Right vs. Left Brain Essay

Left vs. Right Which Side Are You On? Course: Advanced Composition Prsented to: Miss Karam. M Presented by: Abdul Nour. M After reading some of the differences that exist between the left and right hemispheres. “ However, you now know that you can be flexible… of your brain” ( Left vs. Right,2003) Whether you have a dominant left or right side of your brain, it’s effect on your personality is clear. Some personality traits are not traits that you pick up in the course of your life, they are, however, from within.

I doubt that a right side person can adapt to be left brained and look at things happening around in a linear manner. For example, A painter could never enjoy making a schedule or do daily planning . Even if he would, he could never do it, because to be able to draw, a painter should be in the mood for that issue. In the other hand , a left brained person also can never adapt to fit from one task to another, and they can never depend on their intuition as right brained do. That person can easily process symbols, he is confortable with linguistic and mathematical endeavors.

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Right vs. Left Brain Essay
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And above all, the left brain people like to follow rules, and they are ready to create rules and stick to them. Such people don’t have any sense of creativity and can never do the job of right brained people. As a right brained person, this article influenced my romantic relationship. It gave me clear ideas on how to deal with people who are left brained. I know more about their characteristics, and the way they like things to be done. First, personally, couples must have opposite dominant brain sides in order to have a harmonical relationship.

For instance, as a spontanious person, I enjoy the randomness of life. I can never adapt living with a person who has similar characteristics as mine. Furthermore, I prefer to be with someone who is more organized , otherwise we will have a messy and chaotic relationship. Second, when a girl is right brained, she has creative ways to deal with a man who is left brained, and makes his life more lively and exciting. Similarily, a left brained man can organize the relationship and put some rules to make it more realistic.

This way, life becomes more interesting. Finally, a couple having an opposite dominant brain hemisphere, may lead an exciting yet challenging relationship together, definitely away from the routine and dullness of life. To conclude, It is obvious that every person has his own personality, attitudes, and brain. Few are the people who can use both sides of the brain and excel in life. It is important for a person to recognize his own shortcomings and work on improving certain areas in his or her personality.

This may mean training himself or herself on using his or her inferior side of the brain. This training may help in a person’s professional aspect as well as the romantic one in life. It’s good to be creative and add some neatness in organizing one’s thoughts and strategies in life. References: Left vs. Right. Which Side Are You On? Retrieved 10/30/2007 From www. mtsu. edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain. html “ However, you now know that you can be flexible… of your brain” ( Left vs. Right,2003)


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