Reverse-racism and society Essay

Reverse-racism and society: an argumentative essay attempting to illustrate that the issue of racism imposed by minorities to majorities is present in society. By kinglike Racism is a modern concept, introduced in the early sass’s. By definition, the word means 1) The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race Is superior to others, 2) Discrimination or prejudice based on race. It Is essential to understand that years ago, this was a real Issue. Governments were suppressing certain races, using them as slaves, not giving them equal rights.

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Reverse-racism and society Essay
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These causes all contributed to the civil rights act, which ended in the equalization of all men. With the coming of that age, some still harbored unfavorable thoughts of the other race, which could only be a recipe for disaster. Reverse racism (also called reverse discrimination) was born. Racism Is a topic, which when addressed with the public seems to be one sided. It Is not acceptable and more steps should be taken to help those who have been its victim in the past. Blacks want to be treated as equals to whites, only between the two races stands a chasm.

Here stands a vicious circle. White people once sought privileges for themselves which they denied to others (Fish, 1993). They put there needs before the minorities’. Now that there are laws which stipulate that such events can not take place any more, the molesters seem to be taking advantage of this and doing exactly as the majorities had done to them. They are seeking privileges for themselves which they, directly or indirectly, deny to others. When thought of, it becomes more obvious to see these signs. The school systems give a clear picture on the topic. The University of Georgia had en accepting more black students, even if that meant rejecting more qualified white students. ” (Realties of Reverse Racism, 2002) This goes to show how far some are willing to go In order to please the molesters of North America. How can some accept less qualified pupils to their universities, because of there skin color and heritage, and claim it to be to remedy racial discrimination? “Likewise, Atlanta’s Fulton County transferred eight librarians, Just because they were white. ” (Realities of Reverse Racism, 2002).

In that example, the last few words were most likely an exaggeration, but the point still serves. Whites, who where potentially more qualified were moved to make place for minorities. All these Individuals above sued for reverse where race can actually get you into a school seeking to be more culturally diverse. ” The focus must be upon the merit of individual applicants, not upon characteristics of racial Use Of Affirmative Action Upheld, 2002). Best. Just this September, a story was published in a local newspaper about a scenario which had been taking place every first of May at a local middle school.

It .NET like this: Every first of May, three black girls picked a random white girl and assaulted her, leaving the white girl with psychological trauma and in most cases several scars due to excessive blows to the head. When being tried in court, the judge did not allow any evidence or testimonies indicating that these acts had racial objectives, and the charges were dismissed for most of the accused. Is it not odd that this did not go national? It was not mentioned on any of the major news broadcasters, or if it was it lacked emphasis. Now imagine the roles would have been versed (white girls beat up a black girl).

The ritual would have been exposed to the country, and everyone would be aware of the “poor” ruling of the Judge, or the “pitiful” state of that particular school. Here is a proposal. Try to Google the phrase “black awards”, and compare it to the results attained from searching “white awards”(only taking into account the relevant entries). The outcome is staggering. There are black achievement awards for almost every possible event, or accomplishment. Taking a look at those results, out of the first few pages, no actual vent promoted solely white achievements.

Whether or not we want to, our minds are being forced into reverse racism. When the media only advertises the discriminations of only minorities, this leaves the whites thinking that these minorities do not have such feelings against us, that only whites can possibly be racist. This ever widens that chasm. We cannot ignore the fact that minority racism is still present in everyday life either. As we see, these feelings are till present. Only in the last decades, the method of output has been obviously distorted. Presently, the largest source of racism would eve to be the covert one.

This would be were the controversy is. The covert method is when the principles are disguised. The dangerous thing about this method is that the believer himself is not aware of their racist mind. The deny it being so, because it is politically incorrect to hate any minority. This is where the most damage can be done. A person who is not alert of his suppressed feelings can start rationalizing his actions, replacing his actual motives with some which would match what society would accept. This would be why reverse racism is so widely criticized and looked down upon.

It is easy to turn covert racist goals to reverse racist speeches. The word “reverse racism”, is argued by many as being unsuitable for describe this phenomena. It was discrimination forty years ago, and it still is today. The fact that it is being passed both ways is a minor detail. An equally diverse world is hard in the making, but will never fully happen. It is an overly utopian concept. So until we learn to accept each other as individuals, and not as groups, this world will be a mix and match of majorities and minorities, and both will fight until the bitter end for dominance.


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