Rhetoric for Challenge A

Question Answer
16. What is the definition of good science? Good science is defined as the constant search for accurate information.
17. What was Copernicus famous for? Copernicus was a Polish scientist who first promoted the theory that the planets revolve around the sun.
18. Who was Charles Darwin? Charles Darwin promoted natural selection as the method of evolutionary changes.
19. Who was Francesco Redi? Francesco Redi discovered that microscopic eggs were the source of flies on open meat.
20. What are the four main chemicals in a cell? The four main chemicals found in a cell are amino acids, lipids, porphyrins, and poly-nucleotides.
21. What are proteins? Proteins are found in living things and are made up of amino acid chains.
22. What is the definition of natural selection? Natural selection is the idea that the fittest survive and pass along their traits to their offspring.
23. What is the significance of the Galapagos Islands? The Galapagos Islands are the place Darwin noticed the adaptability and variations within animal species.
24. What are chromosomes? Chromosomes are long, thin strings of genetic material made of DNA and proteins.
25. What is a fossil? A fossil is the remains or traces of plants and animals that are found in rocks.
26. What is stratum? Stratum is a uniform layer of sedimentary rock or soil lying between layers with different compositions.
27. What is meant by the standard geological column? The geological column is an imaginary column of rock believed to show various stages of fossilized life.
28. What is the definition of homologous? In biology, homologous means similar structures or features of a plant or animal.
29. What makes a woodpecker's beak unique? A woodpecker's beak is designed with a pad of spongy tissue that acts as a shock absorber.
30. How does the penguin care for its young? The penguin has a skin flap to keep an egg warm, and it perfectly shares the care of its chick with its mate.

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