Rising Use Of Social Network Commerce Essay

The intent of the research is to measuring the impact of the lifting usage of societal web among employee which may impact organisational public presentation. This survey is conducted to happen out whether societal web present positive or negative effects to the organisational public presentation. Besides holding advantages, there can besides be disadvantages because past research workers, have found that societal networking non merely gives good effects but besides bad consequence harmonizing to Pettenati, M.C. and M. Ranieri ( 2006 ) and Brandtzag, P.B. and J. Heim ( 2007 ) .

The first impact on the societal networking towards the organisational public presentation is from the planetary positions. Harmonizing to Arrington ( 2006 ) , the use of societal networking is like phenomenon that spread from one state to another state. In add-on, past research measuring whole ( or bounded ) webs has found links between web places and single public presentation ( Cummings, 2004 ) .

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Rising Use Of Social Network Commerce Essay
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Furthermore, like several emerging engineerings, societal networking sites, and their usage in the workplace, have been controversial issues. Some argue that the usage of societal networking sites in the workplace leads to break employee productiveness through effects on intermediate variables, such as higher morale ( Bennett, Owers, Pitt, 2008 ) . Others argue that the biggest concern about the usage of societal networking sites in the workplace is the loss of labour productiveness due to clip wasted at work. It was obvious that productiveness of employees was dropped due to habit-forming and inordinate browse and uploading exposures which were non related to the workplace ( as cited in Aguenza, Al-Kassem & A ; Ahmad Puad Mat Som, 2012 ) .

It means that, societal networking sites may take to a positive or negative impact to the organisation public presentation, all the effects is depend on how they use the societal networking at the workplace either the use is for the work related purpose or merely for their societal intent.

Furthermore, from the Malayan position, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission ( MACC ) said that, civil retainers and staff of government- linked companies ( GLCs ) surfing societal networking or engaging in personal affairs during working hours may be categorized as holding committed corruptness ( as cited in Citizen Infonet 1st in Malaysia, 2013 ) . Besides that, harmonizing to Sutinah, the perpetrators could confront disciplinary action if they are actively prosecuting in other personal undertakings during work hours and it could be considered conflicting the employment contract ( as cited in Citizen Infonet 1st in Malaysia, 2013 ) .

However, harmonizing to president of Cuepacs Datuk Omar Osman, he said that societal networking is one of the good manner to promote people to be more tech-savvy and updated on current personal businesss, nevertheless civil retainers must give their work hours to organisation, section or bureau. Other than that, he besides proposed that an organisation should underscore what type of web sites, if surfed by a civil retainer during working hours, that could be considered rolling from their occupation specifications. Besides that, the organisation besides should give a clear guidelines to the full employees in term of what actions can be penalised, and besides for the disciplinary commission to find what is within the occupation range and what is no T ( as cited in Citizen Infonet 1st in Malaysia, 2013 ) .

On the other manus, at Parkson from the direction position the usage of societal networking gives a bad impact towards this organisation public presentation whereby there a batch of clip that have been wasted for this societal networking. Most of their clip, they spend to look intoing their Facebook histories, update position on Facebook and on-line chitchat with their friends. Some of their occupation are been delayed and can non complete it on that clip. That is the ground why all houses non allows societal networking site usage in the workplace. In fact, 23 per centum of houses do non let their employees to utilize societal networking sites ( Brodkin, 2008 ) . So, in order for them to be focus on their occupation the organisational have to barricade all the entree to the societal networking from been viewed by the staffs.

1.2 Background of the Company

Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd is the retailing arm of Lion Group. The Lion Group was established in the 1930 ‘s and today, has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Mexico. The Lion Group has diversified into several others sectors such as motor ( Suzuki ) , Sur ( Silverstone ) , computing machine division ( Likom ) , and retail and service ( Parkson ) .

Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd was established in 1987 and the one of the largest retail ironss in Malaysia. As a voguish household shop, Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd has operated 32 departmental shops across the state and the Parkson Retail Group besides has several ventures in China and Vietnam.

Vision Statement

Parkson vision is “ to be the best retail merchant Malaya can be proud ” .

Mission Statement

The mission is to be “ The Best Topographic point to Work and The Best Topographic point to Shop ” .

In order to accomplish the mission, Parkson provides their employees with contributing working environment by giving them a safe and happy topographic point to work, effectual leading, bipartisan communicating between staff and superior, attractive wage and giving benefits compatible to accomplishments and public presentation, every bit good as giving their employees with uninterrupted larning chances ( developing and development ) .

In add-on, the type of concern that Parkson is involved in is a retail concern. This sort of concern involves the procedure of selling ware to stop clients. Furthermore, Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd offers their clients the latest in planetary tendencies and manner with many associations with both local and international providers.

Parkson Service Standards

Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd has developed a Service Standard that is called the “ P Experience ” . The P Experience is the stairss that staff and boosters have to follow in order to make a pleasant shopping experience for clients and at the same clip to accomplish their mission “ The Best Topographic point to Work and The Best Topographic point to Shop ” . Here are the stairss of P Experience ;

Table 1.0: Parkson Service Standards

1. Ready for Servicess

Promoters have to be ready in footings of training, housework and staff preparedness.

Housekeeping demands to be done at the several counter to guarantee cleanliness and all equipment must be checked to be in good status.

At 10.00 a.m crisp, staff must be standing at their section and to recognize client for the 1st proceedingss.

2. Customer Approach

Staff is responsible to be qui vive of the client ‘s presence and be cognizant of the milieus.

Staff besides needs to be ready to offer aid to client throughout the twenty-four hours without client holding to inquire.

3. First Impression

This includes keeping good oculus contact, to smile and to recognize when clients approach.

They should ever look professional to make a good first feeling.

4. Expand That Sale

Before shuting the sale, staff has to seek to spread out the sale such as urging other merchandises that would congratulate client ‘s initial purchase.

The mechanism to spread out the sale as includes Parkson Gift Voucher ( PGV ) , Parkson Discount Voucher ( PDV ) , Parkson Promotion Voucher ( PPV ) , Purchase With Purchase ( PWP ) and Bonus link Redemption and etc.

6. Post Gross saless Service

Service that offers to all clients that holding shopping at Parkson ;

Clothes change service

Call-a-cab service

Porter service

Escort service

Home Delivery ( purchase of RM1,000.00 and above within a radius of 10 kilometers )

Coin exchange strategy for parking

Umbrella and rain coat service

Gift wrapping


Return of exchange and refund

Warranty and warrant

Wheel chair service

1.3 Product Lines of the Company

Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd shops comprises of two sections which are softline section and hardline section.

Softline Department consists of ;

Ladies / Basic

Examples of the trade name name are Voir Group, Biem, Applemints, Polo Ladies, Triumph, Diesel, Wacoal, Audrey and Lilian.

Children / Baby

Examples of the trade name names are Baby Kiko, Anakku, Adidas, Polo Kids, Kiki Lala, Cartoon Planet, and Cheetah Junior.


Examples of the trade name names are Alain Delon, Pierre Cardin, Bonia, Snails, Arrow, Kent, Nicole, Renoma and Crocodile.


Examples of the trade name name are Adidas, Ogival, Forest, Puma, Ambross and Muller.

Cosmetics and Accessories

Examples of the trade name names are SK II, Lancome, Shiseido, Kose, Maybelline, and Silky miss.

Hardline Department consists of ;


Examples of the trade names name are Vision, Tefal, Pyrate, and Zebra.

Home Supplying

Example of the trade name name is Akemi.

Hardware and Electrical

Examples of the trade name names are Panasonic, Tefal, Hanabishi, Philips, Morgan, UMS, Pensonic, and Mistral.

Toys and Stationary

Examples of the trade name names are Barbie, Disney, Paper Mate, Stabillo, and Nerf.


1.4 Research Problem

Based on my observations at Parkson, even their employees are non allowed from opening societal networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but they still can shop any web logs on subjects such as formulas web logs, creative person ‘s chitchat ( e.g. Beautifulnara.com ) , for vocals downloads and so on.

However, with the coming of smart phones, it is even more hard, if non impossible, for companies to barricade entree to societal networking sites. Blackberry, for illustration, are frequently give a opportunity for employees to look into their electronic mail on the spell, or to look into their Twitter and Facebook histories. Furthermore, presents Celcom, Maxis and Digi prepaid are offering cyberspace service where they can subscribe to internet services through nomadic phones.

Although staff Parksons are purely prohibited to utilize the phone at selling section and the employees already notice the regulations sing the manus phone use, but based on my position, sometimes the staff are used their phone in rather. They use their phone to travel online and hold entree with societal web. This sort of behaviour may take to disciplinary job to the organisation. That means the regulations and ordinances subject to the manus phone use are non effectual because there still have the employee who is failure to follow with. That is the ground why all houses non allows societal networking site usage in the workplace. In fact, 23 per centum of houses do non let their employees to utilize societal networking sites ( Brodkin, 2008 ) .

Therefore, if the employees are continuously surfing societal networking during working hours, this will take to a waste of clip and makes the productiveness of employees decreased. It is supported by Peacock ( 2008 ) , he said “ employers worry that staff are blowing clip on web sites during the twenty-four hours, weakening productiveness and increasing security hazards to the company by sharing informations externally.

Other than that, at Parkson the employer besides of all time face the issue sing to the station online. The state of affairs happens when the staffs quarrel with each other, and sometimes holding put in their position to demo the choler. So when the populace read the position, it may take to a negative perceptual experience towards the company. Harmonizing to Wilson ( 2009 ) , there are five chief hazards that organisation has with respects to societal networking: sensed loss in staff productiveness, informations escape from staff dish the dirting freely in an unfastened environment, harm to a concern ‘s repute, cozenage practiced by cyber criminals, and the unfastened entree to organisation ‘s information due to out-of-date watchwords.

Like several emerging engineerings, societal networking sites, and their usage in the workplace, have been controversial issues. Some argue that the usage of societal networking sites in the workplace leads to break employee productiveness through effects on intermediate variables, such as higher morale ( Bennett, Owers, Pitt, 2008 ) . Others argue that the biggest concern about the usage of societal networking sites in the workplace is the loss of labour productiveness due to clip wasted at work ( Bennett, Owers, Pitt, 2008 ) .

1.4.1 Research Questions

Is there any relationship between advanced behaviour and organisational public presentation?

Is there any relationship between occupation satisfaction and organisational public presentation?

Is there any relationship between employer-employee relationship and organisational public presentation?

1.5 Research Aims

The primary intent of this survey is to ;

To find the relationship between advanced behaviour and organisational public presentation.

To find the relationship between occupation satisfaction and organisational public presentation.

To find the relationship between employer-employee relationship and organisational public presentation.

1.6 Scope of Study

The range of survey merely focuses in measuring societal networking impact on organisational public presentation. There are several impacts that can act upon the organisational public presentation, nevertheless for the intent of this survey ; it merely focuses on three impacts which are advanced behaviour, occupation satisfaction and employer-employee relationship. The survey merely focuses on employees which have worked at Parkson Kota Bharu Trade Center.

1.7 Significance of Study

First of wholly, the significance of this survey will be to the organisation which Parkson Kota Bharu Trade Center. From the survey, employer will cognize the impacts of societal networking that influence their organisational public presentation.

This survey will besides give significance to the research worker where research worker will derive more valuable information and cognition in societal networking in term of positive and negative impacts, as the research worker is the 1 who read the Diaries, articles, online research and other related mentions.

Other than that, this survey will be valuable information for other pupil to carry on research or assignment.

1.8 Definition of Footings

1.8.1 Organizational Performance

Organizational public presentation is an analysis of a company ‘s public presentation as compared to ends and aims. Within corporate organisations, there are three primary results analyzed: fiscal public presentation, market public presentation and stockholder value public presentation ( in some instances, production capacity public presentation may be analyzed ) ( as cited in Business Dictionary.com ) .

1.8.2 Advanced Behavior

In peculiar, advanced behaviour is defined by Kleysen and Street ( 2001 ) as:

All single actions directed at the coevals, debut and/or application of good freshness at any organisational degree. Such good freshness might include the development of new merchandise thoughts or engineerings, alterations in administrative processs aimed at bettering work dealingss or the application of new thoughts or engineerings to work procedures intended to significantly heighten their efficiency and effectivity.

1.8.3 Job Satisfaction

How people feel about their occupations and different facets of their occupations ( Spector, 1997 ) . Job satisfaction can be defined as how people evaluate the different characteristics of their occupation and how they feel positively and negatively about their occupations ( Locke, 1976 ) .

1.8.4 Employer-Employee Relationship

Employer – employee relationship is the relationship between employer and employee, employee and their co-workers, employee and direction within the organisation. It depends on employer and employee itself how to construct the connexion between them.

Chapter TWO


2.0 Introduction

In this chapter will clear up highlight theories from past research workers sing this survey which is termed as the literature reappraisal. It is besides based on findings that are collected through diaries, articles and besides web sites.

2.1 What is Social Networking?

The growing of on-line societal networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Blogger reflects the antique societal demand of worlds to pass on and link with one another. Bing societal is cardinal to the nature of human existences. We want to utilize whatever channels we have to pass on, whether it is smoke signals or the net ( Daley, 2010 ) .

The Oxford English Dictionary Online ( 2010 ) , defines societal networking as the usage or constitution of societal webs or connexions ; ( now esp. ) the usage of Web sites which enable users to interact with one another, discovery and contact people with common involvement, etc.. Besides that, ( Rouse, 2006 ) province that societal networking have been use as a medium to do a connexions through persons in order to spread out the figure of one ‘s concern or societal contacts.

Harmonizing to the Boyd, D. M. , & A ; Ellison, N. B. ( 2007 ) , on-line societal networking refer to web-based services that allow persons to ( 1 ) concept a public or semi-public profile within a delimited system, ( 2 ) joint a list of other users with whom they portion a connexion, and ( 3 ) position and track their list of connexion and those made by others within the system. In add-on, societal networking sites has started every bit early as 1997 with “ sixdegrees, com ” and they grew on. Noteworthy among them are six grades, Live Journal, Friendster, Linkedin, Hi5, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook, Yahoo! 360 And Twitter ( Cassidy, 2006 ) . Based on the six grades of separation construct ( the thought that any two people on the planet could do contact through a concatenation of no more than five mediators ) , societal networking establishes interconnected Internet communities ( sometimes known as personal webs ) that aid people make contacts that would be good for them to cognize, but that they would be improbable to hold met otherwise ( Rouse, 2006 ) .

Table 2.0: Outstanding Example of Social Networking Sites


A societal networking service where users create personal profiles, add others users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic presentments when they update their ain profile. Additionally, users may fall in common-interest user groups, organized by common features ( e.g. workplace ) .


A microblogging* service enabling its users to direct and read publically seeable messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based stations of up to 140 characters displayed on the user ‘s profile page. Users may subscribe to other users ‘ tweets.


A business-related societal networking site chiefly used for professional networking. Users maintain a list of contact inside informations of people with whom they have some degree of relationship, called connexions. This list of connexions can so be used to construct up a contact web, follow different companies and happen occupations, people and concern chances.


An on-line community of users ‘ personal profiles. These typically include exposures, information about personal involvements and blogs* . Users send one another messages and socialise within the MySpace community.

*A web log is a type of web site or portion of a website normally maintained by an single with regular entries of commentary and descriptions of events ( blogging ) . The content of a microblog is merely smaller in size. ( Broughton, Higgins, Ben & A ; Annette, 2010 ) .

2.2 Organizational Performance

Nardi et al. , 2002 emphasis that societal webs play an of import function in the workplace, it is besides province that professional networking has become important to concerns which rely on undertaking and squad related work. When societal networking entered the public sphere, many recognized it an chance to farther heighten work-based communicating patterns.

Earlier surveies besides support the position that heightening communicating and networking patterns through engineering can increase productiveness. Ancona and Caldwell ( 1988 ) argue that trusting on foreigners for resources or information can bring forth valuable resources that are related to high squad public presentation. So, if an employee ‘s usage the societal networking site in the right manner that can give positive consequence to the organisational public presentation. For case, employees use the societal networking as a medium to portion information and have treatment among employees. Equally good as they use societal networking site for work related purpose.

Furthermore, the benefits that societal networking can hold for companies is non a recent development ( Ancona and Caldwell, 1988 ; Pickering and King, 1995 ) . However, with the recent astronomical popularity of Facebook, My Space and in peculiar LinkedIn, people are get downing to see the strategic benefits that it can offer companies ( Boyd and Ellison, 2007 ; Nardi et al. , 2002 ) . One of the major benefits is the easiness with which it is possible to pass on, collaborate and portion information through weak contacts or “ ties ” .

In add-on, a European survey commissioned by AT & A ; T found that 65 per centum of employees believed that utilizing societal networking sites in the workplace helped them be more productive ( AT & A ; T, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to North ( 2010 ) examined the usage of societal networking sites in the workplace by prospective and current employees. He found that although some participants find societal networking site usage to hold negative facets, they believe that its usage at work is worthwhile it because socialising online while at work makes them happier and, hence, more productive.

Besides that, G.B.M, E.C. , & A ; Kees, ( 2011 ) references that positive societal dealingss could take to entree to instrumental and expressive resources, which might consequently take to increased public presentation. However, non merely positive societal dealingss but besides a web characterized by structural diverseness might take to increased public presentation ( Cummings, 2004 ) .

However, Dale ( 2008 ) suggests that, the chief concern of employers is that employees are simply wasting clip in the usage of non-work related web sites, combined with the related security and organisational image concerns. That is because if employees use the societal networking for non-related work and wasting clip by station online for the societal intent that might impact employee productiveness and organisational public presentation. Other than that, it besides gives possible job for employers in order to protect company repute and image.

2.3 Advanced Behavior

In general, invention is defined as any “ thought, pattern, or material artefact ” that was adopted by an person, group, or organisation for the intent of alteration ( Zaltman, Duncan, & A ; Holbek, 1984 ) . Workplace invention is known by several names including single invention ( Bunce & A ; West, 1995 ) , and advanced behaviour ( Janssen, 2004 ; Kleysen & A ; Street, 2001 ) . In peculiar, advanced behaviour is defined by Kleysen and Street ( 2001 ) as:

All single actions directed at the coevals, debut and/or application of good freshness at any organisational degree. Such good freshness might include the development of new merchandise thoughts or engineerings, alterations in administrative processs aimed at bettering work dealingss or the application of new thoughts or engineerings to work procedures intended to significantly heighten their efficiency and effectivity.

Social networking sites, hence, are indispensable for authorising persons to successfully research, develop, and follow new thoughts ( Moqbel, 2012 ) . In add-on, advanced behaviour is an indispensable factor in accomplishing high public presentation. Employees with better entree to back uping resources tend to be more advanced, and their qualities are valuable, rare, and hard for rivals to copy which, in bend, leads to competitory advantage of the house ( Moqbel, 2012 ) . Past research worker has found a positive nexus between invention and organisational public presentation ( Battor & A ; Battor, 2010 ) .

Harmonizing to Kimball & A ; Rheingold ( 2003 ) they province that groups of people can utilize on-line societal webs to believe together in new ways. When the affinity or common end shared by the group is strong plenty, command of group communicating media leads people to contrive things together in new ways. Furthermore, the right sort of online societal web can first of all identify when that sort of chance is possible, and 2nd, it can convey the right people together with the right tools to ease the communicating necessary to do this productive knowledge-transfer happen ( Kimball & A ; Rheingold, 2003 ) .

Besides that, in societal networking the staff can portion the cognition and information, so that it would make an thought for bettering the company. Harmonizing to the past research worker Wilson ( 2009 ) , information can easy found through the Internet. Social networking web sites can be one of the fastest ways to obtain information. Wilson besides said that “ organisations are actively leveraging the power of societal webs to happen new concern chance, new groups of like-minded persons and companies, and new beginnings of industry specific wisdom, advice and expertness ” .

Furthermore, harmonizing to ( Bennett, Pitt, & A ; Owers, 2008 ) what makes societal networking unique is that the control of on-line content displacements from the site proprietor to the subscriber of stuff to the sites. In other words, organisations that have implemented societal networking have experienced a shift civilization from ‘information garnering ‘ to ‘information engagement ‘ . So here we can reason that, sharing information is one of the behaviours that could take to the advanced civilization.

2.4 Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction refers to the extent to which employees have “ a enjoyable or positive emotional province ensuing from the assessment of one ‘s occupation or occupation experiences ” ( Moqbel, 2012 ) . Another definition of occupation satisfaction refers to employees ‘ affectional reactions to their occupations ( Hackman & A ; Oldham, 1975 ) . Harmonizing to English Dictionary, occupation satisfaction refers to the extent to which a individual ‘s hopes, desires, and outlooks about the employment he is engaged in are fulfilled.

Furthermore, harmonizing to Moqbel ( 2012 ) operationalization of occupation satisfaction consists of several dimensions including overall satisfaction about the occupation ; one ‘s specific satisfaction about occupation security, equals and colleagues, wage and other compensations, chances for personal growing, and relationship with one ‘s supervisor ; and one ‘s self-motivation for making the occupation.

Furthermore, in their survey Schyns and Croon ( 2006 ) focal point on occupation satisfaction as an result of societal construction. They defined societal construction as “ a combination of positive relationships between the employee and co-workers every bit good as supervisors ” ( Schyns and Croon, 2006, p.603 ) and see the contacts that employees have as possible beginnings of support. Consequences showed that societal construction is positively related to occupation satisfaction and had an impact on different aspects of occupation satisfaction. G.B.M, E.C. , & A ; Kees, ( 2011 ) confirm that societal webs can lend to occupation satisfaction ; nevertheless, they emphasize that “ different contents and constructions of a web promote satisfaction with different facets of one ‘s occupation, particularly with occupation wagess and relationships at work ” . Furthermore, we therefore expect that when the friendly relationship dealingss of professionals exist within the same organisation, they will be more satisfied, at least with the societal facets of work ( G.B.M, E.C. , & A ; Kees, 2011 ) .

Harmonizing to ( G.B.M, E.C. , & A ; Kees, 2011 ) high occupation satisfaction could take to better personal and organisational results. Understanding occupation satisfaction and organisational committedness is of import because they both have of import impacts on public presentation, and they besides can be influenced by other human resource patterns and policies, such as the usage of societal networking sites in the workplace. Moqbel ( 2012 ) , besides concluded that “ societal webs serve as a societal resource which affects occupation satisfaction through the proviso of supportiveness ” .

2.5 Employer – Employee Relationship

Online societal webs are webs of relationships that grow from computer- mediated treatments. The webs grow from conversations among people who portion a common affinity ( e.g. , they work for the same company, section, or in the same subject ) and who differ in other ways ( e.g. , they are in different locations, maintain different hours, specialize in different subjects, work for different companies ) . When the people are distributed across clip and infinite, so these conversations need to take topographic point online, over an intranet or private cyberspace forum ( Kimball & A ; Rheingold, 2003 ) . In add-on, the Kimball & A ; Rheingold besides said that thoughtfully planned and knowledgeably implemented on-line societal webs can enable an organisation to link people and construct relationships across boundaries of geographics or subject ( Kimball & A ; Rheingold, 2003 ) .

An being of societal networking sites, it will construct a good relationship with others people across the boundaries. Harmonizing to ( Ellison et al. , 2007, p. 1143 ) , societal networking services ”allow persons to show themselves, joint their societal webs, and set up or keep connexions with others ” and there are different types of societal networking sites ( SNS ) which cater to different demands. Furthermore, through societal networking the relationship between employers and employees will be more closed that is because they ever being connected to each other even they are non in the workplace. For case, after the working hours they still contact each other through Facebook or Twitter. In add-on, harmonizing to Awolusi ( 2012 ) , societal networking sites would function good as a medium for cosmopolitan linkage between persons working for an organisation without respects to homophilous relationships.

In add-on, Computer-supported societal webs or CSSNs are societal webs that link computing machine webs and people. Harmonizing to Kavanaugh ( 1999 ) , some organisations use CSSNs to further cooperation and aid among employees. It encourages teamwork and employee morale ( as cited in Lee Sing & A ; Rianna, K. , 2009 ) . Besides that, it is particularly practical for keeping long-distance relationships. Self-disclosure, which is a feature of relationships, occurs easy via Internet communicating ( Lee Sing & A ; Rianna, K. , 2009 ) .

Furthermore, societal networking sites nevertheless, provides chances for both formal and informal interaction and coaction with fellow employees and clients/customers which aids cognition transportation and communicating. The sites besides have assorted informal applications and games that members of the same organisation can prosecute in across geographical boundaries and timezones so that squad spirit and organisational civilization can be maintained ( Bennett, Pitt, & A ; Owers, 2008 ) . Meanwhile, new wave Zyl ( 2009, p. 909 ) defines societal media as applications and net sites that support the find, development and care of possible and bing relationships.

However, in footings of on-line relationships between directors and employees, Baldas ( 2009 ) , counsels employers off from digesting this, claiming that it can trip or worsen legal claims, including torment, favoritism or unlawful expiration, every bit good as cause accusals of favouritisms if the director befriends merely a choice few subsidiaries. In add-on, within the workplace, societal networking sites can besides interrupt traditional boundaries, relationships and hierarchies between employees. For illustration, persons may desire to see whether they should ‘accept ‘ a Facebook ‘friend petition ‘ from their foreman. This can be confounding for employees and employers may desire to see offering some type of counsel on this issue, while bearing in head that persons differ in footings of the degree of item about their private lives that they are willing to portion with work co-workers ( Broughton, Higgins, Ben & A ; Annette, 2010 ) .

Chapter THREE


3.0 Introduction

This chapter gives accent on the methodological analysis of this research. It involves the procedure of carry oning the research such as building of research design, research model, choice on type of informations, trying design, measuring and grading, informations aggregation method, informations readying and processing followed by informations analysis techniques.

3.1 Research Design

There are two types of methods to acquire informations or information and there are qualitative and quantitative methods. For this research, the research workers decided to utilize quantitative method to acquire the result for this instance survey. Quantitative research involves several method of informations aggregation, such as telephone study, and internet study. In these methods, the inquiring is inactive or standardized whereby all respondents are asked the same inquiries and there are no chance for a follow up inquiries. Quantitative research requires that the variables under considerations be measured. This signifier of research is concerned with how frequently a variable is present and by and large uses figure to pass on this sum. Quantitative research usage figure that allows greater preciseness in describing consequence ( Wimmer & A ; Roger, 2010 ) .

3.2 Conceptual Model





Advanced behaviour

( Moqbel, 2012 )

( Battor & A ; Battor, 2010 )

Organizational public presentation

( Awolusi, 2012 )

Job satisfaction

( Moqbel, 2012 )

( G.B.M, E.C. , & A ; Kees, 2011 )

Employer-Employee relationship

( Awolusi, 2012 )

( Kimball & A ; Rheingold, 2003 )

Independent Variables Dependent Variables

Figure 3.0 Social Networking Impact on Organizational Performance

3.3 Research Hypotheses

There are three hypothesis proposed by research worker to be tested in this survey to place whether the hypothesis are accepted or rejected.

Hypotheses 1

H1: There is a relationship between advanced behaviour and organisational public presentation.

H0: There is no relationship between advanced behaviour and organisational public presentation.

Hypotheses 2

H1: There is a relationship between occupation satisfaction and organisational public presentation.

H0: There is no relationship between occupation satisfaction and organisational public presentation.

Hypotheses 3

H1: There is a relationship between employer-employee relationship and organisational public presentation.

H0: There is no relationship between employer-employee relationship and organisational public presentation.

3.4 Datas Beginnings

Data aggregation methods are a technique in which information and information will roll up and gathered through observation, questionnaires and others ( Sekaran, 2003 ) . There are chiefly two beginnings of informations which are primary and secondary informations.

3.4.1 Primary Data

For this research, the primary informations will be collected by the research worker for specific intent of trades with the research job. Harmonizing to Sekaran ( 2003 ) , primary informations refers to information obtained firsthand by the research worker on the variables of involvement for the specific intent of the survey. Specifically to turn to the research jobs, informations and information will be gathered through several ways. The primary informations will be from distribution of questionnaire to respondents.

3.4.2 Secondary Data

Secondary informations means the information that have been antecedently collected for some undertaking other than the 1 at manus. The aim for secondary informations are to roll up descriptive information to back up determination devising and effort to stipulate relationship between variables based on secondary informations. Harmonizing to Sekaran ( 2003 ) informations can besides be obtained from secondary informations, for case, company record or archives, authorities publications, industry analyses offered by the media, web sites, the Internet, and so on. Researcher used the past research or diaries, and books besides in order to back up this research.

3.5 Sampling Design

In the research that has conducted, most of the research workers are utilizing trying method. Harmonizing to Sekaran ( 2003 ) , trying is the procedure of choosing a sufficient figure of elements from the population to do decisions sing the whole population.

3.5.1 Target Population

Population is defined as complete group of people, companies, infirmaries, shops, college pupils or entities sharing some common set of features. In other words, the mark population is the specific, complete group relevant to the research undertaking. Vitally of import to carefully specify the mark population so that proper beginning from which the informations are to be collected can be identified. Employees Parkson Kota Bharu Trade Center was targeted population

3.5.2 Sampling Method

Sample is defined as a subset of entire population in which a figure of people is selected as for the intent of survey ( Sekaran, 2006 ) . In this survey, research worker has used the simple random trying for the sampling method.

3.5.3 Sample Size

A sample of 150 employees at Parkson Kota Bharu Trade Center will be selected.

3.6 Measurement and Scaling

Most of the inquiries design in likert graduated table method which replies range from 1 to 5. The likert graduated table is as below: –

Scale 1 = Strongly Disagree

Scale 2 = Disagree

Scale 3 = Neutral

Scale 4 = Agree

Scale 5 = Strongly Agree

3.7 Data Collection

In order to roll up the information, the method usage in roll uping the primary informations from the respondent is questionnaire whereby the respondent is responsible to reply every inquiries of Questionnaire is the most effectual manner in roll uping primary informations alternatively of making interview or observation which requires a batch of clip and accomplishments. In order to assist respondents to understand the set of inquiries better, some research worker prefer to utilize double linguistic communication which in “ Bahasa Melayu ” and Standard English.

Furthermore, to make a good questionnaire there are a few factors that need to be considered such as ( 1 ) the rightness of the content of the inquiries, ( 2 ) how inquiries are worded and the degree of edification of the linguistic communication used, ( 3 ) the type and signifier of inquiries asked, ( 4 ) the sequencing of the inquiries, and ( 5 ) the personal informations sought from the respondents ( Sekaran, 2003 ) . However, observation besides can be one of the methods to roll up the primary informations. Harmonizing to Sekaran ( 2003 ) , people can be observed in their natural work environment or in the lab scene, and their activities and behaviours or other points of involvement can be noted and recorded.

3.7.1 Questionnaire Design

The inquiry was divided into three parts which are subdivision A, B, C, D, E, F. Detailed of research instruments will be outline as per below: Section Angstrom

This subdivision is demographic subdivision and it is includes 5 inquiries that related about the backgrounds of the respondent and obtain information such as gender, age, cultural group, income degree per month and academic making. Section B

This subdivision is general information subdivision and it is includes 5 inquiries. Question figure 6 until 10. For illustration, how frequently the employees visit societal networking sites for a hebdomad. Section C

This subdivision include inquiries based on the dependant variable which is organisational public presentation and it is includes 3 inquiry. Section D, E, and F

This subdivision includes inquiries based on the independent variables as stated in theoretical model. This inquiries consists 12 inquiries. Question figure 14 until 17 refer to the first independent variables which is advanced behaviour ( Section D ) while inquiry 18 until 21 is refer to 2nd independent, occupation satisfaction ( Section E ) . The inquiries figure 22 until 25 is mentioning to the 3rd independent variable which is employer-employee relationship ( Section F ) .

3.8 Data Preparation and Processing

In this research, to analyse the information, the research worker will be utilizing Statistical Package for the Social Science version 20 ( SPSS 20 ) for Windows to analyse the informations and to obtain the reply for the research inquiry. SPSS is designed particularly to happen an accurate informations through statistical analysis. The SPSS package helps researcher to prove the hypotheses and construing consequence through assorted statistical techniques.

3.9 Data Analysis

3.9.1 Reliability Analysis

Reliability analysis will be conducted to do certain that the informations generated from the questionnaires are dependable and consistent to be used in this survey. Harmonizing to Sekaran ( 2003 ) , Cronbach ‘s Alpha value less than 0.60 is considered hapless, 0.70 until 0.80 is acceptable and those over 0.80 are good. The closer the Cronbach ‘s alpha is to 1, the higher the internal consistence dependability.

3.9.2 Pearson Correlation

Pearson correlativity analysis is used to find the strength of relationship between two variables either independent variable or dependent variable. A perfect positive correlativity between two variables represented by +1.0 while a perfect negative correlativity between two variables represented by -1.0. A scope from 0.10 to 0.29 shows low grade of correlativity, scope between 0.30 to 0.49 represent moderate grade of correlativity while scope from 0.50 to 1.00 regarded every bit high grade of correlativity ( Sekaran, 2003 ) .

3.9.3 Multiple Arrested developments

Multiple arrested developments allow us to research the relationship between a dependent variables and independent variables. The consequence from multiple arrested developments besides can be used to find which independent variable influence dependant variable the most. Significant value that less than 0.05 shows that there is a relationship between independent variable and dependent variable while important value more than 0.05 give the opposite consequence.


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