Retail Buying and Merchandise Management for the Body Shop Essay

Retail Buying and Merchandise Management

Establishing and Keeping a Retail Image

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Retail Buying and Merchandise Management for the Body Shop Essay
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The Body Shop

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  1. Background of The Body Shop


  1. Importance of Communicating with Customers


  1. Analyze the Concept of Retail Image


  1. Target market characteriestics


  1. Geographic


  1. Demographic


  1. Behavioral


  1. Shop locations


  1. Dynamicss of making and keeping a retail image


  1. Retail Store Image


  1. Outside


  1. General inside


  1. Shop layout


  1. Displaies


  1. Non-store shows


  1. Wayss of promoting clients


  1. Impact of community dealingss on a retailer’s image


  1. Decisions


  1. Background of The Body Shop

The Body Shop was found by Anita Roddick in the twelvemonth of 1976 which she opened the first shop in United Kingdom utilizing merely ?8000. In 1984, The Body Shop is floated on the London Stock Exchange. In 2006, The Body Shop won the PETA’s Proggy ( progess ) awards for its consistent committedness against carnal testing.

  1. To demo the importance of pass oning with clients and analyze the construct of a retail image.

Here are some Department of States and don’ts that boosters and salesman demands to cognize approximately and its importance. First, they are supposed to listen carefully what is the customer’s needs. Second, maintaining the clients informed on the new merchandises or even the latest publicities that is go oning in the store.

Here and some don’ts that boosters should non do. First, gross revenues forces should ne’er disrupt the clients when they are lodging a ailment or talking out their sentiments that may better the service quality. Second, gross revenues forces should non disregard clients and the petitions the clients make. In order to derive the customer’s trueness, gross revenues forces demands to give the clients attending so that the clients are able to swear the gross revenues forces.

  1. Retail image of The Body Shop

Retail image presents the proper image of the manner a house is distinguished by its clients and others. Some factors of a retailer’s image are its mark market features, shop location.

  1. Target market features

There are different features of a mark market which includes geographic, demographic and behavioural features.

  1. Geographic

A geographic mark market targets the clients in a certain country of the universe. For The Body Shop, many mercantile establishments can be found all over the states particularly the Asiatic states like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea.

As many people are going more visual aspect witting, The Body Shop specifically has many shops in South Korea as South Korea is taking in the beauty market.

  1. Demographic

A demographic mark market focuses on a specific gender, age group or income degree.

The Body Shop focuses on females, nevertheless, The Body Shop besides has a broad scope of merchandises catered for males besides. The age group The Body Shop marks on has besides a broad scope, runing from the teens to even 1950ss. Last, The Body Shop has many clients whom their monthly income is above $ 6000 SGD as shown below.

( Beginning from hypertext transfer protocol: // )

  1. Behavioral

The behavioural mark market marks on occasions and graduated table of attachment.

The Body Shop uses Facebook selling that are focused on loyal clients whom follow The Body Shop Facebook page. The Body Shop posts their new merchandises on the page, making quizzes for the clients to understand the new merchandise, giving them a opportunity to win the merchandise and addition cognition on the merchandise itself.

  1. Shop locations

For The Body Shop in Singapore, the shops are located in large shopping promenades where most people go to such as Orchard Gateway, Bugis Junction, NEX, Changi Airport Terminal 3 and JEM. Basically, The Body Shop is all around Singapore, clients can happen The Body Shop in the North, Central/South, East and West portion of Singapore.

( Mention from, hypertext transfer protocol: // )

  1. Dynamicss of making and keeping a retail image

Making and to keep a retail image is a complicated, multi-step, go oning procedure. It includes menu more than store “atmosphere” . With so many people holding small clip for shopping and others holding lesser involvement in it, more retail merchants understand that may hold to entertain shoppers to pull in their concerns.

Harmonizing to Alan Treadgold who identified six major retail image places that houses interest out, there were two that applies to The Body Shop.

First, The Body Shop is all about atmosphere. The Body Shop creates an “extraordinary in-store experience, frequently with a particular subject, where consumers are likely to believe it’s merriment to go.” The Body Shop does non hold a broad scope of merchandises, conveying in facial merchandises, organic structure attention and wash merchandises, nail merchandises. Despite the little scope of merchandises The Body Shop brings in, the monetary values tend to be on the high side.

Second, The Body Shop is monetary value plus. The Body Shop offer a good value on the points they sell and are besides an interesting topographic point to shop. The Body Shop add in new merchandises on a regular footing and hearten shoppers to pass more clip.

( Beginning from Alan Treadgold, planetary caput of retail scheme at Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide,Page 490, Retail Management, A Strategic Approach, Twelfth Edition by Barry Berman & A ; Joel R. Evans)

  1. Retail shop image

Retail shop image is theideaorfeelingofa shop inthe heads of consumers. Goodcompleteimpression ofthisnaturein termsof merchandises availablein the shop, the shop itselfandthe experience theyexpect whenshopping atthe store.Hence, thestoreimageis really are flection ofthe overall customertostoreenvironment.

It is of import for a client to understand the shop image. Particularly via its outside, general inside, layout, and shows, in conclusion to look at the particular instance of non-store ambiance.

  1. Outside

The outside of a store is of import as it takes charge to pull the possible consumers into the store.

The exposure below shows The Body Shop shop in Great World City at Zion Road.

In the image above, the chief thing that attracts the consumers instantly is the big show window that promotes The Body Shop’s newest merchandise. The shop is comparatively tall and broad, to simplify, it is rectangular shaped. The shop is besides large plenty for the consumers to see The Body Shop instantly. It is likely that it will non acquire congested with consumers as there are two issues in both sides of the store. Basically, the store gives off a warm and colorful vibration to the consumers.

The entryway of The Body Shop in Great World City.

As seen, the outside are covered with glass, with lone half of the infinite unfastened for the clients to come in. A mark board was besides placed outside so that the on-going publicities can be seen by the clients before they enter into the shop. At the right of the entryway, there is besides a large posting that shows their runs and their values.

This is a exposure of The Body Shop at ION Orchard. As shown, it has an unfastened construct as compared to The Body Shop in Great World City. Consumers can merely see the whole of the store merely by standing in forepart of it.

At the entryway of every mercantile establishment, there will be this posting shown above. The Body Shop celebrates their 38 old ages anniversary by demoing their values, runs and visions summarised in a posting.

( Beginning from The Body Shop Singapore’s Facebook, hypertext transfer protocol: // oh=f85c8cdb3e04133fe1b56c602df21032 & A ; oe=54B502BE & A ; __gda__=1425481451_4f39c96c5c5b28ded5a09d2d22dc1a64 )

  1. General Interior

General Interior is the interior of a edifice, from the point of position of originative lineation.

( Beginning from The Body Shop Singapore’s Facebook, hypertext transfer protocol: // oh=c23e18e250ccefcae682e73bd6a1938f & A ; oe=54B44E1C )

In The Body Shop in Raffles City, the floorings are white and they made usage of two sorts of lighting, orange and white. Orange visible radiations gives off a heater atmosphere every bit compared to white lighting as it is harsher to the eyes. The chief coloring material for the walls in The Body Shop are white, which besides gives off a cleaner expression of the store. Every clip when the consumers walk in, The Body Shop smells of their merchandises. It does non smell excessively overwhelming, it smells light and pure.

Most of the walls are covered by shelves, nevertheless there are besides pillars that are covered with white colored bricks. The temperature in the stores are merely right, non excessively cold or excessively hot for the consumers. The breadth of the aisles are reasonably broad for the consumers to go through, without doing any congestion inside the shop. The forces in the shops are chiefly dressed in black, together with a green coloured apron which symbolises the store.

Last, it is really clean and orderly inside the shop, to intensify the ambiance for the consumers that are in the shop itself.

  1. Layouts

Layouts meant that how the points are placed or arranged, or a program demoing the ways to set up the adjustments.

Here is the layout program for The Body Shop table shows.

As stated on the above, it is split into seven parts. White Musk, NPD Red Musk, Theme Area, Top 10 Area, Commercial Bridge, Skincare Experiential Area and in conclusion, Make-Up Area.

White Musk and NPD Red Musk are The Body Shop’s latest merchandises. Followed by Theme Area, which are filled with White Musk Smoky Rose and White Musk Libertine, which are besides their latest merchandises under the White Musk and NPD Red Musk publicities.

In the Top 10 Area, it is filled with the consumer’s top 10 favorite merchandises from The Body Shop. Followed by Commercial Bridge, which men’s EDT and facial chaparral and laid out to expose.

Skincare Experiential Area, which the skin care merchandises can be found in this class of the layout includes oculus picks, BB pick and etc. Last, the make-up country that are filled with nail glosss, and high spots.

For this show that were ever placed right at the entryway, the examiners are ever placed on the top rack, followed by the non-testers that are placed under the “BUY ME” and “LOVE ME” racks. It is arranged harmonizing to the colors as shown above, yellow, dark orange, light orange, pink and viridity.

As shown in the exposure above, it is mandatory for all shops with window to follow the window show as shown above to besides advance their latest merchandise named Red Musk.

The Body Shop in Novena has a consecutive traffic form. With a consecutive traffic form, there are some advantages like an efficient ambiance is created. More floor infinite is besides devoted to merchandise shows. With concerns such as The Body Shop, floor infinite is needed to put more merchandises to maintain the country organised and tidy. Peoples can besides shop rapidly as the merchandises are placed merely at a certain country, and consumers can see it easy without any confusions.

However, there are bound to be disadvantages. The disadvantages are the impersonal ambiance, more limited browse by clients, and rushed shopping behaviour. Impersonal atmosphere gives the clients an uncomfortable surrounding that may miss of friendly human feelings, or may even do the clients feel unimportant. With more limited browse by clients, opportunities of gross revenues may worsen as the clients will non pull off to shop exhaustively for the points they want. Last, with rushed shopping behaviour, clients may merely take the merchandise they need and walk out of the shop.

( Beginning from,Page 499, Retail Management, A Strategic Approach, Twelfth Edition by Barry Berman & A ; Joel R. Evans)

  1. Displaies

Retail show meant how the merchandises are displayed onto the show ranks in a certain manner so that it is in a neat and uniformly order. There are many sorts of shows that can be found in The Body Shop, which includes tabular array shows, shelf shows and counter-top shows. Largely found are rack shows.

Here’s an illustration of shelf shows shown in the image below.

As shown, there are the Gifts and Home Fragrance subdivision. Merchandises from both classs are placed from big sized to portable sized, to medium sized. It is easier for the consumers to see from their oculus degree. Consumers may buy portable sized 1s for their ain usage, and the larger sized 1s as gifts.

Here’s the exposure of the Fragrance subdivision.

In the Fragrance subdivision, the merchandises are placed harmonizing to the rainbow spectrum. Get downing from pink, bit by bit down to orange, till violet at the 2nd column.

In the right last row of the show, there are two little shits bin shows. Shallow plenty for the consumers to see what is in it, and besides makes it easier for the consumers to merely catch and travel.

Here are the exposures of the tabular array shows. Samples are placed first of all merchandises so that consumers have handiness to seek out the merchandises before doing up their heads to buy the merchandises. A spatula was included for the hygiene intent. All merchandises placed on the tabular arraies are promotional merchandises so that they can pull more consumers to buy.

Equally shown as the image on the left, the gross revenues made from selling the merchandises will travel to the charity. It is placed in an obvious topographic point so that consumers can see and purchase, and besides do a good title to assist with the needy.

Here’s the exposure of the Body attention subdivision

In the Body attention subdivision, the merchandises are besides placed harmonizing to colorss. Get downing from the brighter colorss like pink and ruddy to earthly colorss like light brownish and dark blue.

The two images shown are under the Skincare subdivision. The merchandises are placed harmonizing to colorss, get downing with crude green, to sea blue, to light pink. There are besides a few 25 % notes around the shelves to allow the consumers know that there is a publicity that is ongoing.

In the 2nd image, there is a theme show under the class “The cool tegument treat” . Every merchandises displayed are related to face, and are besides decked in pink.

  1. Non-store show

Non-store show are shows that are outside the store. They varies from catalogs, peddling machines and web sites.

This is a exposure of an advertizement along Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

This exposure shows The Body Shop newest merchandise. Bing placed in a metropolis country, many office workers or shoppers will go through by this topographic point. With this advertizement, it will go forth a great impact for those who looks at it. With a image of a babe, it merely leaves a clear message of “youth” .

  1. Wayss of promoting clients to pass more clip shopping

Here are some ways to promote clients to pass more clip shopping.

The Body Shop created a rank nine to promote clients to pass more dollars to gain points to deliver on their favourite merchandises. Extra price reductions are given on regular monetary value points and The Body Shop will ask for them for a furtive prevue merchandise launch. The minimal standards to measure up for the rank is to pass $ 50 in a individual reception, and for those who wants excess privileges will hold to pass at least $ 400 within a twelvemonth.

The Body Shop besides collect clients contact specifics such as their nomadic figure or email reference to update their new merchandises, publicities and newssheets on their company event.

The Body Shop has besides put intelligence in societal media to make consciousness about their values and run, so that the clients will gain other than buying the merchandises, the clients are besides lending to the runs.

In every 2-3 times in a twelvemonth, there will be clearance sale as they have many quality merchandises that are run intoing the termination day of the month or confront off merchandises, selling them at farther price reduction. It will pull out new clients as first clip purchaser will seek their merchandise at great trades to patronize them the following visit.

Other than merchandises, shop forces are besides of import. Product cognition preparation received by the gross revenues forces so that they are able to urge the most suited merchandise to the client. It is besides of import for the gross revenues forces to be friendly and have a positive attitude so that the clients will besides be loyal to the gross revenues forces.

The Body Shop will besides expose new or particular priced merchandises near the entryway to pull the clients to take a closer expression and with the vivacious coloring material show of its merchandises, it gives the clients handiness to shop farther.

Last, their merchandises which contains aromas, are all around the store which gives the clients a sense of indulgence. This will besides pull the clients to come into the store and buy the merchandises.

( Mention from, hypertext transfer protocol: // )

  1. Impact of the community dealingss on a retailer’s image

The Body Shop has many community dealingss as The Body Shop is against carnal testing and besides protects the planet. This value is really important to the laminitis, Anita Roddick, as her vision was to sell choice skin-care merchandises that were made from natural constituents and packaged in environmentally friendly containers. It was besides promoted worldwide to stop the unneeded agonies of animate beings and besides the dedication to happen and obtain organic resources and constituents, puting ecological ends. The Body Shop is besides one of the first to stand against carnal testing.

The Body Shop besides supports community just trade and defends human rights. Strives to handle everyone in a just and unfastened mode, to reverence and prize their veracity. The Body Shop continues to contend for societal justness and human rights, and have ne’er been scared to contend for the weak and the underprivileged. The Body Shop besides takes pride in the Community Trade programme, as the administration determines to do a difference to the husbandmans, maker and their community’s lives.

Last, The Body Shop activates self-esteem by seeking to convey out the natural beauty of a individual. To The Body Shop, beauty is a feeling, a common manner of being, where personality, assurance and gaiety are freely conveyed and celebrated. That is the psyche of beauty. It is non merely about looking gorgeous. It is about giving off an energetic attack to life.

  1. Decision

In decision, The Body Shop has a good repute and has managed to go forth the clients a good retail image. The Body Shop has besides done a good occupation in set uping and keeping a retail Image.


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