Risk Management Essay

ASSESMENT-3 INTRODUCTION: Pizza rush is a large take-away company in Australia with a total of to take-away stores scattered in all major cities nationwide Two months ago pizza rush`s reputation is damaged by two workers who recorded themselves with a mobile phone camera while doing unpleasant things with foods and the video was uploaded on YouTube video website. Pizza rush has rented an agency for doing a public relation campaign to rescue and to save their damaged reputation with that public relation campaign.

Agency and pizza rush`s managers decided to use internet for that campaign and the agency planned an e-mailing campaign to reach and present to their existing and potential customers also called as stakeholders. This e-mail will include a promotional offer and a video link which is linked to e-mail and the video will present a speech belonging to pizza rush`s CEO, Mr. rand HOFFMANN.

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Risk Management Essay
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The promotional offer will be a cinema pass including two people; if receivers want to get that ticket, they must purchase any meal from any pizza rush take away stores; the meal must value at least $20 and they must show the promotion code which will sent to customers via that e-mail. THE CAMPAIGN COST AND SCHEDULE This e-mail campaign will be cost approximately $25. 000 and it will start on 16th of June until 30th of June Also a contract is signed with a cinema company for this campaign`s promotion. And established special code cards and hand brochures for every pizza rush`s stores.

Campaign tools | Schedule | Approximately Cost | Creating the e-mail | 10. 06. 2010| $ 7. 000| Sending the e-mail | 16. 06. 2010| $ 5. 000| Receiving and analyzing mails| 31. 06. 2010| $ 10. 000| Atomic e-mail tracker (monitoring reviews)| 10. 06. 2010 -31. 06. 2010| $ 5. 000| | TOTAL | $ 27. 000| METHODS WILL BE USED TO MONITOR REVIEW AND EVALUATE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE E-MAIL CAMPAIGNS. The agency is already signed a contract with a company wich is called STREAM SEND PYT. to monitor review and evaluate the effectiveness .

The company will be connected with the agency also with the pizza rush`s IT department. STREAM SEND will supply the information which are : * What percentage of our messages went to the INBOX? or BULK? or event went MISSING? Email Monitor won’t leave us wondering what happened to our emails. * Seed our list with a series of email addresses for all major ISP’s and use the Return Path toolset to monitor your success * Review the results and make improvements! The STREAM SEND PYT will use a monitoring program which is called ATOMIC E-MAIL TRACKER.

This program`s features are : * Unlimited email campaigns. * 10 different types of reports with filtering capabilities. * Report with illustrative charts Numeric values are presented to report on the following: * Sent messages – the total number of email messages “scheduled to be sent” for the campaign. * Opened messages – the number of unique contacts who opened (viewed) the email messages sent. * Links clicked – the number of unique contacts that clicked on links in the email message sent. CTR or Click-through rate – is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign. CTR is expressed as a percentage, and is obtained as follows: CTR = links clicked / email opened. ANALYSIS OT THE EFFETIVENESS OF THE E-MAIL CAMPAING According to STREAM SEND PYT. Reports. The campaign is done very well and the e-mail campaign has reached almost 90. 000 cutomers and almost all of them joined to promotional offer which had included a cinema ticket for two people. Also according to the company reports, rest of 10. 00 users` mail adress have been changed and could not opened by customers and that 10. 000 e-mail came back with system error. Shortly this e-mail campaign`s effective occurred as : 1- The video of ceo`s speech reached almost 90000 customers (stakeholders) 2- Most of customers made comment about the scandal and they determined that a small work accident can not able to judge to pizza rush company. 3- Hand brochures finished in first 10 days after the campaign start. 4- Financial situation and level of incoming are increased felt as well done. – The company’s reputation is fixed almost %100 RECOMMENDED IMPROVEMENTS The STREAM SEND`s report shows that many customers (stakeholders) and potential custotmers are recommended plenty of offers which some of them : 1- staff educating and training should be more than before 2- observations and monitoring should be more important subject in work places 3- Mailing system must be used for every information about pizza rush (new offers, news, etc. ) GOKSU SUBASI S-40005737


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