Rhia/Rhit Hcr 210 Essay

Registered Health Information Administrator is known as RHIA. The RHIA acts as the critical link for care providers, payers and patients. It is an expert in managing patient healthcare information and medical records. Also RHIA will administer computer information systems, collect and analyze patient data and make classification in medical terminologies. RHIA possesses comprehensive knowledge of medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements that are related to healthcare delivery. At most, it maintains the privacy of the protected patient information.

RHIA will interact with all levels which include clinical, financial, and administrative and information systems. Registered Health Information Technical also termed as RHIT. RHIT is health information technician. This technician works in hospitals and can also be found in other healthcare units such as office-based physician practices, nursing homes, home health agencies, mental health facilities, etc. RHIT ensures medical records and verify the correctness and accuracy. After verification, RHIT make entries in the computer systems about the medical records.

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Rhia/Rhit Hcr 210 Essay
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With such computer data and applications, RHIT assesses and analyzes the patient data in order to improve the patient care besides controlling costs. At times this RHIT can make diagnoses also. The experienced RHIT may also attain the management positions that have bachelor’s degrees. RHIA is an expert at using patient health information and records along with the ability to make analysis’s according to medical terminologies. In fact RHIA is a critical link for the care providers, payers and patients. The RHIA collects and analyzes the patient data resulting for decision making.

Alternatively, the RHIT maintains the medical records and makes proper entries into the computer systems. The differences can be concluded that RHIT can be subordinate to RHIA. The RHIT just gather the medication information and make entries in the computer systems. If ordered by RHIA, RHIT make analyzes of patient data. The decision making power is at rest with RHIA. An additional role also attached with RHIT which is a cancer registrar. The RHIT compiles and mains the data on cancer patients. It indicates most of the duties attached to RHIT are just collection of medical information and maintain such information in proper systems.


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