Review for wave test

Question Answer
Playing a guitar, dropping a brick in water, and playing drums all make vibrations
The part of the ear that sends signals to the brain is the cochlea
Earthquakes create ______________ waves seismic
All waves transmit energy
A light wave is both a transverse and longitudinal wave
The distance between 2 crests or 2 troughs is a wavelength
3 bones in the middle ear are: hammer, stirrup, and anvil
A substance through which sound travels is a medium
Number of waves produced in a given amount of time is the frequency
Needs a medium to travel through mechanical wave
The Doppler effect is: The change in pitch (frequency) as a sound gets closer to you.
A sound wave is a _______________________ wave longitudinal
The slower something vibrates the ___________ the pitch lower
An apple is red because the apple reflects red light
Sound travels fastest in solids
Decibels are used to measure loudness
What are 2 parts of the outer ear? pinna and ear canal
_______________ waves can pass through a vacuum electromagnetic
A tone with lower pitch also has lower frequency
Light is bent as it passes from the air into the water of a fish bowl. This is called refraction
Transverse waves have crests and troughs
Longitudinal waves have compression and rarefactions
The part on the electromagnetic spectrum that human eyes can see is called visible light
Different wavelengths are seen in different colors
Regions is a sound wave where particles are farthest apart are called rarefactions

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