Responsibility of Educational Institutes in Guiding Students Essay

Jackasses Education system should dissuade student for pursuing field of study in which they will unlikely to get success. If we talk about responsibility of education Institute It Is not only to give knowledge but they have make them better for their future and produce a responsible person . Who can help others and society by knowledge and Intelligence which they gained by institute . So, It is institute responsibility towards student to giving them deter vision about selecting future field so can get successful life and make them available to make better society.

However, question Is that how institute can decide which field is appropriate to student . There should be some method available for this process . There Is one possible solution Is that some encouragement If they do better in any field by this he or she will take more interest in particular field -For example in India some collage is give price if they show extra ordinary in particular subject for example take Java if any student good at Java then collage give them extra training so that student can make better progress and take interest in programming field choose programming as further study program so they can get successful life.

If we take example of venerate Raman Nobel prize winner in chemistry he was studding in India where education institute is not guiding student for selecting feature field he decided to study in abroad where he get inspiration about chemical research and ark hard and he get Nobel pries for his work he told that if he would had stayed in India for further study he would not win this pries.

It Is clear that education Institute have dip impact for selecting pursuing filed There are so many people Is in this world who had taken wrong decision because of lake of guidance and so the are not success even though they have talent so it Is clear that educational institute have to guide their student for pursuing appropriate field for students and and their society’s success. Ton

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Responsibility of Educational Institutes in Guiding Students Essay
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