Robberies: Crime and Suspicious Activities Essay

Crime Rates in Miami Still On the Rise In Miami, Fl the crime rates on robberies are still on the rise, as stated by Miami crime statistics and crime data, Miami’s crime level is worse than national average. These strings of robberies are affecting many families and lives, due to the fact majority of these robberies turn into homicides. The crime rates and robberies also affect many neighborhoods as it brings down property value, and it also establishes a bad environment to raise children and start families.

The crime rates are also negatively impacting the lives of the citizens of Miami, Fl. In 1960, According to Miami crime statistics and crime data the crimes rates on robbery were 4,005 and the population was 4,951,560. Over the years as the population became more the rates increased rapidly. By the year 2000 the population had climbed to 15,982,378 and the robbery rate had increased to 31,809 and violent crimes rise to 129,777, Making Miami safer than 1% of the cities in the U.

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Robberies: Crime and Suspicious Activities Essay
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S. The City Of Miami blames many of the local gangs and gang members for the rising of the crime rates. Primarily the elderly community suffers more from these robberies as they are more weak and susceptible and easily becomes prime victims to the robbers. Many families of the effected neighborhoods are also affected by these robberies because they are losing loved ones and precious valuables in the process of the robbery.

All in all because of the crime rates and the re-occurring robberies many families cant have a peace of mind and it also makes the city a dangerous place to live. More over, possible solutions to put a stop to the rising crime rates, is by everyone getting involved in many different programs and groups such as crime stoppers and crime watchers to help the government put a stop to all the robberies and crimes in our neighborhoods.

Also as a citizen of our community it’s wise to keep an open eye and always be alert so you can report suspicious activities that may be taking place to the authorities. Finally by implementing the solutions listed, together we can make our community a safer and better place to live. All it takes is team effort and work to put a stop to the strings of crimes such as Robberies, Homicides, Home Invasions, etc. It may not all disappear over night, but effort is the start of making progress.


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