Revision of defintions

Question Answer
A lever is is a simple machine that uses a fulcrum to create movement
A wedge is 2 inclined planes
A pulley is a rope and circular plane
An axle is a pole which enables a wheel to turn
A wheel is a circular plane
An inclined plane is a surface on a horizontal angle
A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a pole
The fulcrum is the point where a lever changes force
The effort is the force used to cause movement
The load is what is being moved
A first class lever has the fulcrum in the middle of the load and effort
A second class lever has the load is in the middle of the fulcrum and effort
A third class lever has the effort is in the middle of the load and fulcrum
Mechanical advantage is when you divide the load by the effort
Force multipliers multiply your effort making it easier to move a heavy load with less effort
speed multipliers are third class levers which move small amounts quickly ie tennis racquet
A wedge is used to split 2 objects or stop movement
A screw is used to hold things together
A ramp is used to move objects with less effort to a higher location
A pulley is used to lift heavy loads by changing direction of the effort
The more pulleys you have the easier it is to lift heavy weights
A wheelbarrow is a second class lever
A see saw is a first class lever
Tweezers are a third class lever
The six simple machines are lever, screw, inclined plane, wheel & axle, pulley and wedge.
A complex machine is made up of 2 or more simple machines working together

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