Rights and Responsibilities of Educators and Students Essay

Axia College Material Appendix C Rights and Responsibilities of Educators and Students Perform a search in the University Library databases and locate four school-related court cases (with outcomes decided), two which involve educators as defendants and two which involve students as defendants. Fill in the table below.

When you give your informed opinion, state and discuss whether you agree or disagree with the outcome. Base your opinion on legal and ethical standards as discussed in Ch. 9 of the text. If you do not agree with the outcome, explain what would have been just. Base your explanation upon the rights and responsibilities of those involved. Cite your sources in APA format below the table. Name and Date of Case |Brief Overview of Case |Your Informed Opinion | | |and Outcome | | |Case 1: Educator as Defendant |The overview of this case is a cheerleader was hurt |I believe the court was in the right with their decision.

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Chapter 9. | | |doing a stunt and she sued the school district. The |states that the teacher must make a reasonable attempt to anticipate | |Name of Case: Ballou v. Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk |court decided that the school was at fault for not |dangerous conditions and take proper precautions and procedures to prevent| |School District |having proper supervision or protective mats and |injuries.

The teacher must provide proper supervision and warn students of| | |spotters. |dangerous situations. The teacher, I this case, did not do these things | | | |and let the students perform their stunt. | | | | |Approximate Date(s): 04/26/2010 | | | |Case 2: Educator as Defendant |The plaintiff sued because the student was bullied by |I believe that the court made the right decision.

The principal had no way| | |another student and was kicked. There were no signs of |of knowing that this was going to happen. The student could have gotten | |Name of Case: Antalik v. Thomaston Board of |harm to the student so the court ruled in favor of the |hurt at any time of the day by any way. On the other hand, if the | |Education |school district. principal knew that the student was being bullied then there should have | | | |been more attention towards the bully and student who was being bullied. | | | |But that was not shown to be factual. | | | | |Approximate Date(s):08/13/2008 | | | |Case 3: Student as Defendant |The overview of the case is a girl was caught smoking |As it says in chapter 9 in our textbook, the 14th amendment protects | | |so she was sent to the administrator’s office. He then |against illegal search and seizure but in this case there was probable | |Name of Case: New Jersey v. T. L. O. |checked her purse for cigarettes and found drugs and |cause to search the student’s purse for cigarettes and upon searching | | |paraphernalia. She said it was against the 14th |found illegal items. Therefore, the principal continued searching and | | |amendment. The court decided differently. |found oney, a list of people who owed money, bags of marijuana, and | | | |paraphernalia. The court’s decision in this case, in my informed opinion, | |Approximate Date(s): 01/15/1985 | |was the correct decision. | |Case 4: Student as Defendant |This case was about students making a MySpace page and |In this case, I believe the teacher’s reputation was damaged but since she| | |using the teachers name as the creator of said page. was not suing for that reason, the judge made the correct decision. | |Name of Case: Anna Draker, Appellant |The site showed graphic and explicit references. The |Although, I think that the students should have received some kind of | |v. |teacher was suing for emotional distress. The judge |discipline because of what they did to an educator. They affected what | |Benjamin SCHREIBER, a Minor, Lisa Schreiber, |dismissed the case because the teacher did not show |people perceived as her private life and that deserves some sort of | |Ryan Todd, a Minor, Lisa Todd, and Steve Todd, |evidence that she was distressed emotionally. punishment | |Appellees | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Approximate Date(s): August 13, 2008 | | | References Type references here in APA format. Walsh, Mark. (2010).

Education Cases One Facet of Stevens’ High Court Legacy. Education Week. Retrieved from http://search. ebscohost. com/login. aspx? direct=true=a9h=50314704=ehost-live. Stephenson, Correy. (2010). Student injured during cheerleader tryouts can sue, rules New York Appellate Division. Retrieved from http://proquest. umi. com/pqdweb? ;did=2023371981;sid=1;Fmt=3;RQT=309;VName=PQD;clientId=13118 Connecticut Law Tribune. (2008). Student Allegedly Kicked At Recess Sued Principal And BOE. (board of education). Texas Judiciary Online. (2008). Retrieved from http://www. 4thcoa. courts. state. tx. us/opinions/HTMLOpinion. asp? OpinionID=21348


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