on the factor in inquiry. The questionnaire was carefully constructed based on the theoretical accounts used in the research in order to accomplish, every bit certain as possible, the intended consequences from the inquiries probed.

Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & A ; Lowe ( 2002 ) recommend that tests for cogency and dependability should be made at the pilot phase of an probe, before the chief stage of informations aggregation. As such a pilot survey has been conducted to guarantee that the web-questionnaire is constructed to analyze, every bit closely as possible, what it should analyze. This was besides initiated in order to procure that the inquiries would be interpreted right by the respondents thereby proving the cogency of the questionnaire. In world, it is non known whether all the inquiries were interpreted as intended, although a pilot survey provides utile indicants of jobs in progress so that miss-interpretation can be minimised.

Reliability is concerned with the stableness of the research ( Easterby-Smith, Thorpe & A ; Lowe, 2002 ). As stated by Christensen et Al ( 2001 ) a survey should be able to be conducted a 2nd clip by other research workers and give the same consequences if it has a high dependability. Since this research had been conducted with a societal constructionist attack dependability is non peculiarly relevant to the quality criterions. This is because a societal constructionist attack is interpreted by the research worker ‘s cognition during the analysis procedure of the research. The personality of the research worker is besides an influencing factor within the consequences. Therefore the research is limited in its ability to give the same consequences if conducted a 2nd clip.

3.11 Research Restrictions

The survey is conducted within the limited clip. Therefore, the population of the mark audience is limited to a certain figure. Therefore there is a restriction to understand all online community members and their attitudes. Besides, this survey aims to happen out the online community and its impact on purchase determination and trade name trueness. Therefore, this survey merely focused little parts of consumer behavior. Therefore, future research should be considers include some other countries of consumer behavior and big Numberss of mark audience to acquire more dependable informations.

3.12 Decision

The research worker has chosen the positivism doctrine for the research after given account of different sort of doctrine. While this research is about concern job, hence, deductive theory has chosen to explicate old theories about concern affair. Researcher has used quantitative method for the analysis of the informations and the ground behind choosing is the population of Beautynet is excessively large to make qualitative method and quantitative method can be used to understand the mark audience ‘s behavior forms.

Primary information has collected by study from Beautynet users, and secondary information was collected by utilizing the relevant books, diaries,

Most appropriate option for carry oning the research is the descriptive type of research attack. The information collected for this research is utilizing both questionnaire and the secondary informations from the books, diaries, on-line database, and statistical database.


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