Review of a Construction Company Essay


Construction industry has developed quickly in last few dictates. Today it becomes really indispensable for a state for its development. It spreads from the little to the big graduated table building. The most obvious thing about the building Industry is that its merchandises are extremely expensive and have a long tally inclination to increase in monetary value faster than most other goods and services.

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This study is presented as a agency of sum uping the three different size of building concern organisation ( Small, Medium, and Large ) . Besides consideration is given on debuts of organisations, explicating company background and concern control process. ICTAD scaling of the organisation



Fiscal Limit ( Rs. Million )

Building Construction



Water Supply & A ; Drain

Irrigation & A ; Land Drainage

Dredging & A ; Reclamation

Storm Water Drainage

Groynes & A ; Revetments & A ; Reclamation


X ? 600


600 ? X & gt ; 300


300 ? X & gt ; 150


150 ? X & gt ; 50


50 ? X & gt ; 25


25 ? X & gt ; 10


10 ? X & gt ; 05


05 ? X & gt ; 02


02 ? Ten


01 ? Ten

( ICTAD 2008 )

Large Size of building

State Engineering Corporation

State Engineering Corporation is one of the superb consultancy services sing the Sri Lankan building industry.

It was established in 1962 with the name of “Engineering Corporation” . By the terminal of 1962 name was changed as “Sri Lanka State Corporation” and presently it is known as State Engineering Corporation.

This is semi authorities constitution, because of that most of the province undertaking handled by this organisation and besides it has good repute and popularity due to its thankful services on building undertaking to the client in all over the state. The caput office has located No: 130, W.A.D. Ramanayake Mawatha, Colombo-02.

Service supplier by State Engineering corporations

The Organization consists of seven chief subdivisions. Since so, it’s capableness in the latest techniques of design and building has equipped in to manage any type of building work. Under this field, they chiefly carry out undermentioned activities.

  • Design and building of edifices
  • Foundation and pile plants
  • Supply & A ; installing of H2O supply, drainage and sewage systems
  • Contracting foundations for towers and raising towers
  • Civil technology building including main roads, Bridgess, H2O supply undertakings and irrigation undertakings
  • Provision of building direction services
  • Landscaping & A ; existent estate development
  • Construction Components
  • Consultancy
  • Human Resource & A ; Administration
  • Finance Division
  • Internal Audit Division

Construction,Construction Components, Consultancy and Mechanical & A ; Electrical subdivision under net income obtained class and other Human Resource & A ; Administration, Finance Division and Internal Audit Division under public benefit class.

Machine and Equipment:There are machines and equipment’s in every site which belong to State Engineering corporations. State Engineering Corporation has the fiscal strength to buy what they want in building sites. And besides most of the offices are to the full equipped with exposure duplicators, facsimile machines, telephones, computing machines etc.

Repute:State technology corporations has gained a sound repute over Sri Lankan society and the authorities. Therefore presently the authorities contracts and private contracts are awarded.

Facilities:State Engineering corporations has extended in-house computing machine installations, an first-class proficient research lab, a well-managed stock of study and pulling instruments, geological and soil probe research labs and a big fleet of vehicles to supply building services on major technology undertakings in any portion of the state. They have their ain batching works and Machineries to manage any sort of occupation.

Construction group

The Construction group has two divisions. They are contracts & A ; appraisal and building division. First division is chiefly managing pricing BOQ and tendering procedure. Second division is executing after acquiring the contract. It carries out all types of heavy and light civil Engineering building and edifice building work for province and private sector.

Consultancy group

The Consultancy group is supplying a complete Consultancy services such as Architecture, civil, structural, Electrical & A ; Mechanical and measure surveying.

Organization Structure & A ; Management Style

The disposal of State Engineering Corporation is straight under the ministry of lodging building. There are one GM, one aid GM, and six DGM, under control of MD and good qualified staff.

This is a decentralised organisation. The aim of decentalisation is non merely to better the efficiency of the group, but besides to supply a sense of belonging even to non-technical staff to endeavor towards the well-being of the group. The organisation construction is given inannex 1.

The organisation mission is to continuously progress their place of taking civil Engineering building in the state and to construct a repute for quality velocity, efficiency and dependability. To accomplish their mission they are holding following constabularies.

  • Keep the budgeted turnover
  • Execute all undertaking within clip
  • Optimize return on capital

Performance of the Organization

  • Planning, Investigation, design and building of industrial and technology undertaking in public sector and with the blessing of curate in private sector.
  • Functioning as adviser to province corporations and authorities section for pre mentioned plants.
  • Transporting out research with a position to bettering bing building stuffs and techniques and methods.
  • Training of designer, technology, measure surveyors and others proficient staffs necessary for transporting out the building of industrial and technology undertakings.

Measure Surveying Section

State Engineering Corporation consists of a separate Quantity Surveying section & A ; through it supplying Quantity Surveying services. The Quantity Surveying section is reciprocally working with other subdivision. In QS subdivision there are 35 members work together. The main QS as caput of the subdivision & A ; senior QS & A ; undertaking QS are working under caput. The main QS have the authorization of doing determination within that field.

SEC renders professional services in a Quantity Surveyor’s capacity both in pre contract and station contract phases.

The SEC is one of the taking consultancy organisations in the building Industry. Most of the clip undertakings are obtaining because of the good will of the organisation & A ; past public presentation in handling of big figure of undertakings.

In conformity with the direction point of position synergism construct creates the high efficiency. So the squad work is the chief construct of this house. For the construct good relationship between subsidiaries are really of import. SEC house there is better relationship between subsidiaries.

State Engineering Corporation is a semi authorities house and a formal organisation. So the determination is coming from top degree directors. Because of its higher hierarchy degree, the bid undertakings long clip to make the bottom degree of direction and plants.

This is non an evitable job in a formal organisation, but if top degree directors and low degree directors have a communicating as informal they can minimise this job.

( State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka )

Medium Size of Construction Company

RN Construction

The RN Constructions ( Pvt ) Ltd was established in 1996 and within those eight old ages of clip it has become one of the taking contractor organisations in the Sri Lankan building industry today. It has completed more than 150 edifices ( over 3,000,000 sq.ft. ) within last eight old ages. RN Constructions has acquired excellence in constructing buildings such as,

  • Factory edifices
  • Ware house edifices
  • Commercial edifices
  • Housing undertakings
  • Manufacturing workss and Processing Unit of measurements

RN has been in a powerful place of strength, i.e. , it has got a group of professionally qualified, experienced in-house staff members are possessed of the high and average category of specialised proficient places. Besides it has been equipped with big no of building equipment, machinery and tools.

( RN Construction )

Organization Structure of RN Construction

Management construction of RN building denotes merely a matrix construction and it is level in its nature where tendency toward an mean figure of beds every bit good as duties are with non-management employees. The following of import characteristic is its narrow span of control. Today it is believed such an organisation design like this is more suited to ease the accomplishments of corporate aims and execution of schemes.

The organisation construction is given in annex 2.

RN building is a late established organisation which constructing up a good repute for quality end products in the industry when compared to the other organisation at its ain capacity. When sing the organisational construction, it is more applicable to the organisation because there is a good relationship between higher degree of direction and the employees at the center and lower degrees of direction. It helps to actuate the employees on their plants and to develop the trueness to the organisation every bit good. That is typical advantage to the organisation to transport out the missions while accomplishing their ends in the Sri Lankan building industry.

When looking at the organisation one failing that I have identified was that batch of bloomerss and machineries were non decently managed among each work site. Hence RN Constructions owns big no of machineries, it is an advantage to the organisation to gain higher net incomes during the building. But I have noticed that most of the machineries were tick overing at the work site without bring forthing any end product to the building procedure. This will be straight affects to cut down their excess net income net incomes in the long tally. Therefore it is better to hold a proper resource direction on this country to minimise the idleness and to maximise the net incomes in every work end product.

Small size of building Company

Prasadhi building

Prasadhi building is among the most well-thought-of building companies in the state. This building design, finance, built and operates substructure and installations with highest quality, velocity and attention in a sustainable mode in the most economical manner.

Prasadhi Construction has shown ability to finish his occupation – no affair how large, how complex or how distant the undertaking, Prasadhi Construction have proven competence over last 25 old ages.

Professional Staff

As an emerging company we provide more than 50 occupations including civil & A ; electrical applied scientists, proficient officers, supervisors, Masons. Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Welders, Tillers, Aluminum Storytellers

Wefacilitate preparation plans for our employees. They are being encouragedfor higher instruction while working in the company.


Prasadhi Construction has been rewarded as the best building company in southern state in the twelvemonth of 2006.

At present we have C5 class and our strategic programs are made to accomplish C1 in constructing building in 2020.

Fiscal Capability

20 Million Permanent O.D. installation


We are non encouraged to keep a care section. So in most of the instances we prefer to engage vehicles from our providers. But some necessary equipment such as

Tipper, route roller, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Vibrator, welding workss, generators, H2O motors are at that place.

Organization Structure

One of most of import facet of any organisation is its direction construction. Prsadhi’s direction construction is well focused on to a modern hierarchal power deputation. The above-named construction consists of 7 Board of Directors including the Chairman. Prasadhi direction construction forms a matrix construction and it consists of a centralised and formal authorization and broad span of control.Mention to the organisational construction – ( Annex-03 )

Competition in the building industry frequently consequences in low net income borders. Besides called long-run assets, these are retentions the concern intends to maintain for at least a twelvemonth and that typically give involvement or dividends. Included are stocks, bonds and nest eggs histories earmarked for particular intents. ( Jinnett 1990 )


This study is based on investigate three different size of building concern organisation.

The buildings Professional are the parties that responsible for building the undertaking. In traditional direction where the proprietor, design professional, and contractors are separate companies, the contractor would be termed a premier contractor. The premier contractor is responsible for presenting a complete undertaking in conformity with the contract paperss.

The matrix organisational construction adopted by most sort of building caput office can be regarded as the most suited construction, when sing the range & A ; nature of undertakings carried out. But the spread between the top direction and employees at center and lower degrees is one of the chief drawbacks observed in the site organisation construction. Lack of communicating in between direction degrees had given rise to mistrust and disbelief among employees.


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