Reviewing The Work Of Danish Construction Construction Essay

For a long clip, lumber and concrete are dominant stuffs used in the building. With the fast development of engineering and technique every bit good as the rapid growing of ecnomy, steel building is being extensively used in the modern design. And the belongingss of this stuff show that it is suited for modernist architecture and it owns a batch of benefits during the constrution and for the ulterior usage.

Why is steel building being widely used today? Via the debut of the background of modern architecture, the study is to do a elaborate analysis of the three stuffs and their relavant buildings and state the advantages and disadvantages of lumber, concrete and steel from assorted perspect. Then, I ‘ll give an illustration to discribe the usage of steel building in the universe, which could state the practicableness and pertinence of steel building in the modern design. Finally do the decision.

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Reviewing The Work Of Danish Construction Construction Essay
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Background of job

Background of steel construction edifice

A steel edifice is a metal construction fabricated with steel for the internal support and, normally but non entirely, for exterior cladding. Such edifices are used for a assortment of intents including storage, office infinite and living infinite. They have evolved into specific types depending on how they are used.

They foremost gained popularity in the early 20th century.Their usage became more widespread during World War II and significantly expanded after the war when steel became more available. Steel edifices have been widely accepted, in portion due to be efficiency. The scope of application has expanded with improved stuffs, merchandises and design capablenesss with the handiness of computing machine aided design package.

Background of Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is art with similar features, chiefly the simplification of signifier and creative activity of decoration from the construction and subject of the edifice. The first discrepancies were conceived early in the twentieth century. Modern architecture was adopted by many influential designers and architectural pedagogues, nevertheless really few “ Modern edifices ” were built in the first half of the century. It gained popularity after the Second World War and became the dominant architectural manner for institutional and corporate edifices for three decennaries. Modernist architecture has been more widely accepted as an appropriate residential manner in Europe, where the public is by and large more open to civilization and art than much of the universe.

Features of Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is normally characterized by:

an acceptance of the rule that the stuffs and functional demands determine the consequence

an acceptance of the machine aesthetic

an accent of horizontal and perpendicular lines

a creative activity of decoration utilizing the construction and subject of the edifice. Not rejection of ornamentation.

a simplification of signifier and riddance of “ unneeded item ”

an acceptance of uttered construction

Form follows map


2.1 Main stuffs in edifices

2.1.1 Timber stuff

Wood belongingss:

Strength depend on:

Grain way. Wood is stronger parallel to grain than perpendicular to grain.

Load way. Wood is stronger in compaction than in tenseness.

Serve status: Length of clip the wood will be subjected to its maximal burden,

temperature and wet.

Size and form of the piece.

Wood and steel are the lone stuffs with tensile strength.


The handiness of a broad scope of lumbers, means wood can be suited for most

particular demands.

Wood is a highaˆ?performance stuff, low in weight, flexible, high in denseness, with

first-class loadaˆ?bearing and thermic belongingss.

With good design structural wood needs no chemical intervention to accomplish a long life.

Wood is immune to heat, hoar, corrosion and pollution, but wet demands to be controlled.

Wood ‘s of course good thermic insularity makes it the stuff of pick in cold

climes. But wood framed edifices are besides efficient in hot climes, doing usage of

wood ‘s natural ability to disperse at dark the heat built up during the twenty-four hours.

Wood provides a great sense of wellaˆ?being.


About every piece of lumber contains one or more discontinuities that cut down its

structural strength and do it hard to cut and shape.The most common 1s are:

Knots: topographic point where subdivisions joined the bole.

Knotholes: holes left by knots dropping out of wood and insect harm.

If wood was defectaˆ?free its strength would be similar as steel strength per unit length.

But due to the discontinuities is smaller.

Decay or insect harm may impact the wood ‘s belongingss if they are still alive in the


The splits, criminals and turns produced in the flavorer procedure because of the shrinking of the piece.


2.1.2 Concrete stuff

Concrete is a stuff produced by blending all right sums, Portland cement and H2O.

The sums are normally gravel and all right sand.

Concrete support: As concrete has no utile tensile strength its application was limited in structural utilizations until the construct of steel reinforcing was developed. The compatibility between steel and concrete is causeless accident. The steel bars are putted where tenseness occurs and concrete is the responsible to defy compaction.

Concrete belongingss

Concrete is the cosmopolitan stuff of building.


Concrete does non fire.

Concrete is comparatively low in cost.

It can be used for every edifice intent.


Poured concrete constructions rise comparatively easy and with the high cost of labor.

2.1.3 Steel stuff

Steel is one of a scope of metals of Fe and C that contains less than 2 % C.

Ordinary steel, called mild steel, contains less than threeaˆ?tenths of 1 % C, plus a few

damaging drosss.

Carbon content is a important determiner of the belongingss of a ferric metal. Excessively much

C makes a difficult but a brickle metal, while excessively small produces a soft and weak stuff.

Therefore, mild steel is iron whose belongingss have been optimized for structural intents by

commanding the sums of C and other elements in the metal. This metal ( ASTM A36 ) is the prevailing type used in steel edifice frames, but presents, utilizing bit as their primary natural stuff, it is possible to bring forth a stronger steel ( ASTM A572 ) .

In clip, this is expected to replace ASTM A36 as the steel used for most building.

In locations where corrosion is expected to be a job, steel structural members are frequently galvanized.

Steel Properties


Strong and stuff.

Precise and predictable, what means accurate measurings.

Light in proportion to its strength.

Uniquely plentiful and cheap.

Long service life.


Hazard of corrosion in certain environments.

Loss of strength during edifice fires.

2.2 Main building types

2.2.1 Timber Frame building Heavy Timber Frame Construction:

Heavy lumber is an economic option to steel and concrete, although quality of

wood has diminished and transporting cost have risen.

Large wood has a great capacity to absorb heat. For this ground, it is much slower to

gimmick and burn. It burns bit by bit and continues back uping its burden while it burns. Alternatively,

unprotected steel would fall in. However big wood present some jobs, it is subjected to big sums of enlargement and contraction due to the seasonal alteration in wet content. Because of this, margin and floors must be supported on concrete or masonry. In malice of this, interior country can be supported on heavy wood columns. Timber Light Frame Construction:

Properties is Light frame edifices are easy and fleetly constructed with a minimum investing in tools.and Wood Light Frame building has its lacks: ( 1 ) If ignited, it burns quickly. ( 2 ) If exposed to dampness, it decays.

2.2.2 Concrete building

Concrete is reinforced to give it excess tensile strength ; without support, many concrete edifices would non hold been possible.

Reinforced concrete can embrace many types of constructions and constituents, including slabs, walls, beams, columns, foundations, frames and more.

Reinforced concrete can be classified as precast or project unmoved concrete.

Much of the focal point on reenforcing concrete is placed on floor systems. Designing and implementing the most efficient floor system is cardinal to making optimum edifice constructions. Small alterations in the design of a floor system can hold important impact on stuff costs, building agenda, ultimate strength, operating costs, tenancy degrees and terminal usage of a edifice.

2.2.3 Steel Frame building

Building fires are non plenty to run steel, but are able to weaken it to do structural failure. For this ground, edifice codifications by and large limit the usage of open steel bordering to edifices between one and three narratives, where flight in instance of fire is rapid and where prostration of the edifice is improbable lo endanger people or other edifices. If the edifices

are taller, they must be protected from heat in order to edifices can be to the full evacuated and the fire extinguished.

The chief methods for fireproofing steel columns are ( 1 ) Encasement in strengthened concrete. ( 2 ) Enclosure in metal lath and plaster. ( 3 ) Enclosure in multiple beds of gypsum board. ( 4 ) Sprayaˆ?on fireproofing.

The chief methods for fireproofing steel beams are ( 1 ) casement in strengthened concrete. ( 2 ) Enclosure in metal lath and plaster. ( 3 ) Rigid slab fireproofing. ( 4 ) spray- on fireproofing

Several recent highaˆ?rise edifices use really big steel pipe columns filled with really high

strength concrete to transport a major part of both perpendicular and sidelong tonss. Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction:

A Light Gauge Steel Frame is the nonaˆ?combustible equivalent of Wood Light Frame

building. It may be insulated, wired and finished indoors and out in the same manner as a Wood Light Frame edifice.


Can be applied to singleaˆ?family places and multiaˆ?housing.

Low weight ( around 150Kg/m2 ) .

It is possible to unite this technique with others.

Preciseness of measurings.

High grade of constituents prefabrication.

Rapid assembly because all the elements are manufactured to tight tolerances.

It is dry building, what means cut downing the hazard of wet jobs.

Structure 100 % reclaimable because all the stuff have closed rhythm life.

Combination of light gage steel he-man framing and gypsum boards provides a building of high strengthaˆ?weightaˆ? ratio.

Buildings with steel frame have a really long service life because steel ‘s belongingss do n’t

alteration during its service life if it is good rust proofing. Hot dip galvanisation prevents

steel from corrosion at least 100 old ages.

Environmental belongingss:

Light gage steel bordering from an environmental point of position:

Meanss less energy ingestion during production than tantamount lodging with a

model of concrete poured onaˆ?site.

It uses one 4th of the sum of natural stuff used for tantamount places of


Less waste means cleaner work site and low dead weight and this reduces the

conveyance needed.

Since steel ‘s belongingss do n’t alter during its service life, energy ingestion

does n’t alter either, maintaining low all the clip.

Steel buildings are easy to be disassembled and so reaˆ?use them because steel ‘s loadaˆ?bearing capacity is maintained.

Structure 100 % reclaimable: All steel contains 10aˆ?100 % recycled steel and the high

quality of the stuff is maintained. New mineral wool is produced utilizing 75 % of the

original stuff and gypsum drywalls are made utilizing 0aˆ?10 % recycled gypsum.

Steel is a really stable stuff and lasting stuff, for this ground a smaller sum of

stuff is required than wood or concrete. Besides, since steel is besides really precisely

dimensioned stuff, it can be supplied in exact lengths with no waste.

Chapter a…? . Case

3.1 instance 1

In this chapter, I want to present one of most greatest modern Architecure in the universe which made of steel building in China. We are proud of this 1.

birds ‘ nest

Symbolic significance: the Chinese traditional civilization methods hollowing, ceramics lines, the brilliant ruddy and warm, and modern most advanced steel construction design absolutely intermixing by Jacques Herzog and Chinese design group

The National Stadium is the chief bowl of the 29th Olympiad in 2008. Busying an country of 21 hectares, it has a floor infinite of 258,000 square metres. Its seating capacity amounts to 91,000, including 11,000 impermanent seats.

The chief organic structure of the National Stadium is a prodigious saddle-shaped elliptic steel construction weighing 42,000 dozenss. It is 333 metres long from north to south, 294 metres broad from east to west, and 69 metres tall.Building roof bowl saddle-shaped surface, long axis to 332.3 metres, 296.4 metres for the short axis, the highest tallness of 68.5 metres, the lowest tallness of 42.8 metres.

The chief organic structure ‘s elements support each other and converge into a grid formation, merely like a bird ‘s nest with meshing subdivisions and branchlets. Bing a seven-story shear wall system, the bowl ‘s base has a concrete model. The upper portion of the base and the bowl ‘s steel construction are separated from each other, but both are based on a joint terms. The roof of the National Stadium is covered by a double-layer membrane construction, with a crystalline ETFE membrane fixed on the upper portion of the roofing construction and a semitransparent PTFE membrane fixed on its lower portion. A PTFE acoustic ceiling is attached to the side walls of the interior ring.

The chief organic structure of the National Stadium has a design life of 100 old ages. Its fire opposition capableness is ace, and it can defy an eight-magnitude temblor. The water-resistance capableness of its resistance undertaking is besides ace.


As we can see from the instance upon, Chinese traditional civilization and modern most advanced steel construction design absolutely blend together. In this chapter, I want to do an in-depth analysis from this specific one so that you will understand why steel building is being widely used in the design of modern architecture.

( 1 ) Steel Benefits

The physical belongingss of steel, such as its lastingness, flexibleness and strength offer important advantages in the material efficiency of a merchandise application. Steel is one of the most sustainable edifice stuffs with alone features that favour its usage in the building industry.

( 2 ) Steel for long permanent places

The benefits of steel usage and engineerings in the homebuilding industry is deriving impulse and making extra client value. The strength to burden ratio of steel is the highest of any residential edifice stuff and it can be easy formed and joined. Because steel is strong and lightweight, it is good for builders to work with and can be engineered to better defy hurricanes and temblors. Steel is alone in that it is dimensionally stable. Unlike other stuffs that shrink, expand, warp and turn with age to do colony clefts or floor squeaks that require builders to do dearly-won fixs.

( 3 ) Steel for architecture

Steel offers new solutions and chances, leting designers to spread out their artistic look and really make some of the most ambitious edifices they have designed in their heads. Today it provides non merely strength to edifices, but besides beauty and play – sweetenings that are hard or excessively dearly-won to bring forth with other stuffs. Curving and bending is now possible in ways that were ne’er thought possible earlier. Curves utilizing steel beams bent to a certain radius or segmented curves or combinations of both can make members that follow the lineations of irregular frontages, arches or domes.

( 4 ) Steel to construct faster

The velocity and truth of building is critical to the creative activity of edifice and stakeholder value. Earlier tenancy means an office proprietor can get down leasing infinite Oklahoman, a mill proprietor can get down bring forthing merchandises faster and the shop operator can Bring in gross revenues lbs faster. Fast building besides lowers funding costs and overhead disbursals for building direction services. Because structural steel is lighter than other framing stuffs, it needs a smaller and simpler foundation. This reduces both cost and the clip spent on building.

( 5 ) Steel for sustainable development

Steel has many important advantages with respect to the demands of sustainable development. Compared with brick and concrete construction of abode, salvage energy and cut down air conditioning demands care cost.

( 6 ) Steel to optimise infinite

Reducing storey highs will cut the costs for steel and other edifice stuffs. From an energy-efficiency point of view, minimising floor-to-floor highs besides helps control warming and chilling costs.

( 7 ) Steel for flexibleness

Building proprietors frequently are faced with the challenge of modifying an bing infinite to run into altering demands. Changes may besides be necessary to follow with statute law such as the demand to supply entree for the handicapped. Steel is the lone stuff that allows the strength of a construction to be increased economically once it is built.

( 8 ) Steel for temblor safety

Light gage steel framing is capable of run intoing this criterion due to its ductileness and the rigorous procedure used to fabricate steel he-mans, the built-in belongingss of steel, and typical building methods used in steel framing.

Chapter a…¤ . Decision

Steel is one of the most sustainable edifice stuffs with alone features that favour its usage in the building industry. The physical belongingss of steel, such as its lastingness, flexibleness and strength offer important advantages in the material efficiency of a merchandise application.

Its benefits are for assorted facets as follows:

Steel for sustainable development

Steel for long permanent places

Steel for architecture

Steel to construct faster

Steel for temblor safety

Steel to optimise infinite

Steel for flexibleness

Like every coin has two sides, steel cnstruction ca n’t avoid being faced with some troubles such as fireproofing, anti-corrosion and sound insularity. Now methods have been taken to work out these jobs. Scientists and specializers are still developing and seeking better steps.

To sum up, the design and public presentation of steel building show important significance and value in the modern society and it will decidedly go a tendency in the modern architecture.


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