Question Answer
What is the ability to cause motion or create change? energy
What are the 5 forms of energy? mechanical, electrical, light, thermal, sound
What type of energy is caused by moving particles that you feel as heat? thermal energy
What type of energy is caused by the movement of electrically charged particles? electrical energy
The transfer of heat that occurs when one thing touches another is called ______________? conduction
The transfer of thermal energy in which warm air rises and moves cooler air downward is called _______________? convection
Energy that is sent out in waves and can travel through matter and space is called ________________? radiation
Give an example of a fossil fuel that can create heat. oil, coal, gas
(fossil fuel to heat)

Give an example of how the color of an object can absorb light and create heat.

a black tee shirt will absorb light and create heat;

a blacktop/driveway will absorb
and create heat
(light to heat)

Give an example of how friction can create heat. rubbing hands together creates heat;
ice skates skating on ice can cause ice to melt due to heat
What type of energy is caused by vibrations that are carried by air, water, or other matter? sound energy
The number of waves that pass a point in a certain amount of time is called _______________? frequency of a wave
The distance between a point on one wave and a similar point on another wave is called_______________? wavelength
_______________ is how high or low a sound is? pitch
The more vibrations an object has = higher __________ and higher__________? higher frequency and higher pitch
The less vibrations an object has = lower __________ and lower __________? lower frequency and lower pitch
What type of energy is energy of motion? kinetic energy
What type of energy is energy that is stored? potential energy
What type of energy travels as waves and can move through an empty space? light energy
_______________ is when light passes through something and its speed changes, causing the light to bend. refraction
When light bounces off or reflects from an object it is called _______________? reflection
When an object absorbs light rays it is called _______________? absorption

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