Review for Energy Test

Question Answer
The energy transformation that is taking place when a battery-operated radio is in use is _____ to electrical to sound Chemical
TRUE or FALSE The correct order of the energy transformation that occurs when green plants produce their food from the sun's energy is light to chemical. True
A circuit with a battery and a _____ making noise works because chemical energy is transformed to electrical energy then transformed to sound energy. Buzzer
TRUE or FALSE Energy transformation that occurs when solar panels are used to heat a building is light to thermal. True
An example of heat transfer through radiation would be _____ sand getting warmed by the Sun. Beach
TRUE or FALSE A flashlight and an electrical lamp are both devices that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. False
Energy from the food that is eaten and transformed into energy as a person moves. The energy transformation that occurs as a student rapidly rubs the palms of their hands together is: chemical to mechanical to _______. Thermal
TRUE or FALSE Thermal energy always moves from warm objects to cool objects. True
The energy that happens when a lamp that plugs into a wall socket draws energy which flows through a thin wire in the blub causing it to glow is _____ to thermal to light. Electrical
TRUE or FALSE When using a hand generator with a light bulb attached, the types of energy transformations that occurs as the handle of the generator is turned are thermal to solar to light to electrical and thermal to solar to light. False
A television _____ by transforming electrical energy into _____, thermal, and sound. Light
TRUE or FALSE An electrical fan does NOT transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. False
Energy _____ that occur when a flashlight that runs on batteries is turned on is chemical to electrical to light. Transformations
TRUE or FALSE As a microwave oven is operated, electrical energy is transformed into all of the following types of energy EXCEPT solar. True
An example of _____ transfer by conduction would be a metal spoon getting hot in a bowl of soup. Heat
TRUE or FALSE While seated next to a camp fire, a person begins to feel the warmth of the fire. The energy is transferred form the fire to the person by radiation. True
In a diagram of a _____ with the bulb glowing shows the energy changing as it moves from inside the battery, along the wires, and through the light bulb. This is an example of chemical to electrical to light. Circuit
TRUE or FALSE An example of conduction is heat moving from a clothes iron to a shirt. True
The tools most useful in an experiment measuring the rate of transfer of thermal energy in four different liquids would be _____ plate, beakers, and thermometers. Hot
TRUE or FALSE A compass and an electrical lamp transform chemical energy to light energy. False
When a saucer sits below a coffee cup it becomes _____ after coffee is poured into the cup. Energy transferred from the cup to the saucer by conduction. Warmer
TRUE or FALSE Thermal energy transferred by conduction is accomplished when heat moves from a warmer object to a cooler one by coming in dir4ect physical contact with it. True
Renewable resources are _____ by natural means in a shorter period of time compared to fossil fuels. replaceable
TRUE or FALSE Carbon is considered an element, while carbon dioxide is considered a compound. This is because carbon dioxide is a gas at room temperature and useful to human beings. False
Water at 34 degrees Celsius was placed into a container maid of four different materials The initial temperature was taken and a final temperature was taken after 10 minutes. The container that allowed the most transfer of thermal energy was _____. Wood
TRUE or FALSE Non-renewable resources are formed from remains of plants and animals over millions of years. True
In an energy transfer experiment, four blocks of different temperatures are stacked. Where would the energy transfer by conduction move downward from a higher block to a lower block. Sample ____ to Sample Four. Three
TRUE or FALSE When a large steel block (#1) is stacked over three smaller steel blocks (#2 – 4) the heat will transferred by conduction from the two blocks on the bottom sitting next to each other. True
An egg is boiled in a pot of water on the stove. Heat is transferred from the stove to the pot directly. Heat is also transferred from the pot to the egg, carried through the water. This is an example of ______ and convection. Conduction
TRUE or FALSE Water at 30 degrees Celsius was poured into four different containers. The temperature of the water was recorded after 15 minutes. The container with the temperature least heat lost is the most effective at preventing heat loss. True

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