Review of Heredity Terms 7th Grade

Question Answer
offspring A child or animal in relations to its parent
traits A person's physical or behavioral characteristics
DNA Structure that contains genetic code
heredity The passing on of traits from parents to kids
genes A specific trait
sexual reproduction Reproduction that requires two parents
asexual reproduction Reproduction that requires only one parent
budding Small, rounded growth that is part of asexual reproduction
binary fission When one cell divides into two equal cells
regeneration When an organism grows back a missing part
Chromosomes Structures that contain your genes
Punnett squares A way of predicting the outcome of traits passed on from parents to kids
genotype An organism's genetic code represented by letters
phenotype A person's physical appearance and behavior characteristics
purebred When an offspring gets the same genetic information from each parent
hybrid When an offspring gets different genetic information from each parent
homozygous Two alleles that are the same for a trait
heterozygous Two alleles that are different for a trait
dominant A trait that covers over another trait
recessive A trait that is covered up by another trait
allele The different forms of a trait that a gene might have
diversity Differences in a group
governed To keep something in check
recognize To identify something that was known before
uniform The same throughout

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