Responsibility For Employees Essay

I and two other persons have agreed to get down a concern that will supply direction consulting services to non-profit-making organisations. Because of the increased examination on actions of corporations and those who act on behalf of organisations. we have determined that it would be indispensable to hold our moralss plan developed before we start offering our services. A concern as a moral agent must turn out that it has an effectual moralss plan to protect employees. the corporation. and concerns that the company will function. It is besides of import to hold an ethics plan to back up the ethical values of our corporation and to do it clear to employees what is acceptable behaviour. and to do clear what policies and criterions are to be followed in our confer withing company. It has been proven that concerns who take these stairss to forestall misconduct by doing the codification of moralss clear for their company hold had great success with no repute harm for a period of at least five old ages for some ( Ferrell. Fraedrich. & A ; Ferrell. 2008 ) . Code of Ethical motives:

A: Standards and Procedures:

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Responsibility For Employees Essay
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Duty of employees to one another and including direction and proprietors shall be as follows: All employees and forces of MCS are required to detect the highest criterions of personal. professional. and concern behavior. Conformity with applicable Torahs and ordinances is the minimal criterion in carry throughing ethical responsibilities and duties. Management Consulting Services enterprises to pattern honestness. equity. and unity in all our traffics with one another. the populace. the concern community. shareholders. clients. and providers likewise. This requires that we all take duty in ethical decision-making and acknowledge that all actions must reflect the highest ethical patterns. Failure to follow the patterns and policies of this Management Consulting Services house can ensue in subject. up to and including expiration. All forces working for MCS will be required to read these Ethical motives Guidelines and a signature of recognition and consent to work under these footings is required. Duty to our Clients. Management Consulting Services will function our clients with unity. competency. and without prejudice.

MCS will maintain confidential all client information and records of our clients battles. MCS will utilize proprietary client information merely with the client’s permission. MCS will non let abuse of confidential client information by our house or its advisers. MCS will non let struggles of involvement. which supply a competitory addition to a client through our usage of confidential information or belongings from another client who is a direct rival without that competitor’s mandate. MCS does non enroll employees of a client or help them in acquiring employment elsewhere except by express permission and anterior audience with the client ( DiMatteo & A ; DiMatteo. 2001 ). Duty of Management. MCS will non prosecute in any confer withing assignment unless we have a adviser who is qualified to execute it based on their expertness and competence. MCS will help our fellow advisers in developing their qualities ; back up them in practising the Code of Ethics of this profession. and work together with our advisers in a constructive mode.

Management Consulting Services will go on to maintain our professionals educated by developing their cognition. accomplishments. and techniques through updated direction consulting categories and seminars to stay experts in our professional consulting concern. Prior to get downing the executing of any confer withing duty. MCS will guarantee that the aims. scope of work. proposal. the professional fees and payment agreements have all been agreed upon with the client in composing. MCS will instantly profess any influences on our objectiveness to our clients and will offer to retreat from a confer withing battle when a struggle of involvement or unity may be impaired. MCS will document all studies submitted to clients. This will keep continuity of apprehension of the client’s jobs and the solutions that have been created for the client in order to hold a mention when necessary.

MCS will bear down sensible fees that are proportionate with the confer withing services we provide. clip that we spend. and tantamount to our expertness. MCS does non accept any committees. fees. or compensation from other parties in connexion with any recommendation to a client to buy equipment. stuffs. or services as a consequence of our confer withing battle ( Consulting. 2006 ) . MCS will non publicize our services in an illusory or exaggerated mode or in any other manner that may harm the unity of the profession of direction consulting. All clients of Management Consulting Services and all parties involved are required to read and subscribe an recognition of these footings and conditions. B. Ethical motives Training Plan:

Ethical motives preparation plans are portion of the necessary growing if all companies. Ethical motives developing plans when given at least annually will further positive morale among employees and promote employees to do right picks based on moralss developing. Ethical motives preparation will besides supply guidelines for protection in liability. The perceptual experience of a concern is readily determined by the moralss that company undertakings among its employees. the environment. and the community.

If a company has a repute of holding unity. employees every bit good as clients and co-workers will be extremely honored to be portion of or associated with this concern ( Gordon. 2006 ) . MCS will mandate on-line Ethical motives developing to be taken annually for each employee and all other forces. The MCS person will be given 30 yearss to finish the online preparation to be completed each twelvemonth no subsequently than 30 yearss after the day of the month of hire. i. e. day of the month of hire 06/10/2011. a peculiar employee would hold until 07/10 of every twelvemonth after their employment day of the month to take the annual online moralss preparation and have their completion page signed and sent in to the HR Ethics Manager. The Personal computer online preparation would embrace four specific countries: Enforcement of company regulations.

Ethical behaviour sing the environment in relation to company belongings and liability issues.

C. Monitoring. Auditing. and Reporting Ethical motives Misdemeanors:
The Board of Directors would be in charge of the Code of Ethics for our company and capable to its regulations and ordinances. We three would be the commission and I am the Ethics director and officer. Any and all concerns should be turned in via the on-line plan for anon. intents and be straight handled by our commission. The employee and all forces for our company may still reach the Ethical motives Officer personally if that is the more comfy manner to present the moralss concerns and perceived misdemeanors.

The Ethics commission would be responsible for developing and construing policies and processs for moralss concerns. Quarterly section meetings for reading of moralss policies and processs. Discuss briefly failings with apprehension of moralss policies and processs and answer inquiries from employees sing any of the policies or processs. Explain the monitoring. scrutinizing. and describing procedure and once more reply inquiries employees or forces may hold. Monitoring. Auditing. and Reporting of Misconduct.

The Ethics officer would be entirely responsible for supervising the online coverage by employees and forces and take appropriate steps to decide possible fraud or misconduct as reported to include private treatment with the accused to avoid legal action if possible. and misinterpretations that occur due to miss of full apprehension of the company moralss and processs policies and criterions of behavior. This online system would be straight connected to the Ethical motives officer’s inbox designed outside of electronic mail and purely through the coverage system and non accessible by other forces.

Auditing would include the effectivity of operations. the credibleness of fiscal coverage. preventing. and analyzing for fraud. plus protection. and conformity to Torahs and ordinances of province and Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations and conformity with Sarbanes – Oxley Act. Coverage of misconduct can be done in two ways. An employee or forces may turn it in through the computing machine online moralss guideline plan anonymously or inquire for a private meeting with the moralss officer to uncover the sensed misconduct and be protected without fright of requital. All studies whether to the moralss officer or through the online anon. coverage system would be purely confidential and automatically protect the coverage person. Wagess for following the moralss policies and processs.

Additional Paid Time Off at 1 twenty-four hours per twelvemonth up to the first four old ages. After the 5th twelvemonth of employment the paid clip off will accrue at 2 extra yearss per twelvemonth. A plaque will be awarded to the employee voted on for employee of the twelvemonth. The employee or forces will besides have dining tickets made out to favorite eating house for $ 30.

Disciplines to include.

First warning with specifying issues. explicating the policies. and retraining. Second warning will include possible suspension along with retraining and possible damages by employee if necessary. Third could include expiration or supplication to Ethics commission for continuance of employment with demerit on wage graduated table and possible demotion. If legal proceedings develop from a misdemeanor so expiration is absolute.

D. Ethics Program Review and Improvement:

The moralss commission will find on a annual footing if betterments are needed in specific moralss countries and will discourse and implement updates in all countries pertinent. This will be done through reappraisal of on-line suggestions employees and forces have offered as portion of their annual online moralss preparation. An ethical checklist will be used to find proper growing for the company sing the ethics civilization of our company and to find needed alterations for that growing ( McNamara. 1992 ). Education of updates on a annual footing in conformity with internal auditing criterions to include the undermentioned:

Ethical motives Programs.
IT administration.
Fraud hazard direction.
Technology based audits. due professional attention.
Prohibition from pull offing hazard.
Records keeping.


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