rich dad poor dad Essay

Lizet Moreno Professor Allen October 7, 2013 Rich Dad Poor Dad In the book rich dad and poor dad basically was summons up that for an individual to be wealthy, one must aim to own the system or means of the production. In other words the book shows you how to strive for success, there is different types of ways to succeed like the book tells you. The rich dad and poor dad both had strong point of views in earning and succeeding in life, in my opinion I would have followed on the same footsteps Kiyosaki did in following his rich dad.

It is true when his poor dad ays in order to get somewhere in life you have to get a good education and have a secure safe Job but that really isn’t the path to become a wealth person. The rich dad’s opinion differ from the poor dad, he said in order to become wealth you first need to understand how money works. Based on the book rich dad poor dad it taught me and changed my mind in how to deal with money and finance. That financial literacy is key, also rather own business instead of work at them. Also it thought me to understand taxes and the power of corporations.

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rich dad poor dad Essay
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One thing that he helped me nderstood was when he was explaining that the rich don’t work for money; they force money to work for them, when the rich required assets then liabilities. To know the difference an asset and liability, He quoted that “in order to be truly wealthy, your asset column must be robust and able to offset your living expenses” and that most people think that a higher income will make one richer but in reality a strong assets column will. This book has taught me to keep motivated and reach out for my goals lust that in my opinion they should have shown us and give suggestions in what we can do.


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