Result and data analysis Essay

Chapter 5




Questionnaire helps to interpret research aims into exact inquiries those that are standardized with inquiry classs. It can assist rush up the rate of informations analysis procedure and can function as footing for dependability and proof steps. ( Burn & A ; Bush, 2003 ) . Planing a questionnaire is one of the indispensable phases in the study research procedure. ( Zikmund, 2003 ) .

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Result and data analysis Essay
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The questionnaire is one of the most popular techniques for study aggregation because it provides an efficient and effectual manner of roll uping responses from a big sample prior to quantitative analysis by inquiring each respondent to react to the interest set of inquiries. ( Saunder et Al. ,2003 )


In this research, the present research consists of inquiries that are related to the background that is: what difficulties do people meet on cyberspace banking or doing minutess on the cyberspace and how frequently do people are faced with menaces every bit good as what action they took when they are defrauded. What measures have the bank put in topographic point to counter this wicked activities.

The research besides attempted to happen out security steps available for cyberspace banking in the UK and counter steps to be adopted when security menaces are posed.The informations sing to clients sentiment was collected both through examining questionnaire and besides by a face-to-face interview. The intent of this is to acquire deepness, honest, accurate and assorted sentiments. The face to confront interview in this research truly shed more light on different sort of thoughts.

This comprehensive questionnaire consist of 19 inquiries in ( Appendix a or B or degree Celsius put as appropriate later ) and a twosome of face-to-face interview where used to garner the information presented. Due to the limited clip to finish this undertaking, a sum of 36 questionnaire signifiers were sent out of were 20 signifiers were returned. The questionnaires were distributed to few pupils from higher establishments such as colleges and universities, friends and relation within my vicinity and a twosome of concern constitution.

Analysis of the information was conducted by comparing the responses of the assorted respondents. First, the questionnaire was presented to the respondents and after completion ; there was besides an in-depth treatment to foreground some of import issues and enlightened each other.


The research questioned was designed to picture the assorted possible menaces as asked from the chief aim as possible. The aim of the first subdivision of the questionnaire is to happen out the background such as age, gender ad profession of the respondents who are utilizing or have stopped utilizing or willing to utilize the cyberspace banking services. In the 2nd portion of subdivision A consist of the frequent times answering usage cyberspace for banking services. More inquiries are besides asked on how efficient, secure and troubles answering face or brush when banking online. The face-to-face interview with a twosome of respondents besides gave a different sentiment.

In subdivision B, which is supposed to be answered by the direction of the bank or the bank staff consist of the bank name, section of the bank forces and bank subdivision which would non be disclosed in this thesis. Others include: What per centum of clients use internet banking and what per centum visit the bank subdivision per certain period, how frequently do clients kick about fraud on cyberspace banking or when they transact concern online, what is the bank major concern about security and other of import inquiries


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