Risk Assessment Approaches To Constructing Road Construction Essay

As an employer you have a concern aim every bit good as a moral and legal duty to supply and keep a safe and healthy workplace that is, every bit far as moderately operable, free from hazard and jeopardies. In making so employers behaviors hazard appraisal, this is intended to find the possible injury to workers and other individuals in the workplace, and implement control measures to extinguish these hazards or to cut down them to a tolerable degree.

The most of import component in the hazard direction rhythm is risk appraisal normally comprises of a combination of hazard designation and hazard rating techniques which make it besides the most complex component of the hazard direction rhythm. Evolving out of this were two parts in carry oning hazard appraisal they being quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative Assessment was the more complex of the two as it depending on the aggregation and analysis of a great trade of informations usage to cipher chance and possible loss. This dependance of truth of informations besides acts as an Achilles heel for the procedure because of the portion trouble associated with informations aggregation. However qualitative hazard appraisal is regarded as the lesser of two immoralities and is the most normally used attack to put on the line analysis. This is due to the fact that chance informations is non needed therefore doing the procedure more attractive to safety practicians and industries that are new to safety. Because there is no demand for great sums of historical informations, companies that are freshly expose to safety usage this method merely because there is no information to roll up. This paper discusses the different techniques to put on the line appraisal, so depicting the sensible attack which can include both qualitative and quantitative attacks within a civil building company.

Company Overview

Tee Pavers Limited is a local independent civil building company turn uping at the southern portion of Trinidad which has been in operation for the past 25 old ages. They have a work force of over 120 skilled workers and a fleet of unearthing, landscaping and asphalt paving machinery enumeration in the 100s. The company entertains authorities contracts for route building and rehabilitation, they presently have a to the full runing asphalt works where they supply asphalt to several private and public companies throughout the state. Despite the figure of old ages in operation the company was merely late introduced to Health and Safety as portion of the conformity demand of the OSH Act 2004 ( Amended 2006 ) . Figure 1 lineation the item procedure of route building.

Is simple and straightforward. Just what is needed in a “ safety- new ” company such as Tee Pavers Limited

Can be complex and require suited accounts. This procedure would non be good received at Tee Pavers Limited a company that is now being exposed to safety patterns.

The Calculation of frequence of hazard to worker is mostly judgmental and does non necessitate extended informations. This proves to be effectual due to the fact that techniques such as JSA and PHA focal point on occupation undertaking in placing jeopardies and workers can take part.

Calculation of frequence of hazard to workers requires extended, appropriate informations that may non be comparatively available. Therefore as in the instance with Tee Pavers where anterior undertakings was done by gut feelings see that safety was ne’er a concern.

It provides appraisal of hazard degrees to workers to particular mistake and jeopardies. This is a simple procedure that could be understood by all workers.

Provides numerical appraisal of the degree of hazard.

It is best carried out by an experient squad of people throughout the appraisal which may include operators, supervisor and long standing workers.

A squad attack is best needed for the jeopardy designation phase. Techniques like FEMA and FTA normally need to be done by merely a specializer to guarantee consistence of logic.

Procedures and consequences are deducing objectively, easy supported.

Procedure consequences are subjective and may non be quotable.

It requires construction logic to place controls, protection and extenuation steps to back up determination made by analyst. This was apparent that Tee Paver workers were immune to alter.

Logic is implied with quantitative, but requires account to back up safety instance statements.

Does non readily impart itself to assessment of combinations of failures taking to a jeopardy on the route.

Appraisal of combinations of failure is implied in techniques like FTA and ETA.

Hazard analysis of all jeopardies and effects non readily accomplishable since it is mostly judgmental.

Hazard analysis of jeopardies and effects easy accomplishable.

Appropriate at early phases before the start of new undertaking when placing major jeopardies and hazard. The usage of the PHA is ideal for Tee ‘s Paver route building procedure.

Chiefly appropriate at the ulterior phases of the undertaking when inside informations of design and intended operation are known and informations is available to back up the appraisal.

Evaluation of Risk Analysis of the Road Construction Process

Taking into consideration the five stairss hazard appraisal procedure ( Health and Safety Executives ) will find the type of hazard appraisal techniques needed qualitative or quantitative. Table 2 shows all the assorted hazard appraisal that can be consider in the route building procedure. However due the nature of the organisation and past safety civilization I believe that qualitative appraisal Job Safety Analysis ( JSA ) and Preliminary jeopardy analysis ( PHA ) would be a more effectual with comparing to the quantitative attacks like FEMA and ETA which is excessively intense in footings of complexness, dependance on historical informations and clip devouring which does non sit good with this type of concern that strives on self-generated contracts.

Simplicity best describes Tee ‘s Pavers route building procedure ; therefore the qualitative attack is ideal in placing basic jeopardy and hazard. During the early phases of operation and the inside informations of the undertaking is identified PHA can be used. This procedure encourages engagement and so the Undertaking director, Engineer, Supervisors and the Health Safety Environmental forces all work together to place the major jeopardies, and rank them harmonizing to badness with the purpose of implementing preventive steps.

The possible jeopardies identified during the stage 2 procedures ( Asphalt Paving ) . When puting the asphalt base the chief risky events would be unprotected physical contact with the hot asphalt. The chance of a individual acquiring burn from the hot asphalt is medium to high and the badness of hurts will besides be medium to high. Therefore seting preventive steps in topographic point would be easier, for case ; holding workers wear insulated PPE therefore cut downing the hazard factor.

This type of appraisal is effectual because it deals with the jeopardies and hazards before the beginning of the undertakings and the fact that a broad array of employees are included agencies that effectual preventative steps can be put in topographic point. Some might reason that some of the jeopardy and hazard may be overlooked since it is done before the undertaking starts but in Tee Pavers instance this procedure ne’er alterations, the worker are experience and therefore the accident or incident rate is close minimal.


Safety is inevitable. The Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2004 ( amended 2006 ) states that every employer must carry on a suited and sufficient hazard appraisal. In following with the OSH Act the safety functionary can accomplish a two prong attack by presenting undertaking based appraisal ( a signifier of qualitative appraisal ) . This allows every worker irrespective of educational background to take part therefore furthering consciousness. Appendix 1 shows a simple effectual JSA for asphalt puting route plants which has deemed suited and sufficient meeting all the demands stated in TTS 620: 2008.


When you look at the civilization of the work force that predominates Tee Pavers you get the sense of being expose to the 1980 ‘s 1s once more. Workers with the mean age of 46, limited educational making ( some even partial nonreaders ) , most of them originate from countries within 10 square stat mis of each other and the general sense of merely coming to work to make an honest twenty-four hours occupation without concern for “ safety ailments ” driven by the competitory nature of separately “ delighting the foreman ” . Taking that into consideration one can merely choose the qualitative attack sing carry oning hazard appraisals. Initially presenting safety steps must be done in simple stairss even thought safety is going compulsory the connotation is to promote the worker to purchase into it non to see it as a hinderance or a menace.


Tee Pavers is doubtless a premier illustration of a company that would greatly profit from qualitative appraisal. Some of these benefits include following with statute law carry throughing the demands of every employer supplying a workplace that is free from hazard. I my position carry oning qualitative hazard appraisals over a period of clip prepares a company for the more elaborate, accurate and more complex quantitative attack. The workers who were one time naif with respects to safety and wellness would now be coached into adulthood. This would turn out to be a welcomed combination when companies would be embarking toward greater skylines.

However the blunt world is “ it ‘s all about money ” . With statute law playing a bigger portion in the universe of safety company now know that in order to be viewed as an attractive trade good they must demo some degree of conformity to these safety Torahs therefore a conjunct involvement in the employment and constitution of safety section within these companies. These sections are mandated to set up safety guideline and appraisals for undertakings ( bing and proposed ) . The companies know that they will be audited and that successful audit would bespeak conformity therefore doing them more marketable for new contracts. Equally unsavory as it sounds it is a world that we face every twenty-four hours with bing and emerging companies viing for authorities contracts.


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