Research Project on Business Problems of Pure Dew Limited Essay

Pure dew limited is a H2O production company and celebrated for its high good will and client service. The company was established in 1996 and company is still run by paramjit and his one other spouse ( Tony gallin ) have portion in concern. its caput office is situated in the industrial country of east tamaki ( Auckland ) which helps company to do contact with its bing clients and possible clients.The company has little formal administration provide employment to 10 full clip staff and besides depend on some insouciant worker when required.

On the other manus, fiscal status of the company is non so strong. Company is maximizing its net income every bit good as client satisfaction and employees satisfaction without compromising the quality of merchandise and services. Paramjit and other one spouse extremely concentrate on addition the sale of production, hard currency militias and roll up large portion from the net income every twelvemonth which is the major cause that employees turnover is increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth.Kiwi bank which had been playing supportive function in the growing of the administration loans, bank overdrafts and other liabilities which the company is unable to settle on clip because of bad debts and outstanding debitors.

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Research Project on Business Problems of Pure Dew Limited Essay
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Company focuses on the gustatory sensation of the client, their service rates is sensible and low-cost but after that company is non much successful in market. Company provides trained work force and supply preparation to new employees. Merchandise and services of this company do non hold high demand in the market because it is a new company comparision of the other company like pump etc. company provide six type of H2O packing theoretical account like 15liters, 6liters etc. Customer can purchase H2O harmonizing to his demand. But company largely depend on 10 & A ; 15liters wadding because it is inexpensive than other waddings.

Company besides fulfils its societal duty towards the society, authorities and other stakeholders. It is executing harmonizing to international criterion and extremely cognizant among environment, wellness and safety steps.

However, company do non has high market demand but in the summer the company make immense net income because of seasonable demand. But, in the winter company ‘s sale lessenings every twelvemonth.

Choice of business-

I would wish to speak about pure dew Limited because I am engaged with this building company from five months. So it is easy for me to place and depict the jobs that the employees face while work or in the concern. I besides describe the solution to the jobs that might be good for the concern.

( a ) I Identification of concern problems- ( others )

The administration is confronting many jobs in the competitory market which are related to

Lack of inspiration

Lack of communicating

Lack of structural construction


Lack of adviser


( B ) I Problem designation with principle ( others ) and range

Staff inspiration-

Every concern entity knows that motive is the key to research the concern by utilizing the efficiencies, different accomplishments of employees but we can see clearly that this administration has deficiency of motive among staff members. The company does non supply portion to the employees, employees are kicking about the low rate of allowances and about no committee on the excess work hours.

There is two chief ways to actuate the and non-financial but company is non following none of them. Company does non administer net income among the staff.Employees do non acquire any allowance, portion in concern and fiscal methods of motive. Second, the employees do non acquire chances to utilize their originative accomplishments because proprietors take all the determinations without advice with other staff members of the company which brings demotivation in the organisation. So company should actuate employees with the aid of –

1. Gifts

2. Allowance

3. Committees

4. Fringe benefits

5. Admire

6. Share in the concern

7. Promotion

Communication –

The Company is working like a little formal organisation but company has no effectual communicating on its different degrees.It is chiefly because of unorganized manner of communicating. So there should be proper channel of communicating.Employees do non cognize who will do determination, who is their superior and whom they have to react. So company should follow the formal manner of communicating and should concentrate on answers and feedback. It will assist in fast determination devising and effectual communicating in the organisation.

Many other things are besides act uponing the communicating. One of them is civilization difference, different people have different values, civilization and spiritual beliefs are working under this company and sometime they fail to understand each other that creates hurdle in the manner of work and besides create hold in the work. So people should avoid informal things to do communicating flexible and easy.

structural structure-

As we know that the demand for merchandises and services of this company really high in the market but company sometimes fails to finish the demand. So company need to better their planning and should put way and mark through proper planning.


As we can see clearly that, the proprietors and staff of the company fault each other for any hold and cause. At this phase it is necessary to repair answerability for intent to cognize the errors and accountable individual that they can make by repairing responsibilities and functions in organisation.

Authority and responsibility-

In this building company the employees do non hold much authorization.only top degree direction make all the determination and duty is non clearly defined by them. Lack of authorization among staff members has many restrictions staff members inquire every clip to their superior for any work, undertaking and determination. This is merely wastage of clip. So staff members should hold adequate authorization to finish the aim and demands of the company. Company should be cognizant among the inordinate authorization because there is some opportunities abuse of authorization.


The chief aim of this research undertaking to clearly place the jobs that company is confronting and how it can be solved after research methods. I have discussed the inquiries that why these jobs are originating and suggestions to these jobs.

feedback and benefits-

Because of this research, company can break use its resources and increase its productiveness and services.

Students can better their searching accomplishments through research undertaking.

Students get chance to utilize their priceless determinations

Students gain experience free of cost

Relevance of concern problem-

The jobs are relevant to the concern because these jobs have an impact on the overall services of the administration, which affects the gross revenues gross. The jobs besides severely act uponing the working efficiencies of employees.

Restrictions of research undertaking –

The information presented and related with research undertaking is limited because of the company ‘s privateness policy and authorities act to avoid plagiarism and other web frauds.

( B ) two Research methods and undertakings –

Methodology and research instruments-







Problem work outing with the aid of SWOT analysis-


1.High value service


3. High good will in the market

4.Multi-service company

5.Strong communicating web with clients

6.Trained labour force

7. Strong consciousness of wellness and safety and environment.


1. Employee turnover

2. Unable to finish the demand

3. Lack of motive among staff

4. Customer turnover

5. Lack of channel of communicating

6. Delay in determination devising

7. Lack of authorization and duty

8. Lack of answerability

9.less demand in market


1. Develop new schemes of concern

2. Increase human resources in company to derive new undertakings

3. Develop new scope of merchandise and services

4. Follow the gustatory sensation of the clients


1.Competitions with other organisations

2. rivals with superior accomplishment, cognition and experience

3. Resist to alter

4. authorities limitations strict regulations and ordinances

5.ethical issues

Research instruments-

For the achievement of this research undertaking I have used pupil notes, cyberspace information sites. After analyzing different facets of the company I have made some suggestions for the company that might be good in the job resolution. Three chief research instruments that I have used to finish this appraisal are –

Student notes


Magazines and the newspaper of the company.

Choice of research instruments-

The research instruments like magazines and local newspaper of the company supply the information of every activity traveling in the company. So I count this beginning of information is better than any other research instruments. Second the cyberspace is the best and the fastest manner of garnering informations about any administration.


The company is doing good usage of fiscal resources but the current state of affairs shows the company is non efficaciously utilizing human resources. A company ne’er turn without utilizing the inspirations and new thoughts of employees. Company can outdo devour its human resources by making following things-

1. Personnel development chances

2. Effective leading

3. Appreciate the transmutation ( civilization )

4. Employee motive

5. Workplace preparation helps in increasing productiveness

6. Salary and other good programs

Other resources –

Internal resources –

1. Staff

2. Merchandise and services

3. engineering

External resources-

1. Customers

2. Distributors

3. Selling programs

4. Suppliers

Goals, undertaking programs and clip frame –

The chart describes future programs and aims that can be done on a specific period of clip and the stairss that require making it.





Recruitment of staff

Provide preparation

Delegating duty

Giving authorization

Action for coveted consequences

Customer perceptual experience

Act on feedback

The Gantt chart by and large used to derive the creativity of employees, clip direction and better the feedback degree of an organisation and better the quality of the merchandise through the client perceptual experience.


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