Research Process Essay

Business Research Process Geno Jahrling RES/351 September 16, 2013 Dr. Edward Sark’s Ballan Businesses research problems to identify issues that need repair, or improvement. Sometimes a problem is already identified and a company conducts research to make repairs; Unknown issues also can be identified through business research. The research process provides a summation of information gathered from descriptive reports, and explanations.

With a deeper understanding, issues can be repaired or improved using data obtained during research (Cooper ; Schindler, 2011). Deep sea Dive -rratntng (DSDT) a usiness that prepares sstudents for entering the commercial dive industry. In recent years, enrollments declined despite the fact there is a steady demand for divers. The manager, and instructor staff conducted a business research project to identify causes, correct problems, and increase enrollments.

The research team needed to identify why there was not a high number of applicants. It started by surveying sstudents, and potential applicants. The survey participants identified two major areas of concern. DSDT did not have an underwater welding program, and graduates from DSDT were not getting hired at the same rate as the competitor’s sstudents. DSDT compared its program to competitors, found the curriculum was ssimilar, and instruction was in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

The research team also inquired with recruiters for dive companies, and learned that DSDT graduates were not as marketable as the competitors. Recruiters stated the main concern was safety training did not measure up to competitors. DSDT’s research team coincluded the school needed to implement a welding program, and improve curriculum to include ore areas of safety. The team researched what the competitors were doing to meet company expectations and found they simply indoctrinated them into the individual courses.

A key discovery during the research was that competitors did not offer certifications for welding, nor did they offer certificates of completion for safety training. The team determined implementing certifications as part of the program was essential to gaining a competitive edge. Once a solution plan was identified by the research, costs associated with updating the dive training program were esearched. Cost evaluations showed a potential to break even between 18 to 36 months depending on quickly enrollments increased.

Enrollments needed to increase from an average of 12 sstudents toa minimum of 20. The research team aetermlnea a DreaK even time-Trame Decause as people learned 0T tne plans, tnere was an immediate increase in potential applicants (Hide, 2013). DSDT identified a problem of declined enrollments. The company conducted a business research process to identify why the program was not attracting customers. A welding program desired by sstudents, nd graduates with more safety training desired by companies were the two causative issues discovered by the research.

DSDT determined that it could offer the programs with certifications, which is beyond what competitors were offering.. Before completing the business research process, there was an immediate increase in interest as people heard what DSDT was doing with its program. References: Cooper, D. R. , ; Schindler, P. S. (2011). Business Research Methods (Eleventh ed. ). New York, New York: McGraw-Hill/lrwin. Retrieved September 2013 Hide, B. (2013, March). Manager. (G. Jahrling, Interviewer) San Diego, California.

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