Resourcing and Development value in the modern workplace Essay

Human Resource and Development plans can be cardinal constituents when an organisation seeks to regenerate itself and alter its organisational civilization. ( Jon M. Werner, Randy L. DeSimone,2008’Human Resource Development ‘ p.105 )

Cathy Pacific Airways has provided a great Human Resource and Development plan for their staff, I will concentrate on Flight Attendant and discourse about their enlisting demand, preparation construction, public presentation direction and their added value consequently in this undertaking.

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Resourcing and Development value in the modern workplace Essay
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Cathay Pacific Airways is an international air hose which founded in 1946 registered and based in Hong Kong, offering scheduled lading and rider services to more than 110 finishs around the universe.

Cathay Pacific Airways continue to do significant investings to develop Hong Kong ‘s air power industry and heighten Hong Kong ‘s place as a regional transit hub. Cathay Pacific Airways are besides a founding member of the one universe planetary confederation whose combined web serves over 700 finishs worldwide.

Cathay Pacific and its subordinates and associates employ over 20,000 staff in Hong Kong. The air hose ‘s two major stockholders are both Hong Kong companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, as is Cathay Pacific itself. On the other manus, Cathay Pacific is the major stockholder in AHK Air Hong Kong Limited, an all lading bearer that offers scheduled services in the Asia part, and is a stockholder in Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited. Cathay Pacific ‘s vision is to be the universe ‘s best air hose. Their dynamic squad provides the highest quality service so that their clients are happy about taking Cathay Pacific.

At Cathay Pacific Airways, they pride themselves on supplying ‘Service Straight From the Heart ‘ to our valued clients. With their purpose to do Cathay Pacific the ‘world ‘s best air hose ‘ and to back up the company ‘s operational demands, they invite committed and enthusiastic persons to fall in our professional squad of Flight Attendants.

Hong Kong Base Requirements:

Permanent Hong Kong occupant position.

Minimal age of 18.

Minimum of Grade E in 5 HKCEE topics ( including Level 2 or above in English Language ) , or equivalent.

Fluency in English and Cantonese is required, Mandarin preferred.

Polished interpersonal accomplishments with a positive and customer-oriented attitude.

Previous experience in the service industry is preferred.

A minimal arm-reach of 208cm and physical fittingness to go through the pre-employment medical appraisal.

As a Flight Attendants, their Cardinal Duties are listed as below:

Carry out inflight safety and security processs

Provide first-class client service which exceeds riders ‘ outlooks

Anticipate and respond to riders ‘ demands quickly and in a professional mode

To accomplish the company ‘s vision, Cathay Pacific would supply developing class and learn all their staff to set safety as the first, supply outstanding merchandises and services, and produce superior fiscal returns and to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.

At Cathay Pacific, our primary focal point is on safety and client service. We operate one of the youngest fleets in the air hose industry – over 120 aircraft, including the most advanced theoretical accounts made by Boeing and Airbus.

In order to go wholly familiar with all aircraft proficient and safety processs, new Flight Attendants will get down by set abouting an intensive 6-week preparation programme. Practical Sessionss take topographic point in an aircraft mock-up. Each squad of Flight Attendants must non merely perform legion everyday proficient and safety processs before every take-off, but besides review all passenger-service related undertakings, and guarantee that all necessary points for the flight are on board and decently stowed. Flight Attendants practise covering with all sorts of passenger-service state of affairss, including every possible exigency eventuality. After fall ining our squad, you will larn how to believe on your pess, be sensitive to the demands of others, and to rapidly turn jobs into chances.

More significantly, the demands of the occupation and the multicultural squad environment contribute significantly to your personal growing. You will besides do durable friendly relationships with co-workers from all over the universe. In add-on, the accomplishments you develop in problem-solving and edifice teamwork will do you even more mature and independent. This sort of personal development is genuinely priceless.

To supply “ Service Straight From the Heart ” means ever reacting to riders in a warm, friendly and professional mode. Can you maintain smiling and appear professional at 3am? Are you eager to travel to work when everyone else is traveling to bed? Can you stay unagitated when you encounter hard state of affairss and demanding riders? Are you prepared to work on public vacations, during weekends and particular occasions? If you answered “ Yes ” to all of the above inquiries, this could be the perfect occupation for you.

At Cathay Pacific, every flight is an international path, and your roll will include exciting finishs each month. Agendas are calculated in winging hours alternatively of the figure of flights you fly. You will acquire a mix of long-haul and short-haul flights one time you start winging with us, and we provide winging wage and outport allowances every bit good.

Since 1996, all new Flight Attendants are given a three-year contract. Why? We want to honor you more reasonably in position of planetary market tendencies. We besides want to let you to reenforce your calling determination after three old ages.

After deriving experience in working in Economy Class, Flight Attendants move on to function in Business and First Class. Promotion is based on single public presentation. Your calling follows this way:

Flight Attendant – Flight Purser – Senior Flight Purser – Inflight Service Manager

Equally shortly as your calling as a Flight Attendant takes off, you become entitled to a scope of benefits, including competitory wage based on winging hours and 21 yearss of one-year leave. You besides become eligible for discounted travel, medical coverage, retirement benefits and take parting in comprehensive insurance strategies. Plus, you get to research a universe of astonishing sights and experiences when you fly with us!

Staff refers to flight attenders and pilot, whose have direct communicating and contact with clients. We find all the flight attenders and pilot are patient and reactivity. They handle clients ‘ petitions with pleasance. When confronting sudden or particular petitions of clients, they perform their profession to function those clients at the shortest clip. Besides, all the staff has manners. They keep their uniforms neat and tidy, and dress up modestly. Furthermore, they ever keep smiling and give a nice image to clients.

The flight attender and pilot are willing to be patient and responsiveness to manage client ‘s petitions through the direct communicating and contact with clients. It can demo that Cathay Pacific is implement a scheme of ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Principles which is principle 1: Customer Focus, is the steadfast depend on their clients and hence should understand current and future client demands, meet client demands, and strive to transcend client outlooks. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific is affecting the rule 2: Leadership, which is leaders set up integrity of intent and way of the organisation. They should make and keep the internal environment in which people can go to the full involved in accomplishing the organisation ‘s nonsubjective. So that the staff who in the Cathay Pacific has good mode to maintain their uniforms tidy and neat, and ever maintain smiling and nice image to function clients. It attains the better image for the company. Besides, the rule 3: Engagement of Peoples is Cathay Pacific to put to death, which is the staff at all degrees is the kernel of an organisation and their full engagement enables their abilities to be used for the organisation ‘s benefit. Therefore, all staffs in the different degree are more of import for the Cathay Pacific to accomplish their intent to keep a highest quality criterion to fulfill their clients.


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